Sicily: the biggest attractions (map, sightseeing plan, monuments, interesting facts)

A week in Sicily

Sicily is a large island. If we got into the car in Palermo and drove around it, when returning back to Palermo the odometer would show us definitely over 1000 km. Quite a lot. Where's the sightseeing? The island is full of attractions!
Sitting down to this plan I wondered for a long time how to bite him. Ultimately, I decided to stick to the realities in which most tourists coming here must be locked up: WEEK! That's exactly how long a stay in Sicily lasts for most tourists.

What is the most convenient way to visit Sicily?

Of course, the most convenient way to explore is by car. You lose the least time to travel, so you have more time for sightseeing and sunbathing. I definitely recommend this form of getting around the island.
Of course, you will need a car for this form of sightseeing, which you can rent on the island. Details of car rental in Sicily along with an analysis of the rental costs and advice on how to choose the best offer can be found in a separate entry: Sicily: Palermo, Catania, Trapani - rent a car without a credit card and a deposit? How do I rent a car in Sicily?

Sicily - car sightseeing plan, map, attractions

Below is a plan to explore Sicily by car, which can be implemented in a week (or better longer if you are in Sicily for more than 7 days and you have time to stay longer in some places). The plan is arranged so that you can flexibly modify it to suit your needs and interests. The number of attractions on the route is so large that in practice I can't imagine you could visit them all. However, the route is arranged in such a way that the modification of the plan in most cases simply consists of omitting attractions that do not interest you at the moment and it doesn't require rebuilding the entire plan. So your own plan may look completely different, although it will be based on the same sightseeing route. What's more, you can modify it even during the journey. I think it is a convenient and the most sensible form.
The route as a whole is demanding. Every day is what to do from morning to evening. Plan your visit from 10 - 12 hours a day. There are not many long and tedious journeys. In fact, every now and then there is a stop and a short or slightly longer tour of the attractions. The driver and passengers have time to stretch their legs. The longest uniform passage between Taormina and Cefalu is at the end of the trip.
Either way, closing this tour program in 7's daytime time frame is quite a feat. It would be much better to spread it over 10, and preferably over 14 days. If you can afford it, then do it. Make additional accommodation in places that you find most interesting for you.

Sicily - map

The map shows the Sicily tour route with the key points of the plan marked. Each point has its own unique number and an additional description containing important data that facilitates sightseeing (including detailed GPS data for navigation). You will also find attraction numbers in the table of contents and in the heading titles. Thanks to this, you will be able to easily navigate through the entire entry and easily reach the part you are interested in.

Sicily map of the biggest attractions. 1. Palermo 2. Monreale Cathedral 3. Scopello 4. Erice 5. Castellammare del Golfo 6. Staircase of the Turks 7. Agrigento 8. Enna 9. Morgantina 10. Caltagirone 11. Ragusa 12. Noto 13. Marzamemi 14. Syracuse 15. Etna 16. Castelmola 17. Taormina 18. Alcantara Gorge 19. Savoca 20. Cefalu
Sicily – map of the biggest attractions:
1. Palermo
2. Monreale Cathedral
3. Scopello
4. Erice
5. Castellammare del Golfo
6. Turks Stairs
7. Agrigento
8. Enna
9. Morgantina
10. Caltagirone
11. Ragusa
12. Known
13. Marzamemi
14. Syracuse
15. Etna
16. Castelmola
17. Taormina
18. Alcantara Gorge
19. Savoca
20. Cefalu

Use GPS data!

The GPS data I provided at attractions can make your life much easier! Using them is very simple. There is a link next to the coordinates. Just click it with your finger and the navigation will start automatically and plot the route to your destination from the point where you are currently located. Just don't forget to switch the navigation to the appropriate mode: driving or walking mode.
I guarantee that you will try it once and you will like this simple but very pleasant help!

Sicily - detailed plan of sightseeing and trips around Sicily

I presented the plan divided into days, together with the places where I recommend accommodation. I tried to make the length of day trips not too long, and at the same time overnight stay in places attractive for tourists. Still, I want to make it clear that the presented program is demanding. As I mentioned earlier, the route itself is over 1 000 km long, and it is woven into visiting a large number of attractions.

day 1 - arrival in Palermo

The first day is arrival in Palermo, and then pick up the car from the rental company. Then await you travel to Palermo and hotel accommodation. Depending on the time you land in Palermo, you may still have some time for a short visit. Due to the fact that most arrivals will probably take place in the afternoon, I did not plan to visit the first day. However, if you are early enough to be able to visit something more on the first day, you can always carry out a fragment of the Palermo sightseeing plan, which I posted in a separate entry (it may be a good idea to go out for street food in the Vucciria Bazaar in the evening - more information in the entry about sightseeing Palermo: Palermo - Sicily: attractions, map, sightseeing, monuments. Guide, practical information). Then you will have a little less to do the next day.

day 2 - sightseeing in Palermo

1. Palermo

Visiting Palermo will take you all day. A detailed plan for visiting Palermo can be found in the entry: Palermo - Sicily: attractions, map, sightseeing, monuments. Guide, practical information.
The entry contains a detailed map of the tour with descriptions of all attractions.

A stroll through the historic districts of Palermo has its charm.

day 3 - Cathedral of Monreale - Scopello - Erice - Castellammare del Golfo - Stairs of the Turks - Agrigento

trip length: 296 km
time of travel: 5 hours 41 min. (does not include time to visit attractions)
accommodation: Agrigento
route map: open on Google map - [click]

Sightseeing map - day 3

It's a very long day and it's worth thinking about whether you can do anything. Opting out of, for example, Erice shortens the total journey time by more than 1,5 hour. After correcting and subtracting this point, the journey time drops to 4h and 5 minutes. Be sure to check what time it is sunset to make it to the Turks' Stairs before sunset.

2. Monreale Cathedral

The cathedral in Monreale is an amazing combination of the following styles: Norman Romanism, Arab and Byzantine. The body of the building, external ornaments, rich ornaments, gilding, wall mosaics ... all this creates a structure, which can be called a masterpiece of construction and ornamental art. No wonder that the cathedral has been on the UNESCO list since 2015.

parking lot 1 near the cathedral, GPS coordinates:
38°05’03.4″N 13°17’36.7″E lub
38.084278, 13.293524 - click and route

parking lot 2 near the cathedral, GPS coordinates:
38°04’46.7″N 13°17’29.7″E lub
38.079650, 13.291579 - click and route

Interior of the cathedral of Monreale. Sicily.
3. Scopello

Scopello is a picturesque village located north of Trapani. It is mainly known for its beautiful landscapes, clean beaches and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Traditional architecture, narrow streets and stone houses create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Scopello is an excellent base for nature lovers and those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. There is a nature reserve nearby Zingaro and the ruins of an ancient city Segesta, which makes this area even more interesting.

parking at the entrance to the reserve and descent to the beach, GPS coordinates:
38°04’09.7″N 12°49’15.8″E lub
38.069371, 12.821045 - click and route

A characteristic fragment of the coast at Scopello.
4. Erice

Erice is located on a hilltop, approximately 750 meters above sea level. The views and landscapes available from the town are the main attraction of the town. The town also impresses with its medieval architecture, narrow cobbled streets and stone houses. Among the main attractions is the XNUMXth-century castle Castle of Venus and an ancient fortress. Erice is known for the production of sweets: marzipan and cookies.

parking lot 1 at the Trapani Gate, GPS coordinates:
38°02’09.4″N 12°34’59.9″E lub
38.035942, 12.583316 - click and route

parking lot 2 at Castello di Venere, GPS coordinates:
38°02’08.7″N 12°35’17.3″E lub
38.035746, 12.588147 - click and route

Erice, Sicily.
5. Castellammare del Golfo

Castellammare del Golfo, surrounded by picturesque mountains and a bay, delights with its charm and beautiful views of the surrounding area. The town is characterized by traditional architecture, narrow streets, colorful houses and a charming fishing port. There are beautiful beaches nearby, perfect for relaxing and sunbathing. The town is an excellent base for exploring western Sicily, including the nature reserve Zingaro and the ancient city Segesta.

viewpoint on Castellammare del Golfo, GPS coordinates:
38°01’52.5″N 12°52’26.1″E lub
38.031243, 12.873917 - click and route

parking at the marina, GPS coordinates:
38°01’41.2″N 12°52’42.0″E lub
38.028099, 12.878330 - click and route

View of the port and the city of Castellammare del Golfo. Sicilia
6. Turks Stairs

Turków Stairs is a 90-meter-high cliff made of characteristic limestone sedimentary rock (commonly called marl). Water and time gave the cliff its characteristic staircase shape, and the sun turned the naturally gray rock blindingly white. The impression is impressive.

More information about visiting the Turks' Steps can be found in a separate entry: Turkish Steps (Scala dei Turchi) - Sicily: the whitest whiteness and shocking blue of the sea

parking at the Turków Stairs, GPS coordinates:
37°17’27.8″N 13°28’28.1″E lub
37.291066, 13.474461 - click and route

The sun goes down and the white stairs become colorful. Sicily, Italy.
7. Agrigento

Agrigento is famous for its rich history, culture and archaeological monuments. Agrigento's most famous attraction is its ancient ruins Valley of the Temples (Valle dei Templi), included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is an area with well-preserved Greek temples, including an impressive one Temple of Hercules (Tempio di Eracle), Temple of Concordia (Tempio della Concordia) i Temple of Olympian Zeus (Tempio di Zeus Olimpio), which are some of the best-preserved ancient monuments in Europe.
In addition to the Valley of the Temples, Agrigento also offers many other attractions, including: a castle from the 14th century (Castello di Agrigento), a cathedral with Norman and Baroque architectural elements, and a beautiful coast with beautiful beaches and picturesque cliffs.
The city is also known for its delicious cuisine, including fresh seafood, olives, cheeses and local wines.

Agrigento, Sicily

Agrigento is your planned overnight stay, so you'll probably park your car near your hotel. However, below are the coordinates of the parking lot where it may be more convenient for you to park just to conveniently visit the town itself.

parking lot near the cathedral in Agrigento, GPS coordinates:
37°18’49.8″N 13°34’30.6″E lub
37.313835, 13.575154 - click and route

When going to explore the Valley of the Temples, park in a convenient parking lot near the facility.

parking lot in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento (Valle dei Templi), GPS coordinates:
37°17’18.4″N 13°34’55.9″E lub
37.288442, 13.582186 - click and route

day 4 - Agrigento - Enna - Morgantina Agora - Caltagirone - Ragusa - Noto

trip length: 275 km
time of travel: 5 hours 12 min. (does not include time to visit attractions)
accommodation: Noto
route map: open on Google map - [click]

Sightseeing map - day 4

This is another very demanding day. It is almost certain that you won't be able to see all the places listed that day. I suggest planning immediately which attractions you can opt out of, which interest you less and which more. Then, during the course of the day, you can react accordingly. It is definitely worth going to the sunset to Noto.

7. Agrigento

When going to explore the Valley of the Temples, park in a convenient parking lot near the facility.

parking lot in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento (Valle dei Templi), GPS coordinates:
37°17’18.4″N 13°34’55.9″E lub
37.288442, 13.582186 - click and route

Valley of the Temples in Agrigento (Valle dei Templi), Sicily.
8. Enna

Enna is often called the "belvedere of Sicily" because of its hilltop location. It is the highest town on the island, offering extraordinary views of the surrounding area.
Also of interest are the numerous ancient remains, including historic churches, castle ruins and historic sites. It is worth visiting the impressive Lombard Castle (Castello di Lombardia), which dominates the city and offers beautiful panoramic views.

More information about visiting Enna can be found in a separate entry: Enna - Sicily: attractions, sightseeing, map, monuments, guide.

Parking at the Castello di Lombardia castle:
37°34’01.2″N 14°17’12.4″E lub
37.567003, 14.286786 - click and route

View from the viewpoint in Enna, Sicily.
9. Morgantina

Morgantina is an ancient city located in Sicily, near modern Aidone. It is one of the most important archaeological sites on the island, known mainly for its rich archaeological finds that have shed new light on the ancient history of Sicily.
Morgantina was an important center in ancient Greece and Rome, and its importance resulted from its strategic location and wealth of natural resources. Ruins of ancient temples, public buildings and private houses, as well as numerous artifacts such as pottery, coins and sculptures were discovered throughout the city.

car park at the archaeological site of the Amphitheater, GPS coordinates:
37°25’41.6″N 14°28’27.7″E lub
37.428230, 14.474356 - click and route

parking lot at Agora archaeological site, GPS coordinates:
37°25’55.5″N 14°28’45.8″E lub
37.432087, 14.479387 - click and route

10. Caltagirone

Caltagirone is famous for its unique ceramics and stairs decorated with colorful majolica. It is also the historical center of the region, which delights with its architecture (cathedral, castle and ruins of ancient temples), narrow streets and colorful houses.
The main attraction of Caltagirone are Ceramica di Caltagirone, traditional Sicilian ceramics, which can be admired in many local workshops and shops. The city is also famous for its monuments Escalera di Santa Maria del Monte, i.e. colorful stairs decorated with ceramic tiles that lead to the church at the top of the hill. The city is also known for its festivals, especially those related to ceramics, which attract tourists from all over the world.

parking near the old part of town, GPS coordinates:
37°14’07.6″N 14°30’39.0″E lub
37.235455, 14.510824 - click and route

Eastern car park, free, GPS coordinates:
37°14’19.5″N 14°31’02.7″E lub
37.238762, 14.517414 - click and route

Stairs in Caltagirone: see the 360-degree panorama - [click]

11. Ragusa

Ragusa is divided into two parts – Upper Ragusa (New Town) i Ragusa Ibla (Old Town). Both parts of the town are separated by a deep ravine.
Ragusa Ibla, built on a hill, is the oldest part of the city, full of narrow streets, stone houses and charming squares. This is an area with many historic churches, including the Cathedral of Saint George (Duomo di San Giorgio) and the Church of Saint. John (Chiesa di San Giovanni). Ragusa Superiore is the newer part of the city, with elegant buildings, squares and streets.
Ragusa is known for its excellent cuisine, including traditional Sicilian dishes: pasta alla Norma and cannoli.

viewpoint at the church of Santa Maria delle Scale, GPS coordinates:
36°55’31.3″N 14°44’05.3″E lub
36.925349, 14.734813 - click and route

public parking in the old Ibla district next to Giardino Ibleo, GPS coordinates:
36°55’36.6″N 14°44’54.5″E lub
36.926821, 14.748474 - click and route

public parking lot, GPS coordinates:
36°55’31.8″N 14°44’11.3″E lub
36.925490, 14.736474 - click and route

Viewpoint at the church of Santa Maria delle Scale, Ragusa, Sicily
12. Known

Noto is famous for its beautiful baroque architecture and historic streets. It was rebuilt after the earthquake in 1693 and thus retained its uniform, baroque character, which contributed to the city's inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The main attraction of Noto is its beautiful churches, palaces and squares, the most impressive of which is Noto Cathedral (Cattedrale di San Nicolò), decorated with a magnificent facade and rich interiors. Other important monuments include Palace Ducetius, Palazzo Nicolaci Villadorata and numerous churches and fountains scattered throughout the city.
Noto is famous for its traditional ceramics and local cuisine, which offers delicious Sicilian dishes: arancini, granita and cannoli.
The city is also close to beautiful beaches, making it a popular tourist destination for those seeking both culture and relaxation by the Mediterranean Sea.

More information about visiting Noto can be found in a separate entry: Noto - Sicily: a baroque pearl from the UNESCO list and the most important 4 minutes in the city's history

parking at the city gate, GPS:
36°53’26.9″N 15°04’31.5″E lub
36.890808, 15.075426 - click and route

Stairs to Chiesa di San Francesco. Noto, Sicily.

day 5 - Noto - Marzamemi - Syracuse - Etna - Castelmola - Taormina

trip length: 262 km
time of travel: 4 hours 29 min. (does not include time to visit attractions)
accommodation: Taormina
route map: open on Google map - [click]

Sightseeing map - day 5

It will be a long day full of emotions. If happiness favors you, you will realize it entirely. You can't complain about the lack of experience. I'm jealous of you.

13. Marzamemi

Marzamemi attracts tourists with its authenticity, white houses, narrow streets and charming port. The main attraction of Marzamemi is its historic center, where you can admire historic buildings, churches and observation towers. Many visitors also come here to taste traditional Sicilian cuisine served in local restaurants and cafes.
Marzamemi is also a great place for nature and beach lovers, with several beautiful beaches in the area where you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

parking lot 1 in Marzamemi, GPS coordinates:
36°44’38.2″N 15°06’60.0″E lub
36.743955, 15.116662 - click and route

parking lot 2 in Marzamemi, GPS coordinates:
36°44’35.5″N 15°06’59.7″E lub
36.743189, 15.116573 - click and route

Marzamemi, Sicily
14. Syracuse

Syracuse is one of the most important historic cities on the island, with extraordinary importance for the world's cultural heritage. Syracuse has preserved many ancient monuments, including Greek Theater, Ear of Dionysius (Ear of Dionysus) and the ruins of an ancient city on the island Ortigia, which is the heart of the historic city center.
Ortigia is also a place where you can admire picturesque streets, historic churches, baroque palaces and beautiful squares, creating a unique atmosphere of the city. The local cuisine offers delicious Sicilian dishes and local specialties, which you can try in numerous restaurants and trattorias.

parking at the Archaeological Park, GPS coordinates:
37°04’23.4″N 15°16’34.6″E lub
37.073158, 15.276265 - click and route

parking in the old part of town, GPS coordinates:
37°03’52.2″N 15°17’11.7″E
37.064512, 15.286573 - click and route

Cathedral Square (Piazza Duomo), Syracuse, Sicily
15. Etna

Etna is one of the most famous volcanoes in the world. It is still active and its current elevation is approximately 3 meters above sea level. This makes it the highest volcano in Europe.
Etna is active almost all the time, although its eruptions are usually controlled and monitored by local authorities. Eruptions create spectacular spectacles and significantly affect the landscape and ecosystem around the volcano.
Etna is not only a volcano, but also a symbol of the power of nature and the extraordinary history of Sicily, which attracts researchers, scientists and nature lovers from all over the world.

parking under Etna, the car cannot be reached above, GPS coordinates:
37°41’57.9″N 15°00’01.7″E lub
37.699427, 15.000479 - click and route

Mount Etna, Sicily
16. Castelmola

Castelmola lies on a hill above Taormina. It is known for its stunning views of the Taormina skyline, the Ionian Sea and the Etna volcano.
The main attraction of Castelmola is a great viewpoint and a fragment of the town with characteristic streets, colorful houses and a charming square. Castelmola offers traditional Sicilian cuisine. This place is perfect for those looking for peace, beautiful views and the authentic atmosphere of Sicilian life.

parking near the center, GPS coordinates:
37°51’34.3″N 15°16’39.9″E lub
37.859530, 15.277756 - click and route

17. Taormina

Taormina is exceptional beauty, rich history and luxurious character. Known as the "pearl of the Ionian Sea", Taormina attracts tourists with its stunning location, ancient monuments and beautiful beaches.
The main attraction of Taormina is the ancient Greek theater with amazing views of the Ionian Sea and the Etna volcano.
Taormina is also a popular resort that offers luxury hotels, boutiques, restaurants and cafes where you can try traditional Sicilian dishes and local wines.
The city is also an ideal base for visiting nearby attractions, such as the picturesque island of Isola Bella, Etna National Park and numerous beaches and fishing villages.

More information about visiting Taormina can be found in a separate entry: Taormina - Sicily: attractions, map, sightseeing, monuments. Guide, practical information

Parking at Porta Catania, GPS coordinates:
37°51’01.9″N 15°16’50.1″E lub
37.850519, 15.280577 - click and route

Sicily in February… 20 degrees in Taormina. Such weather prevails here in winter 🙂

day 6 - Taormina - Alcantara Gorge - Savoca - Cefalù - Palermo

trip length: 337 km
time of travel: 4 hours 58 min. (does not include time to visit attractions)
accommodation: Palermo
route map: open on Google map - [click]

Sightseeing map - day 6

It will be difficult to complete the entire program that day. You may have to choose something and give up something, although any resignation will be a waste ... Unfortunately, you can't do it otherwise. The day may be too short.

18. Alcantara Gorge

The gorge was shaped by the Alcantara River, which flows through rocky areas made of volcanic lava. The rock formations here take on fanciful shapes.
From the gorge we can admire the amazing effects of nature, go climbing and swim in natural pools created by flowing water. The area is also home to rich fauna and flora.

parking at the Alcantara Geological Park, GPS coordinates:
37°52’44.6″N 15°10’32.3″E lub
37.879057, 15.175641 - click and route

Interior of the Alcantara Gorge, Sicily
19. Savoca

Savoca is known for its extraordinary views of the Ionian Sea and extensive vineyards. The main attraction of Savoca is the ancient one Church of San Nicolo with crypts. The city is also known for its role in Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather; many tourists visit Savoca to see the places where some scenes of the movie were filmed.

parking by the viewing point, GPS coordinates:
37°57’21.9″N 15°20’24.5″E lub
37.956090, 15.340150 - click and route

20. Cefalu

Cefalu delights with its beautiful coastline with tenement houses on which the sea waves sometimes crash. One of the main attractions of the town is the 12th-century Norman Cathedral (Duomo di Cefalù), with an impressive facade and mosaic inside, which is considered one of the greatest works of Byzantine art in Sicily.
Cefalù is also a great base for visiting other attractions in Sicily, such as Madonie National Park or the ruins of an ancient city Himera.

More information about visiting Cefalu can be found in a separate entry: Cefalu (Sicily) - when you ask yourself, can it be more beautiful?

Parking by the beach, GPS:
38°02’09.6″N 14°01’02.4″E lub
38.035992, 14.017321 - click and route

Cefalu, Sicily, Italy.

day 7 - departure from Palermo to the house

You wake up in Palermo in the morning ...
... that is the end of the trip. And I know, I know ... you still want more.
Perhaps the time of your departure is that you do not have to spend the night in Palermo and you can slightly move the above sightseeing plan.
Remember, however leave a time reserve enough to make it on time return the car to the rental company before departure.

Sicily - car rental

Renting a car in Sicily is a key point of the trip. It is worth getting ready and choosing the best option. Fortunately, I have already done all this work and collected all the information in one clear entry: Sicily: Palermo, Catania, Trapani - rent a car without a credit card and a deposit? How do I rent a car in Sicily?
You will find the results of analysis of several dozen offers of car rental offices, and of course a selection of the best offers. Everything is arranged in a clear, legible and simple way for quick use.

Sicily - weather and climate

If you are wondering what time of year and in which month it is best to go sightseeing in Sicily, read the entry: Sicily - weather: air and water temperature, climate, holiday and vacation weather. Long-term weather forecast.
You will find all the answers along with the analysis of weather and climate throughout the year in Sicily, together with tables and graphs of air and water temperatures, the number of rainy days, etc. A complete set of data you need gathered in one place.

Sicily - cheap flights, or how to get here?

From Poland, you will fly here to several airports: Palermo, Catania and Trapani. Sample flight prices were provided in the entry related to the visit to Palermo: Palermo - Sicily: attractions, map, sightseeing, monuments. Guide, practical information.
If you live close to the Polish border, you can also fly to Sicily from airports from other countries, e.g. from Berlin. Often such a flight is much cheaper than from a domestic airport, and a resident of Zielona Góra, Gorzów Wielkopolski or Szczecin has a closer flight to Berlin than for example to Warsaw.
I described the devilishly effective ways of looking for cheap flights in the entry: Cheap flights. How to search for cheap flights and cheap flights? [GUIDE]
Thanks to the tricks contained here you will often find airline tickets at a price even below PLN 50 (!!!).

Hotels in Sicily

The route planned in this way requires hotel reservations in different cities. Do it well in advance! It will be definitely cheaper.
In entries describing visits to specific towns, I often recommend selected hotels. It's worth using these commands because they are not random places. I always try to place only information about places of particular interest and attractive prices.
You can also search for such places yourself. The mechanism of effective searching the hotel database is described in detail in the entry: Cheap hotels on Booking? Of course! Check how to find comfortable and cheap accommodation! Barcelona, ​​Rome, Paris ... wherever you want!
These two sources will certainly allow you to find a satisfying accommodation.

Organized trips and travel agencies offer in Sicily

Sometimes it is a good idea to use a travel agency's offer. If you are not going to travel around Sicily, then even staying only in Palermo, you can modify the above plan so that you can see a lot, After all, just rent a car for 2-3 days and calmly drive around everything that is relatively close to Palermo: Monreale , Scopello, Erice, Castellammare del Golfo, Cefalu. Everything is very close.
Then just select the travel agency offer in the form: flight + hotel or even flight + hotel + 2 meals a day (breakfast and dinner) and you can freely implement such a modified plan.
Of course, searching the offers of all travel agencies is pointless, because it would take hours. So I prepared ready-made links to the search engine and comparison engine of offers from many travel agencies at the same time. The search results compare the offers of several dozen offices (large but also smaller ones), including: Itaka, Rainbow, Coral Travel, Exim Tours, Ecco Travel, Oasis Tours, Atur, Ecco Holiday, Easy Travel, Logos Tour ... and many more!
Just one click and you'll get the result of comparing the offers of all offices, ranked by price from lowest to highest. Simple, easy, elegant ... the way I like the most!

Sicily, Palermo: flight, hotel, breakfast - comparison of travel agency offers, price from the lowest - [click]

Sicily, holidays with different types of food, the whole island: flight, hotel, full board - comparison of travel agency offers, price from the lowest - [click]

The links are dynamic and whenever you click them you will receive a current summary of the chili. So if you need a current list of offers in half a year, just come back to this entry, click and it's ready !!!
Below is an example of a search result from which prices can be really attractive.

Examples of interesting vacation offers in Sicily

Other attractions in Sicily

You may like the attractions prepared by local guides living in Sicily, which you can book online. You can also buy tickets to some attractions online, without having to queue. I wrote more about this method of ordering tickets and local attractions: Tickets to attractions - skip the line, buy online, quickly and conveniently wherever you are !!!

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11 comments on "Sicily: the biggest attractions (map, sightseeing plan, monuments, interesting facts)"

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    Great plan. I will use it and I hope I will succeed 🙂

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    A great proposition, I will use it when planning my trip to Italy and Sicily next year. Anyone would like to add something, supplement, propose ...? I'm open.

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    Fantastic site, and the idea with accurate GPS data is a bull's eye in my opinion. Thank you very much for all this information. Best wishes.

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    As always, everything is well planned, great tips and details to make your trip easier. I used it while traveling to Tenerife. On my second trip to Sicily, I will also gladly use it :)

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    An excellent blog, short and to the point, and I still have everything I'm looking for. I will use!

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    Sicily is a very attractive place. It is also part of Italy, but the Sicilians feel decidedly sovereign. Beautiful landscape, unique food and atmosphere. You have to see it.

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    Excellent information, a mine of knowledge and experience. This is where I start preparing for the trip. I send bows and thanks


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