Car rental without credit card and deposit: Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote

We rent a car

In this post you will learn how secure, no credit card and no deposit rent a car with full insurance in the Canary Islands.
This is the second, updated version of this post. A lot has changed in the meantime. The offer of companies recommended by me has ceased to be attractive, so it's time for a solid revision. Both companies dropped out of the entry, and in their place a different, definitely more advantageous offer from a well-known and very popular rental company appeared.
However, in order to avoid surprises related to the change in the attractiveness of the supplier's offer, I suggest looking for a good price in such a way as to be able to immediately compare whether the offer of the selected rental company is still attractive and how it compares to the competitors.
So we will be looking for a good price using the benefits of a price comparison website Discover Cars - [click]which is good at comparing local car hire deals.
Before we get into a specific search, however, please read a few words about my rental car adventures. This is a good example of how not to do 🙂

Read before you start booking!

When I was in Tenerife a few years ago, unfortunately I acted quite spontaneously. I only thought about renting a car when we stayed at a local hotel for 2 days. I arranged the rent quickly ... I went to the hotel reception and asked if they could help me about renting a car. Of course, the reception desks in all hotels are perfectly prepared for this. Most often they cooperate with tiny, local rental companies. The gentleman at the reception literally made one phone call and after three minutes I already had a car booked. It was (I remember it perfectly) the well-served KIA Picanto, which (when it was clearly downhill) on a dual carriageway towards Santa Cruz was able to accelerate almost to 107 km / h 🙂
The whole family squealed with joy when we finally managed to cross the magical 100 km / h barrier with this car. I did not know whether to hold the steering wheel or maybe grab the other elements of the body, because I had the impression that we are just falling apart. Everything was shaking as if we were passing through the atmosphere returning from space travel to Mars.
The fact is that KIA Picanto even managed to go to the bottom station of the cable car on Teide volcano to the height of 2 555 m above sea level, but it was difficult not only for me as a driver, but also for her.

My KIA Picanto for 50 Euro per day

Learn from my mistakes!

The rental cost me 50 Euro for each day and there was no need for a credit card or no deposit. All I needed was an ID card and driving license.
Everything is cool, but today I would do differently.
Tiny local rental companies with just a few cars usually do not require any additional security (in the form of a credit card or deposit) and that's cool. Unfortunately, after some time, when I started to drill down on the topic, it turned out that50 Euro per day is very expensive. If I had done some honest research before, I'd be able to rent a better car for less than half that amount. Of course, also without the need for a credit card.
An important disadvantage of such micro rentals is too technical condition of vehicles. In small car rentals, cars are rarely exchanged and they ride until they die … literally. When you take a car from such a rental shop, don't expect luxury. A several-year-old car that is constantly tortured on the island's mountain and steep roads (start, stop, clutch, brake ... over and over) by drivers of various skills, after a few years it's a real wreck.
In small rentals, I have practically always encountered the same problem: burned or heavily worn clutch and heavily worn brakes. Once, I even got a car with such a worn clutch that smoke flew from under the bonnet after a few kilometers of regular driving. Of course, the clutch was burning, which was practically gone when I picked up the car. Drama.
However, as long as someone wants to ride such a wreck, it will be rented in the micro rental shop.
However, there are no jokes on mountain roads such as Tenerife. It's steep, winding, tight and dangerous. Do not risk renting a car from a garage rental company!
The best solution in this situation are medium-sized rentals with a solid fleet. Large chain rentals are usually more expensive.
A local, medium-sized rental company with an established position on the market is certainly not due to chance. They have adopted standards that they must adhere to. The fleet is regularly renewed and serviced, so you can feel safe.

How much does it cost to rent a car in the Canary Islands at a good company?

And here's a surprise! As I wrote at the beginning, the rental will be much cheaper and better than the one I described in the previous paragraph. The information that I present below is the result of my many years of experience and a detailed analysis of the offers of nearly 20 different car rental companies operating in the Canary Islands, of various sizes and ranges.
Of course, I will not describe the analysis of all offers here. I will only show the one I chose, considering it the best. At the same time, it is an offer that I would use myself when going to Tenerife today (I stuck to this Tenerife, I will stick to it).

Approaching the analysis, I assumed that:
- the rental is to be possible without the use of a credit card
- the rental is to be possible without the need to block the money in the form of a deposit, or the deposit must be really very low
- the company is to be known, reliable and proven
- the price must be attractive (definitely lower than what I once paid)

The conducted analysis led to the selection of Cicar's offer.

Local car rental - Cicar

Cicar is a car rental company that deals with car rental only in Spain. They don't have any rental shops in other parts of the world. They have a great opinion. Due to the good price offer, the rental is very popular. During the summer season, picking up your car may take a little longer during the peak season. It cannot be avoided and it is worth taking it into account in your plans.

How do I look for the best price?

We will do it in a few simple steps, the shortest way to the goal.

1. We enter the comparison engine Discover Cars - [click] and enter the data into the search box, that is: the place of picking up the car and the date of picking up and returning the car.
For the purposes of this entry, I chose Tenerife South Airport (TFS), rental for the last week of September. We click "Search”And we are waiting for the result.

2. After a while we get the search result but we are not moving to the price analysis yet. First, we have to do something else. If you are looking for a car on a computer, you have a very extensive filtering mechanism available, which makes it easy to search for good offers (not all filtering options are available when looking on the phone).
The filter column is available to the left of the offer list. Scroll down the page a little and look for a section in this column called "Refundable deposit". In this section, check the option "A deposit is not required”- as in the picture below.

We are only interested in offers without a deposit lock, so check

With this simple method, we have removed all offers that would require a credit card and a deposit from the search results. Tadaaaam !!!
We have it!

3. In the results list you now only have rentals that do not require a card and do not make deposits.
At the time of writing this text, only two rentals remained on the results list: Cicar and Key'n Go. The cheapest offer was from Cicar. I post it below.
Please note that it is clearly stated on the offer that no deposit is required.

Fiat 500 for 30 EUR a day, no deposit on the card

The second offer was also from Cicar and I even found it more interesting. It contained a larger and more comfortable car for just a few dozen zlotys more. I think I would choose it.

Volkswagen Polo for EUR 33 per day, no deposit on the card

In this way, we quickly searched for the best offers and compared their attractiveness with other suppliers. However, I would like to point out that Cicar's offer does not always have to appear in the results. There is a probability that there will be no more free cars in Ciciar at the time you set, and then you have to take advantage of another offer. This often happens on vacation if you are looking for a car just before you leave. Cicar is very popular and most people rent a car from them in advance. Leaving the case to the last minute may end up in an unpleasant surprise.

Once you have an offer that suits you, there is nothing else to do but start booking 🙂
To be sure, you can also check the prices in the second comparison engine: Rentalcars - [click], but with high probability in Tenerife Discover Cars - [click] will be better.

I can't see the Cicar offer, why?

One of the readers rightly drew my attention to this situation in a comment:

“Hello, in the search engine that you recommend, it is unfortunately not possible to select the 'no deposit' option, and there is no Cicar rental service there either. Do you recommend another company?
I need a car on 10-17.10.2021. "

So we have a situation where you go to the search engine, enter the rental dates ... and the "No deposit required" option is not shown, and there is no Cicar offer in the results. Why?
The Cicar offer does not show up because there are no more free cars in Ciciar at the time you choose. They have all been borrowed.
If, by the way, the "Deposit is not required" option is not shown, it means that in other rental companies that also offer cars without a deposit, but a bit more expensive (eg Key'n Go), there are also no free cars.
You will come across such a problem very often, especially when you are looking for a car at the last minute, shortly before arrival. The best deals are already sold out and you only have what's left at your disposal. The situation is then more difficult, but not necessarily hopeless.

What to do?
You have to choose something from the offers at your disposal. These will be offers that require a deposit to be blocked on your credit card, but sometimes you can find an offer with a small, even symbolic deposit, which is not a big problem.

How to find the best offer at the moment?
In the filter "Refundable deposit" select the item with the lowest available deposit. Most likely it will be a range 1 - 2499 PLNas below picture.

Then go to the top of the search results and check the cheapest deal. At the time of writing, the cheapest offer was the Nissan Micra from Europcar.

Ale WARNING! Before you start booking, you MUST check the amount of the deposit required by the rental company and your own contribution (i.e. the amount of your financial liability).
To do this, you must click on the link on the offer "Loan conditions". I've marked it in the image below.

Here we check the detailed rental conditions

After opening the card with the rental conditions (picture below) at Europcar, you can see that the deposit on the credit card is EUR 500, and the material liability is over EUR 1 (PLN 000). It is too much for me and this offer is out of the question. I keep searching.

High deposit and own share make this offer not attractive

Next in line was a slightly more expensive offer for the KIA Picanto from the Canarias rental company.
I check the size of the deposit and my own contribution in the same way. I can see that the amount of the deposit is only EUR 100, and the material liability, i.e. own contribution, is EUR 300 (PLN 1), as you can see in the pictures below
And that's a pretty decent offer.

We check the rental conditions
The conditions in this offer look much better

In a situation where the most attractive offers have run out and cars from the most popular rental companies are no longer available, the search logic presented above seems to be the most effective.
In my experience, if you want to rent a car in Tenerife during the summer season, you should look for it roughly three months in advance. Outside the summer tourist season, but while Tenerife still attracts a lot of people, i.e. early autumn and spring, the search must be carried out at least one month before departure.

What do you need to know before renting?

Below you will find some basic information that you should read before renting. They mainly concern the scope of insurance and liability that you may bear when taking out. The rental options proposed by me above significantly limit your liability, but I believe that what I have included below must be read at least once. You can always look here again if needed.

What is a credit card deposit?

deposit is the amount that the rental company blocks on the credit card. This amount does not disappear from your card. It's still there, but is not usable.

Suppose you have a credit card with a PLN 3000 limit. You rent a car from the rental company, and in the conditions of the rental there is information about the deposit in the amount of 500 EUR. You pick up the car and the rental company will deposit a deposit on the card, in accordance with the EUR 500 contract. Your card still has 3000 PLN but 500 EUR * 4,3 = 2 100 PLN is blocked and as long as the blockade is not removed, you cannot use these funds. PLN 900 is available to you.

If you had a plan to pay with the same card for a hotel that costs PLN 1500, for example will not succeed. The deposit will be removed at the earliest about 24 hours after the return of the car, and often it takes even more than a week. It is worth remembering and it is best to pay for other obligations to have a different (debit) penalty or a correspondingly higher limit on your credit card.

What is the deposit on the credit card for?

In this way, rental companies protect themselves against dishonest customers. If the customer does not fulfill the terms of the contract, the costs associated with it rental deducts from the deposit. Suppose you are 8 hours late with returning the car. The agreement provides for an additional fee. The rental company may charge a fee from the deposit regardless of your will.
Another example: you picked up the car with a full tank of gas and returned it with an empty one. The rental charges the value of full refueling and the additional service cost. It now comes out more or less as if a liter of fuel cost 2 EUR. So e.g. the 50 L * 2 EUR / L = 100 EUR fuel tank. That much more or less disappears from the deposit. Examples can be multiplied (scratches on the car, broken mirror, broken glass, damaged upholstery, etc.).

Own contribution and car insurance

In addition to the deposit, which is blocked directly on your credit card, renting a car involves taking on yourself liabilities with so-called own contribution.

Own contribution applies to:
- destruction or damage to the car
- car theft

Each rental has its own amount of own contribution. Separately for destruction and separately for car theft.
This is the cost that you agree to pay the maximum if one of the above events occurs.
The assumption is that if the costs resulting from the removal of damage are greater than the own contribution you assumed in the contract, you are only liable up to the amount of your own contribution, and the remaining costs are covered by insurance.
Currently, practically all rentals include the cost of this insurance in basic vehicle price (the cheapest one you see on the throne). This insurance is mandatory and applies to all rented vehicles.

Vehicle damage insurance - CDW

This is it basic insuranceto which the vehicle is covered (often on the website of the rental company is called Full Insurance, which can be misleading, I feel allergic, it is common practice). The practice of calling basic insurance full is probably intended to suggest to the customer that at a similar price he is purchasing a better insurance package. Then the offer seems more attractive, but in fact it is not. So let's check if the insurance called full insurance is insurance CDW or actually full (SCDW - about which I will write a little below).
I did not find an offer where the insurance would be subject to a surcharge. Everywhere it was at the basic price of the vehicle.
CDW is an abbreviation of the English name Collision Damage Waiver. Having this insurance limits your liability for damage to the amount of your own contribution.
However, if it wasn't too colorful, it would be from this insurance are off the most common: windows, tires and chassis. There may be more exclusions. This means that if, for example, during a collision the damage touched the elements that are excluded from insurance, then for their repair you will pay extra.
Of course, if the event was not your fault and you have a police report for it, then the rental company he has no right to deduct any money. Then the offender pays.

If you have been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, no insurance works. You pay the full amount of repair costs.

Theft insurance - TP

It is an insurance which in the event of the theft of a vehicle limits your financial liability to the amount of your own contribution.
The name of the insurance is short for the English version Theft Waiver.
The cost of this insurance is included in basic vehicle rental price.
I did not find an offer where the insurance would be subject to a surcharge. Everywhere it was at the basic price of the vehicle.

Full damage insurance - SCDW

This type of insurance totally or partially bear your responsibility for car damage and that is real full damage insurance.
The name comes from the English version: Super Collision Damage Waiver.
In most cases, your liability after purchasing this insurance is reduced to zero, less often to a symbolic amount of around 100 - 500 EUR (depending on the brand and price of the new vehicle).
Rentals, which basic insurance is called incorrectly (or intentionally) full, are called this type of insurance: All Inclisive, Super, All Protection ... etc.
When booking on the comparison website, you have the option to buy full insurance with each rental SCDW. However, you should be aware that this is an insurance that you buy in the comparison website, not in the target rental company. What does it mean? This means that if the car is damaged or stolen, the rental will download from your account the amount up to the amount of own contribution, and for the return of this amount within the possessed you must apply to comparison engines.
If you want to take out full insurance SCDW directly at the rental company, you have to do it on the spot when you rent it. Then you will avoid a possible removal of your own contribution from your account and claiming a refund from the insurer. Unfortunately, most rental companies, even on their own websites, do not allow you to buy this insurance online and you have to do it on the spot when picking up the car. On the other hand, the rental prices through the comparison engine are lower than directly on the rental websites, so and so it's profitable make a basic reservation through it.
I checked the cost of buying full SCDW insurance at several rental companies. On average, it is EUR 30 / day for basic car models.

Travel Insurance - PAI

Often, when renting, insurance for people traveling with a rented car is also offered. It has nothing to do with the car itself, it only applies to people. If you buy insurance for yourself before traveling, you do not need it.
The abbreviation comes from the English name: Personal Accident Insurance.
This insurance is often included in the package with SCDW.

Tenerife - tourist attractions

On the blog you will find descriptions of several other tourist attractions in Tenerife. I grouped them into one category: Tenerife. See the list described by me attractions in Tenerife - [click].
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38 comments on "Car rental without credit card and deposit: Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote"

  • 23 December 2019 about 01: 00
    Direct link

    Very well written. It's good to read.

  • February 21, 2020 at 08:48
    Direct link

    Hello. My question about renting a car without a credit card. On the rentalcars website, in the tab, there is a special offer 0 own contribution, but the payment method is only a credit card. How is it in reality. Thanks for the answer

    • February 21, 2020 at 09:38
      Direct link

      More data is needed. What rental, what offer, link to the offer, etc.
      Rentalcars uses page templates to display offer descriptions and often there are two contradictory information in the same description: one that comes from the special offer, the other always appears from the template and the template from the template is often misleading because it is inconsistent with the offer special.
      This is so often the case with cards, where in the basic template there is information that only a credit card and although, for example, in the special offer there is no longer this requirement, the entry from the basic template also appears.
      A deficiency that makes it difficult to analyze the offers.
      How is your case? Without more information, I won't say 100%.

    • 31 July 2021 about 22: 41
      Direct link

      Cicar for the same period costs more than half the price, 123 euro vs 270 euro. Also no credit card, no deposit required and full insurance included. I used and they are great, mainly Cicar has the opinion of the best rental company 🙂

  • February 25, 2020 at 19:09
    Direct link

    Hello! It is not as described here. I booked the car in accordance with the instructions described above from Orlando with full insurance. After receiving the confirmation email, it turns out that when picking up the car you need a credit card for a deposit of 600 €! In addition, it turns out that they only accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards, but they do not accept Debit Cards - and people mainly have such cards. I had to cancel my reservation due to no credit card.

    • February 25, 2020 at 19:31
      Direct link

      If you booked through Rentalcars then… you couldn't do it, because at the moment Oralndo does not offer full insurance offers through Rentalcars (i.e. with the description I showed in the post). So you cannot temporarily choose an offer with the description I showed in the article. It changes from time to time, and they can appear at any time.

      If you booked through the Orlando website then the rules apply (I checked it again at the moment) so far:
      "When collecting a hire vehicle, the driver must provide a valid credit card with sufficient credit to cover the excess / deposit amount. The deposit amount is either blocked or charged to a credit card. Currently, the deposit amount varies between € 300 - € 1200, dependant on the car group and product of the reservation.

      Debit cards are accepted on the condition the driver purchases the Orlando Rent a Car Full Protection Insurance. "

      Which means that when choosing an offer without full insurance, of course, you will need a card and a deposit from 300 to 1200 Eur, depending on the size of the selected car. The bigger it is, the bigger the deposit.
      However, when choosing an offer with full insurance, a credit card is unnecessary and an ordinary debit card is accepted, as stated in the second sentence: "Debit cards are accepted on the condition the driver purchases the Orlando Rent a Car Full Protection Insurance."

      Please note when booking that if the form on the Orlando website asks you to re-enter your details, the previously selected options return to their default state. So if, when booking, the form asked you to fill in a frame, it automatically turned off the previously selected "Full insurance" option, which you might not have noticed and you went to the next step with the option without full insurance. Then the information about the need for a credit card could appear.
      Minor form defect in Orlando.


      • February 28, 2020 at 10:47
        Direct link

        Hello! Michal, how is the insurance? Their website has only SUPER INSURANCE COMFORT PLUS insurance, which covers only tires, rims, lost keys, bad fuel and a discharged battery. Do they have full insurance that also covers damage to the body of the car?
        Thanks and greetings

        • February 28, 2020 at 14:17
          Direct link

          Let me give you a hint: there is no such thing as insurance that covers "only tires, rims, lost keys, bad fuel and a flat battery", without body and sheet metal insurance. There is no rental company that offers coverage for what you write about without bodywork insurance. SUPER INSURANCE COMFORT PLUS insurance is an extension to the insurance which already includes the bodywork insurance and extends it only to: tires, rims, lost keys, bad fuel and a flat battery.

  • February 26, 2020 at 21:30
    Direct link

    Hello, I recommend autoreisen rentals. This is a rental company operating in the Canaries, no deposits, great price, and the best rating is the fact that 90% of all passengers who rented cars approached their counter at the airport. I used in July 2019

  • February 28, 2020 at 10:36
    Direct link

    Hello. I don't know where you get this information, but it's not what you wrote. I booked directly through the Orlando side. I did not need to enter any data twice. You choose the airport, date, time, car and type of insurance. I, of course, chose full. I can't add a photo here because I would prove that it is as described. As for the cards, I don't know where you found that they accept the debit card, because they have the following:

    Cash and Debit cards are not accepted.

    Accepted Credit Cards

    So they don't accept any debit cards. I would also like to add that I wrote from Orlando on whatsapp and also asked about the type of cards that they accept for a deposit.
    Here's the answer:
    "Hello good morning, Only credit card VISA or MASTERCARD are accepted to take excess / deposit amount"

    • February 28, 2020 at 13:55
      Direct link

      And they wrote back well, because you asked them how to make a deposit, and a credit card is required to set up a deposit. However, if you take full insurance, the deposit is 0, so they don't take it, and the card is not needed. It's clear. And it is written with them in the rental conditions.

      I take the information from the Orlando website, with the description of the rental rules:
      I recommend point 7 which deals with deposits and insurance. This is what I pasted you earlier.
      You are misleading yourself and others.

  • March 3, 2020 at 10:46
    Direct link

    Good morning Mr. Jacek,
    nice article, with lots of information.
    However, I would need some hints from you regarding the Orlando rental.
    I'm going to Tenerife now 8.03-16.03.2020 and I plan to rent a car for 2 or 3 days on 10-12.03.2020
    I have purchased a trip at a travel agency with a transfer from the airport to the hotel (Playa Real Resort, Av. De Moscú, 111, 38679 Costa Adeje), it is located about 18 km from the airport and it would be difficult for me to go to the car by public transport. Pickup of the car right after arrival is also not really an option because we land at 01:30 and after 5,5 hours of flight I do not want to take the drive to the hotel.
    However, I found a different Orlando rental location which is about 5km away from the hotel.
    (Orlando Rent A Car Las Americas, Hotel Udalla Park, Av. Antonio Dominguez, 38660 Playa de la Américas), however, I do not see or know how to order a car with a pickup at this location via
    Do you know how it can be done? I also looked at the Orlando website, but renting a car directly from them on the website is about 20 Euro more.
    Unless you can recommend a different rental shop in the Costa Adeje area?


    • March 3, 2020 at 11:19
      Direct link

      If you want the Lord by Rentalcars then please come on Rentalcars and in the search engine enter: Costa Adeje. Select one of the two displayed locations on Costa Adeje (no matter which, the results for both are the same afterwards).
      You will receive two groups of results in the search results. One of them will be: Tenerife - Best Jacaranda Hotel located 400m from the central point of Costa Adeje.
      Please open this result and there is an offer from a tiny rental company: Comauto Rent a Car. A short inspection of the offer shows that they give the car without making a deposit on the card, and the liability and own contribution to any damage and theft is EUR 0. So full insurance.
      You will check it after clicking on "Comauto Rent a Car rental conditions" - link just under the logo of the rental company on the offer. This is how I chose from a quick analysis of descriptions, but unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to take cars from them, so you have to read a little about them yourself and check if everything is correct. And the question of price and whether it is attractive. I did not compare this.
      The price of Orlando, higher by EUR 20, is most likely (I guess) an additional cost of delivering the car to a different place than at the airport. Choosing the location you are writing about probably automatically adds the cost of delivery and collection of the car.

      • March 3, 2020 at 12:10
        Direct link

        Mr. Jack,
        thank you very much for the tips in such a short time.
        I will definitely check and read about this rental company. When I cover the topic and test it, I will let you know here in the comment, maybe someone will use it later.


  • March 3, 2020 at 15:16
    Direct link

    If the payment details appear at the end of the car rental process (screenshot in the link), does it mean that they will be blocking money on my account?

    In the terms - Deposits, Own Contribution and Collaterals there is a record that they do not charge:

    But in terms of - Fuel Policy Options there is a provision for locking money in your account

    Can they block any amount by providing the card number and the rest of the data? Only up to the amount from the rental calculation? (screenshot in the link)

    Regards and thank you for your help.

    • March 3, 2020 at 18:19
      Direct link

      1. The last step of the booking process is payment. Rentals does not block the money on the card, the rental payment is simply collected in the last step, of course after your approval.
      2. Deposits, Own contribution - I understand exactly how you do
      3. Rentals that rent without a credit card, for any fuel shortages, they charge you with a normal debit card, which you pay for the rental as in point 1. They usually do not block anything on it beforehand. Similarly, you pay for traffic fines (in principle, for providing police data for issuing a ticket) if you break the law and are located by a speed camera.
      4. They cannot block any amount. Only as much as they charge for a possible refueling. The main amount for the rental also cannot be blocked, because you pay immediately when booking in the last step, so they have already paid it.

      • March 3, 2020 at 20:30
        Direct link

        Mr. Jacek, thank you very much for your support and advice.

        • March 3, 2020 at 23:18
          Direct link

          Here you are. The pleasure is all mine.

  • March 18, 2020 at 14:44
    Direct link

    Hello, as promised, I provide information about the "Comauto Rent a Car" rental in Tenerife at the location: Costa Adeje at the Best Jacaranda Hotel.
    I recommend this rental company with a clear conscience. I rented a Citroen C3, I got the version: Nuevo with a mileage of a little over 5000 km. With full equipment + built-in navigation in Polish.
    1. Rental time: 2 full days (return on the third day between 9: 00-10: 00 am)
    2. Cost PLN 317,00 including the cost of renting a seat (less than PLN 3 per day)
    3. Fuel according to the rules: you return with the amount of gas you received (for me it was 1/3 of the tank)
    4. They did not require their own contribution and they did not block any amount on the credit card.
    5. NOTE: but they require an active credit card which they verify. It's about making sure you are trustworthy. (well that's their policy)
    6. They also require that each driver has a passport with him, they do not rent a car for an ID card.
    7. Cars are kept in the hotel's internal parking lot. (If you are a hotel client, you also get a remote control for the entrance gate, so there is no problem with parking space and security) I was not a client of this hotel.
    8. I had full insurance, also for windows and tires. So you do not have to worry about anything, of course you should always be careful on the roads, because why do we need extra stress, waste of time and formalities.
    9. The only thing you cannot lose is the key because the insurance does not cover it. You pay 50 Euro from your own pocket for a lost key.
    10. Remember also about all the rules that Mr. Jacek wrote about on his blog. You need to see the car together with the rental employee, if necessary, take photos of any damage.
    11. The car was perfect, the only thing that was a weak engine, it was able to cope with steep slopes, which, depending on where we go, there is plenty of it. We even went to see the Volcano to Teide Park, a more difficult route (not the highway) and we also managed. However, I do not recommend this road to unskilled drivers, the inclination level is sometimes even 50 degrees.

    Mr. Jacek, thank you again for your help and advice.
    Greetings Piotr.

    • March 18, 2020 at 14:51
      Direct link

      I am all the more glad that everything went well!
      Best wishes

    • 27 April 2022 about 21: 29
      Direct link

      Let me refresh some information on Comauto. We rented a car for 4 full days during our stay in Costa Adeje. Rental period 16-19.04.2022/20.04/19 (return on 600/65 am without extra payment). Pickup and drop-off at the same hotel (Best Jacaranda), close to the highway. I rented a Nissan Qashqai through their website and I got exactly this car, the car had XNUMX mileage, maybe two years. We did XNUMXkm, everything worked without any problems. Child seat available at no extra charge. The cost of the car is XNUMX euros per day. Payment possible by cash, debit card or credit card. The only documents needed on the spot are a driving license and ID card OR passport (I borrowed it as an ID card). They also did not require any credit cards. Full insurance included in the price (not just a lost key). When issuing the car, they noted only the condition of the fuel tank, when returning it, no one even bothered to check anything in the car.
      In general, I recommend it with a clear conscience, especially due to the lack of any hidden costs.

  • 25 July 2020 about 14: 31
    Direct link

    I am looking for a car in Tenerife, 5 - 10 February 2021. The best option at Rentalcars is now Thrifty, with full insurance, a deposit of 100 euros. PLN 5 in 358 days - it's a good price. Avis is already 100 PLN more expensive (although there is no deposit there). I don't see the Orlando company at all. best regards

  • 21 September 2020 about 01: 52
    Direct link


    I'm going to Tenerife and of course I'm looking to rent a car. I looked at the offers from the orlando office and found a car that suits me, but after selecting the option no deposit and complete elimination of liability for damages (for which I pay about 7f a day) in small print I write that the amount of 2700 euro will be blocked on my credit card account in case of any damage.
    I am asking for help because I do not understand why pay for liability exclusions if they still charge me money in case something goes wrong.

    Thank you for your answer

    • 21 September 2020 about 08: 24
      Direct link

      With full insurance, they do not block the deposit.
      This is also what the regulations of the rental company say on their website:

      Please see point 7 (), third paragraph:
      "If Orlando Rent a Car Full Protection Insurance is purchased the client will not be charged a deposit at the rental desk. However, in the case of any traffic fines or damage caused by negligence and / or reckless driving the client will still be held liable. "

  • 22 July 2021 about 11: 22
    Direct link

    I have read and congratulations on your patience :) your articles are great to read. As a regular of the Canaries, I am surprised that you did not capture the CICAR rental company, which only works in Spain. No deposits, no hidden fees, and the vehicle pickup and return is generally done without the rental staff, which surprised me a lot. Full coverage that gives you the climate that you don't even worry about damage. I used to use EUROPCAR on Tenerife once. I adhere personally. The lady at the airport, when issuing the vehicle, charged me 350 euros of insurance for a week without my consent. I took the car through and had already taken out insurance with them. What I called, wrote for 2 months is mine. In the end, they gave back a reduced sum. If I can recommend something proven then CICAR. In Fuerte without any problems.

    • 22 July 2021 about 11: 26
      Direct link

      Yes. You are right. CICAR is worth attention!
      Best wishes.

  • 28 September 2021 about 23: 17
    Direct link

    Hello, in the search engine that you recommend, unfortunately it is not possible to select the 'no deposit' option, there is also no Cicar rental service there. Do you recommend another company?
    I need a car on 10-17.10.2021.

    • 29 September 2021 about 10: 54
      Direct link

      This is a very good question!
      I do not know why I did not immediately describe such a situation.
      I supplemented the entry with a new paragraph: I can't see the Cicar offer, why?
      There you will find the answer to your question.

  • January 31, 2022 at 18:23
    Direct link

    Thank you very much for the tips. Thanks to you, I rented a car in Cicar without a deposit and card blocking, I hope that everything will be ok. We will be in Fuerteventura only in May. Before that, we always rented at pluscar and it was the best rental in the Canaries, now unfortunately I couldn't do anything put on their website so that I do not know if it still exists. Regards and it's good that there is someone who selflessly shares his knowledge

    • February 5, 2022 at 03:29
      Direct link

      I wish you a successful trip!

  • 10 April 2022 about 23: 23
    Direct link

    Thanks for the article! He explained a lot. I booked a car from CICAR to Tenerife South Airport through their own site. I have not found information about the deposit anywhere. Only the price for a weekly rental is approx. 160 euro. I cannot find any information about additional fees. However, on, when I choose the option with CICAR, the prices start from over 300 Euro (all without a deposit). It's a bit suspicious. Should I expect surprises at the airport?

    • 10 April 2022 about 23: 46
      Direct link

      Maybe you caught some promotion?

  • 7 August 2023 about 11: 05
    Direct link

    Jacek, I have a question about the car insurance practices used right at the window. Recently, my friends experienced such a situation that they booked a car with full insurance (SCDW). On the spot, they encountered a situation where they were required to take out insurance (cost 200 Euro/week + 17 Euro for writing the policy). No explanations or documents were available. Wanting to start their vacation, they finally bought such insurance, thus incurring 2 insurance fees, which almost doubled the price of renting a car.
    Is it possible to avoid this by buying SCDW at the time of booking the car and how to proceed in the situation described above. I will be grateful for information and advice.

    • 7 August 2023 about 12: 42
      Direct link

      Good morning,
      When booking on the comparison website, it is possible to additionally purchase full SCDW insurance with each rental. However, you should be aware that this is insurance that we buy in the comparison engine, not in the target rental company.
      What does this result in?
      The SCDW insurance, which is not included in the package offered by the rental company and is an additional option offered by the comparison website, does not make the rental company resign from the deposit or credit card security. It will require you to purchase full insurance directly from them. Only insurance purchased from them guarantees lower deposits or no need to have a credit card. They are not interested in insurance purchased from other companies. That is why in the article I pay attention to look for offers with the option "A deposit is not required". Such an offer already includes full insurance added by the rental company itself, i.e. you buy it directly from them, along with all the related amenities (deposit reduction, credit card cancellation, etc.). Then there is no point in buying an additional SCDW, which is proposed by the comparison website in one of the next steps, because it is already included in the offer of the rental company itself.

      Your friends probably found an attractive rental offer, which was cheap because it did not include additional insurance. Then, in the next steps of the rental, they bought insurance offered by the comparison website and considered the matter to be settled. Upon arrival, the rental company verified that they had basic rentals with them, so they requested security on the credit card. Your friend took out documents confirming the conclusion of full insurance with a comparison engine, but the rental company is not interested in insurance concluded with other entities. For them, only the insurance purchased from them is effective.

      If your friend found an offer of the same rental company in the comparison engine, but which already included the SCDW insurance package, it would be definitely more expensive than the basic offer (by the price of the package), but then, upon arrival at the place, the rental company would see it as purchased with the insurance package and it wouldn't require anything else.

      Of course, you can combine so that we consciously take a cheap basic offer in the comparison engine, and buy full insurance at the window on the spot, but it usually comes out significantly more expensive than if you immediately search for and buy the offer of the same rental company with the SCDW package included in it. Usually the difference is a few EUR for each day of rental plus handling costs (in your example, the cost of writing out the policy is 17 EUR).

      Of course, there may be a situation when the comparison engine no longer offers offers with the option "A deposit is not required'because they're all sold out. This happens very often in the high season, when the demand for car rental is the highest and you should be prepared for it. What to do then?

      Then there are three ways:
      1. We are looking for offers with the smallest possible deposit (e.g. 200 - 300 EUR) that our credit card will be able to handle.

      2. We take the basic offer, and we buy additional SCDW insurance on the spot at the window (it is definitely more expensive, but sometimes there is simply no other way).

      3. We take the cheap offer with responsibility on our side. We check the deposit requirements and prepare the appropriate amount of funds for the deposit on the credit card. For a "rainy hour" we buy full insurance in a comparison engine. If a misfortune happens to us on the road, the rental company will first charge the amount of our liability from the credit card, and then we will receive a refund under insurance from the comparison website.

    • 7 August 2023 about 20: 28
      Direct link

      Thank you for the extensive information. They explained a lot. But I would like to summarize if I understood everything correctly. If I book a car in the browser with the option WITHOUT MY OWN PARTICIPATION (e.g. in Cicar) then I do not have to buy the Full Coverage proposed by the browser because in this case this protection will be doubled? In addition, as Mr. Tomasz wrote above, who booked the car directly on the "Cicar" website with the option "100% ALL RISK insurance, no franchise." Security already in place? What is your opinion on this topic? Thank you and best regards

      • 7 August 2023 about 23: 18
        Direct link

        Both offers seem safe in this regard.

  • 14 September 2023 about 11: 53
    Direct link

    Question about no deposit offers. If no deposit is required and the offer does not include FDW, how will the rental company collect damage fees?

    Additionally, despite selecting the no deposit option, DsicoverCars shows the following information:
    “When you pick up your car, the car rental company will block the deposit on your card. If your car is damaged or stolen, you could lose this entire amount. However, if you have Full Protection, we will refund you up to PLN 13900.00.

    Has anyone with Full Coverage from DiscoverCars applied for a refund and had it granted?
    I suspect that we will not always receive the documents needed for the return from the rental company. Opinions often indicate that some rental companies cannot be contacted, they do not release the deposit, or they simply charge fees from the credit card without additional information. The documents needed for DiscoverCars are:
    – Rental agreement concluded with the car rental company at the time of picking up the car (not a voucher);
    – A photo and completed checklist clearly showing the damages for which you were charged;
    – Final invoice showing the cost of the damage (not an estimate);
    – Bank statement or receipt confirming payment for the damage (a screenshot of the transaction is acceptable);
    – A police report if a third party was involved in the accident or if its preparation is required in the rental agreement.

    Remember that you must submit the required documents within 28 days of returning the car. We also recommend that you review the inclusions and limitations of Full Coverage before applying.


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