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Kruhly Wierch, Bieszczady Mountains

A few days in the Bieszczady Mountains

Usually the idea and plan are simple. It looks something like this: “Let's go to Bieszczady for a few days. We will rest, walk along beautiful trails, enjoy the views, relax from the noise and crowds. "
As usual, the devil is in the details and the trouble begins when you have to decide which route is the most beautiful and which route to choose?
What if I choose the wrong trail and miss the picturesque views of my dreams?

This post is a real lifeline for all those who do not have a good understanding of the Bieszczady Mountains and are poorly aware of the topography of these mountains. It will help you choose the best trail and see all that is most beautiful.

A week in the Bieszczady Mountains, i.e. the six most beautiful routes

Below I will present brief descriptions of some of the most picturesque trails in the Bieszczady Mountains. There will be exactly six of them. Why six? Because this is what you will need to spend the whole week walking. Most people go to the Bieszczady Mountains for exactly one week. So I figured it would be nice to give you enough ideas to last for your entire stay.

Bieszczady - a map of trails

If you are reading this post, you probably do not know Bieszczady very well yet. So I have prepared a special map that will allow you to see the situation in a few seconds.
Have a look below. I marked the area of ​​the Bieszczady National Park on the map, which most of us call Bieszczady for short, and the location of the most beautiful trails. They are the ones that interest us the most.

Bieszczady National Park - the most interesting area for tourists
map background: OpenStreetMap

The map, although very simple, carries a huge amount of information. On its basis, you should first of all plan the optimal place to stay. If you live too far from the places you are interested in, you will waste a lot of time on unnecessary commuting to the starting points - and that's not what you came here for, right?
I have also devoted a separate post to this topic, in which I analyzed the travel times to routes from popular towns, advertising themselves as "located in the Bieszczady Mountains". I am convinced that the result of this analysis will surprise you a lot. It turns out that many of them do not lie in the Bieszczady Mountains, and you can lose over an hour one way to get to the trails!
So I recommend that you read the entry before booking accommodation: Bieszczady - accommodation, houses. Where is the best place to stay in the Bieszczady Mountains?

The most beautiful trails in the Bieszczady Mountains

Time to get down to business. Below you will find six short notes that briefly describe the dishes I have selected. The order in which I described them is not accidental. At the beginning, there are the ones that I liked the most.
Of course, this is only my subjective opinion, so you don't have to be influenced by it. Go ahead and choose your favorite set, the more so as there are no weak proposals on this short list. They are all beautiful and if possible, each of them is worth going through.
More detailed descriptions can help you choose a trail. Each route I suggest, in addition to the short note below, has its own separate, wide and detailed description, including photos, detailed maps and a handful of practical tips on how to organize it.
Of course, you will find links to these descriptions next to each of the notes.

1. Beech Berdo
Beech Berdo

In short: this is the trail that stole my heart. I went to Bukowe Berdo with Połonina Wetlińska, Połonina Caryńska, Tarnica, Mała and Wielka Rawka. So you can say that I have already seen a bit of the Bieszczady Mountains.
There is something about Bukowe Berdo that makes it difficult not to be seduced by its charm. At the same time, it is one of the most easily accessible routes in the Bieszczady Mountains, and for those who like to go really solidly, it is a perfect place to go "where their eyes can lift".
Gorgeous, fabulous, beautiful!

Trail Length: 7 km
Walking time: 3 hours
Elevation: 630m
Difficulty level: easy
Starting point: Musical

For more details, please refer to the entry: Beech Berdo: easy trail - unforgettable impressions

2. Połonina Carynska
A view of the fourth peak of Połonina Caryńska, inaccessible to tourists

Less popular but - in my opinion - completely wrong! Going to Połonina Caryńska, I expected it to be a little less spectacular than the well-known Połonina Wetlińska. With each step I was getting more and more amazed and amazed, and finally I started asking myself: why is it less popular?
I found only one explanation for this fact. Wetlina and Połonina Wetlińska has a name that fits perfectly into the content of countless songs about the Bieszczady Mountains, played on the guitar by the fire. The word "Wetlina" sounds beautiful and it is very simple to put it into the words of a melodic song about the mountains.
Someone imagines what kind of backbreaking work the author of the text would have to do to neatly and meaningfully insert the nave into the lyrics of the song: Połonina Caryńska ... and to make it sang well? Nooooo…. I don't think you can do that!

So it is safe to say that Caryńska's less popularity is a side effect of the name itself, because in terms of beauty, Caryńska is second to none!

Trail Length: 9 km
Walking time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Elevation: 673m
Difficulty level: average
Starting point: Ustrzyki Gorne

For more details, please refer to the entry: Połonina Caryńska - routes, where to exit, how to get there, parking, bus timetable

3. Połonina Wetlińska
On the left, the Silver Pass, Połonina Wetlińska in the background

Yes Yes! It is this legendary mountain pasture, described and sung by artists, from which often begins an undying love for the Bieszczady Mountains. It is here that many people take their first steps in the Bieszczady Mountains, to finally lose their heads for them and come back like a boomerang for the rest of their lives, to admire the view and remember the past time. The whole picture is complemented by the only chatka Puchatka shelter, located so high in the Bieszczady Mountains, recently built from scratch.

Go to Wetlińska, fall in love and ... always come back to the Bieszczady Mountains.

Trail Length: 12,2 km
Walking time: 4 hours
Elevation: 521m
Difficulty level: average
Starting point: Wyżnia Pass

For more details, please refer to the entry: Połonina Wetlińska and Chatka Puchatka - routes, where to get out, how to get there, parking, bus timetable, weather

4. Rozsypaniec and Halicz
View from Halicz on (from the right) Kopa Bukowska, Krzemień and Tarnica

A wonderful, spectacular and really long trail for those who like to get lost in solitude and solitude for many hours. Even at the height of the summer season, most of the trail is simply empty. Most likely, it is its length that makes few people direct their steps here.
Honestly, I should have put this trail at number 2, not number 4. However, I decided to unfairly put it a little lower, precisely because of the higher fitness requirements., I don't just want it to be the first choice for people who which are not necessarily physically prepared to cover such long stretches in the mountains. However, if you have the right condition, go to Rozsypaniec and Halicz!

Trail Length: 19 km
Walking time: 6 hours 10 minutes
Elevation: 910m
Difficulty level: hard
Starting point: Wallachate

For more details, please refer to the entry: Rozsypaniec - Halicz - Tarnica: a trail from Wołosate for those who like long walks

5. Tarnica
View from Tarnica

Tarnica is the most popular destination in the Bieszczady Mountains. It is clear to me that there is no other option. Everyone wants to reach the highest peak. I also directed my first steps in Bieszczady towards Tarnica. I rushed up and took pride in taking pictures of myself under the cross on the top. Once I had fulfilled my ambitions of the “summit conqueror”, I could calmly start tasting and exploring the rest of the mountains. Because what would it be like to be in the Bieszczady Mountains and not be in Tarnica?

Trail Length: 10 km
Walking time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Elevation: 641m
Difficulty level: average
Starting point: Wallachate

For more details, please refer to the entry: Tarnica - the trail from where to exit, map and description of the way to the top, parking lot

6. Mała Rawka and Wielka Rawka
View from the yellow trail between Mała and Wielka Rawka

I consider going to Mała Rawka and then a few steps further to Wielka Rawka obligatory. Why? Because from Rawki there is the best view of the two most important meadows of the Bieszczady: Caryńska and Wetlińska.
Połoniny and Rawki are almost opposite to each other. When you are in the meadows, you can see the Rawki perfectly, and when you are on Rawki, you have the meadows at your fingertips. A great place to just sit and watch!
For this it is enough to add a perfect panorama of the Tarnica and Halicz group and you cannot imagine a better place to admire the layout of the Bieszczady Mountains.

Trail Length: 9,2 km
Walking time: 3 hours 10 minutes
Elevation: 524m
Difficulty level: average
Starting point: Wyżniańska Pass

For more details, please refer to the entry: Mała Rawka and Wielka Rawka: the trail from the Wyżniańska Pass

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