Catalog of maps and tourist guides

I wish there were more such views during the trip!

List of maps and tourist guides

After years of writing, the number of guides and maps available on the blog has become so large that it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate it. For this reason, I increasingly receive questions: how to find it? is this on the blog? where can I find it? … So it's time to introduce appropriate facilities that will allow you to quickly find the content you need.

How to search for guides on the blog?

I propose a simple and quick mechanism. The blog is equipped with its own search engine. There is a magnifying glass icon in the top menu bar on the right.

Search engine icon in the website menu

We start the search by clicking on the magnifying glass. Then a frame will open in which we enter what we are interested in. Are you looking for a guide to Madeira? Enter: wood and start searching.

A frame for entering a search phrase

In the search results you will find all entries that are in some way related to the topic you are searching for. Very often, when creating new content and wanting to recall other articles that I sometimes refer to, I use this search engine myself. So I know it works really well and is worth using.

Related and supplemental content

In my blog entries, I try to provide links to related content, but I cannot link everything because the article would no longer be readable. However, there is another mechanism available for each entry. Notice the beginning of each entry. At the very top, above the main entry title, there are colored boxes. These are the categories to which the entry belongs. These colorful rectangles are active and you can click on them!!!

Convenient shortcuts to content related to the entry you are currently reading

I use a simple and clear geographical and political division into categories. If you found the blog via a search engine and are reading an article on a topic that interests you, at the top of the entry you will always have the categories to which this entry belongs.
Let's stay with the example of Madeira: if you went to the blog, e.g. directly to the article about levadas in Madeira, and you are interested in more information about the island, just click on the rectangle at the very top of the entry with the inscription Wood. You will see a list of all entries related to Madeira. Simple and intuitive!

Thematic table of contents of the blog

I was very pleased to notice that there is already a large group of people who browse my blog in search of interesting guides and go where the guide seems most interesting to them. So the opposite is happening than I originally expected. I assumed that readers first had a chosen destination and found me only when searching the Internet. Nowadays, I see that a lot of people come to the blog, read guidebooks and only then choose a travel destination based on them, or even wait for a new guidebook to appear and if they like the proposal, they plan their trip and sightseeing.
I would like to make your search easier and I have prepared an alphabetical thematic table of contents of the blog divided into countries, cities, geographical regions and islands. This list makes it much easier to browse the content and quickly navigate the blog, and in combination with the mechanisms I described above, it should definitely improve the comfort of browsing the blog's content.

Countries – alphabetically

Under the links to countries, I have collected all entries that concern a given country. By clicking on the name of a country, you will receive a list of all entries related to the selected country. Some countries have several different guides covering different areas (e.g. Italy, Spain, Portugal). If you are looking for inspiration related to a given country, you can find it by browsing the list of attractions and guides generated this way.


Islands – alphabetically

In this part you will mainly find links to complete guides describing entire islands. These are extensive and proven guides containing ready-made plans and sightseeing routes. In each of them you will find links to additional supplementary content and a huge dose of specific data.

Cyprus (Cyprus)
Gozo – island guide (Malta)
Ibiza – island guide (Spain)
Iceland – island guide (Iceland)
Wood – island guide (Portugal)
Mallorca – island guide (Spain)
Malta – island guide (Malta)
Sardinia (Italy)
Sicilia – island guide (Italy)
Tenerife – island guide (Spain)

Geographic regions – alphabetically

Some of the regions I described have coherent travel plans and complete guides to the region, but not all of them. Some of the region guides are being created and links will be made available here as they are created. Regions with ready-made guides are highlighted accordingly. If there is no ready main guide for the region, click on the name of the region and you will receive a list of entries related to a given region. These are usually smaller partial guides to attractions, towns and cities located in a selected region.

Algarve (Portugal)
Andalusia (Spain)
Apulia – a guide to the region (Italy)
Balearic Islands (Spain)
Basilicata (Italy)
Bieszczady (Poland)
Lower Silesia (Poland)
Table Mountains (Poland)
Swietokrzyskie Mountains (Poland)
Campaign (Italy)
Catalonia (Spain)
Lombardia (Italy)
Puszcza Bukowa (Poland)
Puglia – a guide to the region (Italy)
Sicilia – a guide to the region (Italy)
Tuscany – a guide to the region (Italy)
Veneto (Italy)
Canary Islands (Spain)

Cities and towns – guides alphabetically

In this part, I have collected ready-made guides to cities, towns and smaller towns. Of course, you will find ready-made maps, sightseeing plans and detailed descriptions of attractions. Lots of useful and logically arranged information!

Akureyri (Iceland)
Albelobello (Italy)
Banyalbufar (Spain)
Barcelona (Spain)
Bari (Italy)
Barletta (Italy)
Bergamo (Italy)
Birgu (Malta)
Cefalu (Italy)
Enna (Italy)
Estellencs (Spain)
Florence (Italy)
Fornalutx (Spain)
Funchal (Portugal)
Gallipoli (Italy)
La Orotava (Spain)
Lecce (Italy)
Leuca (Italy)
Lisbon (Portugal)
locorotondo (Italy)
Los Gigantes (Spain)
Madrid (Spain)
Malaga (Spain)
Masca (Spain)
Matera (Italy)
Monopoli (Italy)
Monsanto (Portugal)
Monte Sant'Angelo (Italy)
Neapol (Italy)
Noto (Italy)
obidos (Portugal)
Ostuni (Italy)
Otranto (Italy)
Palermo (Italy)
Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Paris (France)
Peschici (Italy)
Piodao (Portugal)
Polignano a Mare (Italy)
Reykjavik (Iceland)
Ronda (Spain)
Rome (Italy)
Sanok (Poland)
Santa Cesarea Terme (Italy)
Sant'Andrea (Italy)
Solina (Poland)
Soller (Spain)
Szczecin and surroundings (Poland)
Swinoujscie (Poland)
Taormina (Italy)
Tomar (Portugal)
Valldemossa (Spain)
Valletta (Malta)
Vieste (Italy)
Vittoriosa (Malta)
Venice (Italy)

Objects from the UNESCO list

Entries containing descriptions of objects on the UNESCO World Heritage List I grouped it in a separate category – [click]

Chronological table of contents

A list of all blog entries in the order in which they were created can be found at: chronological table of contents of the blog – [click]