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Another miracle of nature

Bari and whole Apulia they owe a lot Polignano a Mare. It is enough for a picture of Polignano to appear on the screen of the phone or computer while browsing the Internet and there is no way to pass by it indifferently. You just can't. If you've been to Polignano, you immediately think: “Oh! Polignano! It was amazing there. If you haven't been, you'll probably think something like, "Oh shit. Cool!!! What is this place? Where it is? I have to see that!!!"
Of course, you can always explain to yourself that photos are enhanced, colors are turned up and sharpness is improved… but it won't change anything. It really is there! You can go around with colors, contrasts, saturation and sharpness, and you'll end up running out of scale anyway. And so Polignano a Mare live will be better than in the pictures. And so, when you stand in the sun on the edge of a rocky cliff, slightly swayed by the velvety, warm wind and you feel the sweet smell of the sea, and under you the turquoise water with a glassy glow will smash against the red rocks and roll the stones on the beach, and in front of you is an old city it will hang on the edge of the abyss ... and then you will think: "my God, how am I supposed to photograph all of this at once?"
You can not do it! Live Polignano a Mare will always be better!
The previously mentioned Internet user will be seduced by one or the other photo. Sooner or later, he would go to Polignano a Mare, and he would also see nearby Bari and a joke Apulia. And this is what Bari and Apulia owe Polignano: popularity.
The south of Italy is discovering more and more people. More and more people in southern Italy are opening their eyes with delight. The stereotype of the "poor south" is changing to a new one: "beautiful south", and everything very often starts with one, accidentally seen photo.

… Welcome to Polignano a Mare!

Location of Polignano a Mare on the map of Italy.

Polignano a Mare is located in Puglia in the deep south of Italy, about 35 km south of Bari. Almost 18 inhabitants live permanently in the town. The tourist center of the town is tiny and is centered around the world-famous, insanely located beach inside a small gorge Monachile blade. This small piece of land attracts tourists from all over the world, ready to fly here for several hours by plane, to stand on the edge of the cliff for a moment and feel what cannot be photographed. In the summer season, it is crowded, very crowded (but it doesn't put anyone off). The plaza is so small that a few coaches with tourists are enough to have nowhere to stand. In the off-season, the situation changes radically. You can freely choose a place to lie down, if you are bored of yesterday.
The most interesting parts of the town are located directly at the gorge, on both sides of it. They are almost adhered to the very edge.

Polignano a Mare - map and sightseeing

Although the town is small, it is worth not overlooking a few important points. Especially viewpoints from which photos known all over the world are made. You may not make equally nice photos of them, but after visiting such a point, no photo will stand a chance to compare with what you see with your own eyes.
Regardless of whether you come to the town by car or by train, the sightseeing scheme is similar. If you come by train, you will have to walk about 500m - 800m from the station to the central point of the town.
The map of Polignano with all the points that I will write about marked below. In the further part of the text you will also find a list of these points with the preservation of the numbering from the map, with precise GPS coordinates for navigation.

Polignano a Mare - map of the town with the most important points marked.
background map source: openstreetmap.org

At the beginning, it is worth satisfying your curiosity with the beach itself (1). A convenient path leads to the beaches from the car park (on maps P1 and P2). Nice views start here. The path leads under the characteristic, large and squat Roman bridge (2), connecting both sides of the gorge and the town at the same time. On the beach, it is worth taking a walk along both sides of the gorge. The views both ways can change almost every step.

Beach in Pilignano a Mare. Italy.
Photo taken by phone Xiaomi A3
The buildings of the old town of Polignano a Mare seen from the beach level.
Photo taken by phone Xiaomi A3

When leaving the beach, turn right. First, steps, and then a steeply rising pavement paved with natural round stones. This is the road towards the Domenico Modugno monument (3) and one of the key vantage points. After going up, turn right and after a while you will reach a small parking lot (P3) next to which there is a statue of Domenico Modugno (3). The most famous inhabitant of Polignano a Mare and the author of the hit Volare - [click]. Clicking on the song name will open a window to its original version. I set the start of the playback at a specific moment that perfectly explains this form of the monument. Watch the video first then see the monument - [click]. This picture says more than 1000 words.

View from the observation deck next to the Domenico Modugno monument.
Photo taken by phone Xiaomi A3

There is a descent to the sea next to the monument. It is a descent to the "Pietra piatta" viewpoint (4). Go there and look right at the old town balancing on the edge of the precipice on the other side of the gorge. Whenever I remember and remember Polignano a Mare, I come back to this view first. Probably not only me. This is one of the most spectacular scenery in Italy.
Savoring this sight, notice the small balloons filled with people sticking out of the old town buildings directly over the cliff. These are other viewpoints (7 and 8).

The old town on the other side of the gorge seen from the "Pietra piatta" viewpoint. If you look closely, you can see people at two other viewpoints.
Photo taken with the camera Canon G7X Mark II

Leaving the "Pietra piatta" viewpoint, head in the direction you came here from and cross the Roman bridge (2) to the other side of the gorge. It is worth stopping for a moment on the bridge. It has a nice view of the beach. Just behind the bridge, on the left, there is a characteristic gate (5) that leads straight to the old town. The old town of Polignano is small, but the inhabitants have been making it special for years by constantly beautifying it. It must be admitted that they do it extremely effectively and the old town has a fantastic atmosphere.

The locals look after the old town of Polignano a Mare.
Photo taken by phone Xiaomi A3

Enter the gate and get carried away by the narrow street that will lead you to Piazza Vittorio Emanuelle II square (6). This is the main square of the old town. From its opposite end there are two narrow streets: one on the right and one on the left. Go to the one on the left. It will lead you to two viewpoints (7 and 8). As you probably already guessed, these will be exactly the balconies hanging over the abyss that you just watched from the other side.

The main square of the old town - Piazza Vittorio Emanuelle II. Polignano a Mare.
Photo taken with the camera Canon G7X Mark II
View from the vantage point marked on the map with number 7. Polignano a Mare.
Photo taken with the camera Canon G7X Mark II
View from the vantage point marked on the map with number 8. Polignano a Mare.
Photo taken by phone Xiaomi A3

The streets from the viewpoints will probably lead you back to the main square of the old town. These are all the must-see points in Polignano a Mare. The rest should be free to walk where the eyes take away and taste whatever the eyes would like to eat.
: )

Useful GPS coordinates

In case you get lost in Polignano a Mare or you have a problem with hitting somewhere (which I find impossible) here is a set of useful GPS coordinates for navigation on your phone.
In my opinion, the most important are the coordinates of the parking lots at the bottom, because in the high season parking problems are certain. It is good to have specific points on hand so as not to waste time blind searches.

1. Beach - Cala Lama Monachile

GPS coordinates:
40°59’46.7″N 17°13’04.7″E
40.996297, 17.217974 - click and route

2. Bridge - Ponte Lama Monachile

GPS coordinates:
40°59’44.2″N 17°13’04.6″E
40.995598, 17.217951 - click and route

Bridge - Ponte Lama Monachile
3. Monument to Domenico Modugno

GPS coordinates:
40°59’50.2″N 17°13’01.7″E
40.997279, 17.217138 - click and route

4. "Flat Stone" viewpoint (Pietra piatta) near the monument to Domenico Modugno

GPS coordinates:
40°59’51.3″N 17°13’03.9″E
40.997589, 17.217739 - click and route

5. Gate to the old town

GPS coordinates:
40°59’43.8″N 17°13’07.2″E
40.995493, 17.218672 - click and route

6. The main square of the old town - Piazza Vittorio Emanuelle II

GPS coordinates:
40°59’46.3″N 17°13’08.8″E
40.996193, 17.219123 - click and route

The main square of the old town - Piazza Vittorio Emanuelle II.
Photo taken by phone Xiaomi A3
7. Point - And a viewing balcony in the old town

GPS coordinates:
40°59’49.4″N 17°13’07.1″E
40.997058, 17.218637 - click and route

8. Point - II viewing balcony in the old town

GPS coordinates:
40°59’50.0″N 17°13’08.7″E
40.997230, 17.219093 - click and route

Parking P1

There are toilets in the parking lot.
GPS coordinates:
40°59’37.9″N 17°12’59.6″E
40.993855, 17.216550 - click and route

Parking P2

GPS coordinates:
40°59’37.8″N 17°12’55.3″E
40.993843, 17.215357 - click and route

Parking lot P3 (tiny) at the monument to Domenico Modugno

GPS coordinates:
40°59’49.4″N 17°13’02.9″E
40.997061, 17.217471 - click and route

Parking P4 (may not be available in low season)

GPS coordinates:
40°59’52.6″N 17°12’53.1″E
40.997952, 17.214756 - click and route

Accommodation in Polignano a Mare

It may be surprising that in Polignano a Mare you can find very comfortable accommodation at an attractive price. Honestly, before I started looking for accommodation here, I assumed that you will have to deal with prices from outer space. Here please! A nice surprise. It is quite affordable, even though I did not choose the cheapest offers. In addition to the price, I also paid attention to the quality and cleanliness of the accommodation offered. The south of Italy can (still) surprise us very positively in this respect.

Casa Polignano - [click]

This is a fairly new item in the offer, but thanks to that it is fresh, clean and almost unused. I think that when it gets a lot of positive opinions, the price will go up. For the time being, I am considering seriously considering this proposal. It seems really interesting. The perfect location makes everything close.

San Vito Apartment - [click]

A sea view apartment in Polignano a Mare? And why not? Can you ask for more? Apartment with an area of ​​27 m2 with a balcony with a direct view of the sea. I imagine that in the evening, with a glass of wine, you can listen to the sound of the waves for hours. Pretty nice prospect, reasonably priced and with high guest ratings. And the most attractive part of the city starts just behind the wonders of the apartment.

Lo scrigno dei sogni - [click]

This proposal is a fully equipped holiday home with a small (for a house) area of ​​35m2. Perfectly located in the heart of the historical part of the city. If you want to live comfortably and at the same time the oldest and most attractive part of Polignano a Mare, it is worth considering this proposal.

A complete database of accommodation in Polignano a Mare

Here you can see all the currently available accommodation offers in Polignano a Mare. You will find an up-to-date overview of all currently available offers at this link - [click].

Other attractions

In Polignano, consider a boat trip to the caves scattered along the coast and the unique beauty of the rock formations. Another coast that is so varied, interesting and beautiful will be hard to find anywhere else. This trip usually takes around 1,5 hours and costs around EUR 30. The views are stunning and worth the money.
You can look around for the ride tickets on the spot or book online. Online purchase usually gives you the option of free cancellation (without incurring any costs) up to 24 hours before the start of the trip.
The picture below is a link to one of the proposals for such a cruise:

You can find more suggestions for attractions related to Polignano a Mare at this link - [click].
The list of proposals changes dynamically and is generated at the time of clicking. Depending on the season in which you click on the link, the result may be different.

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