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Traveling today is cheaper, faster and easier than ever before. Access to global databases via the Internet allows you to plan almost anything. Giant combine servers searching millions of offers are available 24 hours a day. Just fill out the modest and inconspicuous search box and press "Enter".
Below, I have gathered information on selected search engines divided into categories, thanks to which you can plan your trip and stay anywhere on the globe. I do not intend to publish here the addresses of all search engines, but only a few selected ones that I personally find most useful.

Hotels, accommodation

booking - [click]

Through the site I find most of my accommodation. I have tried many different alternatives, but usually it ends up with For regular customers they often have additional discounts, which make the offer often unrivaled. I would recommend.

Ways to search for the best deals on on specific examples, allowing to save several hundred zlotys, I described in detail in the entry: Cheap hotels on Booking? Of course! Check how to find comfortable and cheap accommodation! Barcelona, ​​Rome, Paris ... wherever you want!

Car rentals

Discover Cars - [click]

The youngest of the search engines I propose, which makes it the most modern. Perfectly suited for use in phones, it includes a full set of search filters, in no way inferior to the desktop version.
In addition, the scope of information for each offer is well organized, the amounts of deposits, credit card requirements and other issues important when renting are clearly described. Big + from me for the readability and transparency of offers!
The search engine is rated very highly by users.
From the technical point of view and the quality of the description of car rental offers, in my opinion it is unrivaled.

Rentalcars - [click]

Proven, huge car rental base. It happens that the prices through Rentalcars are lower than directly on the rental website. Its great advantage is that it includes offers from even smaller, local rentals, which in many places are definitely more favorable than the prices of large chain stores. The weak version of the website for the phone is a definite disadvantage. After opening the website on the phone, there are no basic filters in the search engine (e.g. you cannot select the rental companies to which you want to limit the search result), therefore the list of results is very long and it is difficult to find the offer you are interested in.

Northbound - [click]

Car rental price comparison website focusing mainly on Iceland.
Iceland in this respect is quite specific and if you are looking for a car rental in Iceland, getting acquainted with the offer of this comparison engine is necessary.

Car rental tutorials

Car rental rules are different in different countries, and even in regions of one country! There are places where you can find great offers, or where you need to be especially careful about something. I regularly add articles in which I provide information on the best offers or warn against possible threats. Below is a list of such articles that were created specifically for selected places.

Portugal - car rental

Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Algarve - read: Portugal - car rental without credit card and no deposit: Lisbon, Porto, Faro - Algarve.

Wood - read: Madeira - car rental without credit card and deposit

Chorwacja - car rental

Split, Zadar, Zagreb, Dubrovnik - read: Car rental Croatia - no credit card, no deposit required?

Spain - car rental

Barcelona - read: Barcelona - Rent a car without a credit card and no deposit

Mallorca - read: Car hire without credit card and deposit - Majorca, Spain

Canary Islands: Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma, Lanzarote - read: Canary Islands - rent a car without a credit card and a deposit. Car rentals - comparison of offers

Malaga, Andalusia - read: Malaga - Spain: car hire without a credit card and a deposit. Car rentals - reviews, ranking, offers comparison.

Alicante - read: Alicante - car rental without a credit card and a deposit. Car rental with full insurance.

Włochy - car rental

Sicily, Palermo, Catania, Trapani - read: Sicily: Palermo, Catania, Trapani - rent a car without a credit card and a deposit? How do I rent a car in Sicily?

Bergamo, Lombardy - read: Bergamo - Italy: attractions, sightseeing, car rental (no credit card?), Cheap flights.

Bari, Puglia - read: Bari - Italy: Rent a car without a credit card and no deposit?

Iceland - car rental

Reykjavik, Keflavik - read: Iceland - car rental without credit card and deposit?

Public transport

Omio – [click]

Many people prefer to travel using public transport. It is an excellent tool for checking connections and conveniently purchasing tickets online Omio – [click]. The tool contains a huge database of bus, rail, air and sea connections from around the world and offers a very convenient search engine in several dozen languages, including Polish!
The search engine displays the best prices, provides travel times and allows you to purchase tickets quickly and easily. Tickets can be printed or used electronically on your phone.


FLIXbus - [click]

The best network of bus connections at the moment, serving connections in Europe. In addition, a huge number of national, local bus connections. Simple booking and purchase of a ticket via the internet. It must be said that the prices are very attractive. Very friendly connection search engine. Reservation with 1 one month in advance guarantees a big discount on the ticket. Reductions for earlier bookings even reach 70%.

Train tickets

Trainline - [click]

Would it be nice to be able to buy a train ticket for trains throughout Europe, without leaving home, via computer or telephone? It sounds like a fairy tale, but today it is a fact. The largest international rail ticket sales platform has launched its sales platform in Polish! Now you can buy a train ticket throughout Europe, at the same price as at the ticket window at the train station. Do you want to take a train from Cordoba to Malaga or from Palermo to Catania? Here you go! You click on Trainline - [click], you are looking for a connection, you buy and you drive!
Aaah ... something else! Let it be funny one of the few carriers whose tickets are not on the platform are carriers from Poland 🙂

Cheap flights

skyscanner - [click]

Definitely the most enjoyable and most convenient tool for looking for cheap flights. In addition, it operates probably on the largest database of carriers and flights. It is rare to find a cheaper flight in some niche search engine. There are several similar: kayak, Momondo or Google Flights, but for some reason this is the most popular.
Detailed description how to cleverly search for cheap flights and showing how you can on your air ticket itself save over 1 PLN 000 you will find in a separate article: How to search for cheap flights and cheap flights? [GUIDE]

Parking at the airport

Airport Parking - cheap car parks in Poland - [click]

Cheap and proven parking lots at Polish airports. Booking in advance guarantees an additional discount: 10, 20 or 30% (depending on advance notice).
Compared to the prices in basic parking lots, this is a real gulf. I recommend checking out!

ParkVia - cheap car parks around the world - [click]

A thing most don't remember… parking! After all, you have to leave the car somewhere, if you reached the airport with your car. It can be done expensive (without preparation by simply entering one of the available parking lots) or cheaply (often even in the same parking lot) by booking a place in advance via the Internet.
The search engine proposed by me (the largest in the world) allows you to book parking lots in 44 countries, in over 400 locations and with 1000 partners. There are default airport parking lots, as well as parking lots from independent, cheaper service providers. Devilishly good parking database and booking tool in one place.
After entering the website, you may be a bit surprised, because despite the fact that the website handles thousands of bookings a day around the world, its graphic appearance is still like from a different era 🙂

Discount codes, discount coupons, interesting promotions

Coupons, codes, promotions - [click]

Regularly updated website with coupons, codes and discounts that will allow you to buy the same service, but cheaper 🙂

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