Alberobello - trulli houses in the sun-warmed Puglia. Sightseeing, hotels, accommodation.

Alberobello, Apulia, Italy


Trulli are small houses, built entirely of stone, without the use of mortar with (theoretically) impermanent construction.

They are not common. Established and exist in a fairly small and limited area of ​​Puglia - a region located in the south of Italy - in the Itria Valley. Traveling around the provinces of Brindisi, Bari and Taranto you will meet many trulli, but the largest concentration (about 1400 pieces) is in Alberobello.

Alberobello's location on the map of Italy

Where did the trulli come from?

As for the genesis of their creation, there is no 100% agreement. Historians present different versions of the reasons that led to their creation. By far the most common version is that everything is to blame ... taxes! 🙂
Of course taxes! Taxes have shaped half the world. To avoid taxes in different parts of the world, houses were built so that they adjoin the road with a shorter side (because the amount of tax depended on it), houses with 5 stories were built in ports on the width of one window (because the width of the façade depended on taxes), and somewhere other than above the last floor, wall reinforcement elements were ejected for several dozen centimeters to make the house look unfinished (because only the finished house paid tax) ... etc.
Trulli were therefore meant to be a way around the taxes imposed by the Kingdom of Naples on every solid, newly built house. The construction of a house without mortar, of unstable limestone stone arranged in the form of a circle, with a conical slate roof, no longer raises trust. Due to the lack of any elements permanently binding stones, it was difficult to consider the house as solid. After all, it could be dismantled with bare hands ... there was no way to collect tax.

Trulli a bit neglected, still not renovated and unpainted. There is a lack of any binders. Asia decided to check if it could be undressed with her bare hands and after 15 minutes the trulli were completely undressed by her. Of the stones obtained, she quickly arranged the Cheops pyramid.

Due to the characteristic construction, the truli houses were unicameral. With time, a second one was added to the already existing house, and a hole was created in the wall separating them. This is how multi-room trulli were created. By counting the number of roof cones, it's easy to count how many rooms a house consists of.

Trulli in Alberobello, Italy

The construction of trulli - as it turned out - is not so impermanent. Their history dates back to the sixteenth century. To this day, a large part of them is inhabited. The rest of the area currently houses shops, restaurants, and many of them now serve as hotel rooms where you can live with pleasure. Thick stone walls and small windows protect against the sun and high temperature in summer and allow you to maintain a friendly temperature in winter.

Trulli in Alberobello, Italy
Interior of the trullo, Alberobello, Italy

Alberobello map and sightseeing

The main street of the part of Alberobello that interests us is Largo Martellott. The map below shows blue dots that connect the two car parks marked on the map. The distance between parking lots is only 650m, so the area is really small and it is rather difficult to get lost.

Visiting Alberobello boils down to walking around the areas marked on the map with pink ellipses in which there are clusters of trulli houses. Just walk and enjoy the climate and the views.

A walk among the trulli ... what else can I say? Alberobello
Streets, streets, streets in Alberobello, Italy
Some walk around and others hang out, Alberobello, Italy

The photos of the town from above were taken from the viewpoint Belvedere Terazza Panoramicato which I give GPS coordinates below. It is located in the smaller of the pink areas.

View from the Belvedere Terazza Panoramica viewpoint, Alberobello, Italy
Trulli in Alberobello, Italy

Useful GPS coordinates

Lookout "Belvedere Terazza Panoramica" in the form of a terrace (brown tourist signposts lead to it), GPS:
40 ° 47'00.9 ″ N 17 ° 14'16.7 ″ E or 40.783585, 17.237984 - click and get directions

Alberobello - Parking 1, GPS:
40°46’58.2″N 17°14’01.8″E lub
40.782843, 17.233836 - click and get directions

Alberobello - Parking 2, GPS:
40°46’56.8″N 17°14’21.0″E lub
40.782440, 17.239156 - click and get directions

Accommodation in Alberobello

Of course, it's best to sleep in trullo (trulli is plural and trullo is singular). Below is a list of offers with current promotions for booking accommodation. The collation is dynamic and is constantly updating. When you check back again in a while you will always see the latest offers. Just click and browse the current offers.

If you wanted to stay overnight in a specific place within the town, you can use the search engine, which shows the location of specific overnight stay on the map of the town, while presenting the current price for the reservation in the nearest available time. Clicking on the price tag will take you to a page where you can enter a booking date you are interested in and know the price of the hotel in the location you are interested in and at your preferred time. When you zoom in on the map, more locations and prices will appear. The statement is dynamic and automatically updates, thanks to which you can always see current offers on it.

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