Banyalbufar - Majorca: thousand-year-old terraces and the legendary sweetness of wine

The terraces in Banyalbufar close up.

Banyalbufar - first impressions

When we drive into Banyalbufar we are fresh from visiting Estellencs and at viewpoints: Mirador de Ses Animes i Mirador de Ricardo Roca.
We are experiencing what we have already seen and our heads are hot with impressions. With each subsequent stop, with each successive place, the emotions grow higher and higher. It's hard to believe that we haven't seen even half of the places we planned that day yet.
The road is twisting all the time and there are almost no straight sections, but it is comfortable to drive. We talk, we share impressions ...
Banyalbufar appears suddenly. Just. Behind the next bend. A village surrounded by four peaks, pressed into the slopes between them. Stuck to a steep slope, but gripping firmly and firmly. It spreads its stone terraces on the mountain slopes, treating them as its property.
Suddenly, from feverish and fresh memories, from barely visited places, we teleport to the new reality that this micro world closed by the valley. The talks end. We look.
After a while, we are already talking about Banyalbufar and looking for places to take photos.

Banyalbufar on Mallorca map.

We'll start with the wine

And wine is not just any kind. It has always aroused universal admiration.
The specific and very favorable location of the village and the cultivated terraces made the endemic grape strain known as Malvasia (Malmasia).
Malmasia (because this is also the name of the wine produced from these grapes) was highly appreciated by the Venetians. They developed an intensive trade in this wine and spread its production on the islands of the Aegean Sea that belonged to them at that time. In a short time Małmazja became famous. It was known and appreciated throughout the Mediterranean.
It also reached Poland. Its largest warehouses were in Lviv, where many of its species could be purchased. Some say that in Poland it was valued even more than French or Rhine wines.
The taste of this expensive wine aroused such delight that a word malmasia was commonly used in Poland as a synonym for a delicious delicacy.
Unfortunately, in 1891, as a result of the infestation of the pest, the plantations were completely destroyed and wine production ceased. Fortunately, the end of the XNUMXth century brought a change and growers made a successful effort to restore wine production from the grapes growing on the slopes of Banyalbufar. Of course they used the Malvasia strain.
Being here, it is worth making an appropriate purchase to remember what the day brought in the comfort of the hotel in the evening, savoring an exceptional wine. In the internet on the pages of Spanish wineries you can find individual offers from short production series at a price of 16 - 20 euro per bottle.

Stone terraces from the UNESCO list

There would be no vines and there would be no wine if it were not for the stone terraces built by the Moors. It was in the XNUMXth century that the Moors founded the village, built the first stone houses and cultivated terraces that we can admire to this day.
It would not be surprising, however, if not for the fact that the stone terraces and walls form a kind of aqueducts, ensuring proper water distribution and irrigation of all fields. They were built without the use of mortar. Simply by thinning the stone on the stone properly. For a thousand years (!!!) they have been working perfectly well until today, delivering water flowing from the mountains to over 2000 terraces. They do not need pumps, pipes, power supplies, aggregates, descaling ... Beautiful! The jaw drops.
The terraces from the XNUMXth century are therefore included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Terraces in Banyalbufar in a slightly wider plan. Mallorca.

If you have a little more time…

From Banyalbufar you can take an interesting walking tour to the fishing port It is Port des Canonge. A very spectacular and well-marked tourist trail leads to it.
There are also other routes from the village. Trail maps with detailed descriptions (in Spanish, but what the Googole translator is for) and extensive photo documentation can be found here - [click]

The views while hiking along the trails from Banyalbufar can be beautiful. Majorca.

And something else for the body

It is very likely that while you are traveling, you will feel hungry right here. The good news is that Banyalbufar restaurants are often recommended and highly rated. So maybe it's worth planning that you will suddenly get hungry right here? 🙂
Unfortunately, I haven't tried, but I've heard that it's worth getting hungry here.


There are several small hotels in the village. Most often they guarantee great views from the window, but at the same time they are not the cheapest (below are 2 offers for about 370 - 390 PLN / night for a double room.
However, it is worth considering spending at least one night here (and an evening in one of the restaurants) enjoying the taste of local food and wine.

Hotel Son Borguny - [click]

Hotel Can Busquets - [click]

Hotel search engine in Banyalbufar

Below I am placing an accommodation search engine. Just set the date you are interested in and start searching.
If you do not have a lot of experience in finding the best deals on the booking portal, a few effective ways to do this can be found in the guide: Cheap hotels on Booking? Check how to look for comfortable and cheap accommodation!.

Banyalbufar is one of the points of the Mallorca trip plan that I have developed, which you should read: Mallorca - attractions, sightseeing, car rental, practical information. Guide. – [click]

Useful GPS coordinates

Parks in the street (for a short while), GPS:
39°41’11.9″N 2°30’46.5″E lub
39.686647, 2.512903 - click and route

Long-stay parking (you need to go to the town center in a few steps), GPS: 39 ° 41'12.9 ″ N 2 ° 30'38.2 ″ E or
39.686915, 2.510603 - click and route

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