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View from the access road to Los Gigantes, Tenerife.

Los Gigantes - walls of hell

Rather, cliffs should mean the name Acantilados de los Gigantes, which in translation means: giant cliffs. In short, and colloquially, everyone simply says Los Gigantes.
The first known inhabitants of the Canary Islands (Guanches) called the cliffs walls of hell.

Location of Los Gigantes on the map of Tenerife.

600 meters of basalt rock

The cliffs are monstrous. They make a huge impression and are overwhelming, even when viewed from a distance. The pictures usually come out "so-so" because no picture reflects their scale and power. But the live impression is unbelievable. You just have to go there, stand and feel the majesty of these rocks. Some primary energy beats from them. Visitors to this place simply look for a moment in silence. I watched it. Everyone (maybe even not always consciously) just needs a moment to silently embrace this mood. Time stands still and for a moment the energy of the rocks takes over.
Just go there and check it out for yourself.

Acantilados de los Gigantes, or "walls of hell" according to the Guanches. Tenerife.

A salutary lava river

The height of the cliffs reaches 600 meters, and the lucky coincidence meant that despite such a height they do not slide into the ocean. The lava river from one of the last volcanic eruptions, flowing into the sea, shielded the bottom of the cliffs, thus preventing them from sliding. Thanks to this, we can admire this unique place today.
A town was founded on the frozen lava river, next to the cliffs, which naturally took its name from a gigantic, rocky neighbor: Los Gigantes.

The town of Los Gigantes

The vicinity of the cliffs and the mild climate meant that the place quickly became popular with tourists, and the town itself quickly developed. Today, there is a well-developed hotel and catering base, as well as many interesting tourist services. From the sympathetic port you can go on a cruise to get a closer look at the cliffs and dolphins, whales and sea turtles living in the surrounding waters. During some cruises, ships stop at beaches, in coves among cliffs and it is possible to swim in the turquoise ocean water.
Trips and cruises can be booked in advance via the booking offers available at: Los Gigantes tours - [click]

In Los Gigantes tourists have at their disposal a local beach (Los guios) with black sand and the seaside promenade you can go for a walk to the neighboring one Puerto Santiagoin which two more beaches are available: The sand i Playa de Santiago.

Such a terrace by the restaurant. It was nice to drink coffee and have a drink. I would recommend! Los Gigantes, Tenerife.

Useful GPS coordinates:

There is little parking space in Los Gigantes. Below I give the coordinates for two advantageously located places, from which very close to the port (this is due to cruises to the cliffs) and to the views of the "walls of hell".

Public car park (small):
28°14’38.2″N 16°50’32.3″W
28.243955, -16.842296 - click and route

Street parking near the port:
28°14’44.4″N 16°50’31.2″W
28.245662, -16.842011 - click and route

Tenerife pagoda

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It is worth adding that the pictures were made in February. This is what winter looks like in Tenerife. Sun and short sleeves 🙂

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Safe car rental will give you comfort of travel and a calm head, on the winding and narrow roads of Tenerife.

Hotels near Los Gigantes

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