Beech Berdo: easy trail - unforgettable impressions

Bukowe Berdo, Bieszczady Mountains

Easy trail with insane views

Beech Berdo (sometimes the name is used Połonina Dzwiniacka) is a little out of the way and generally not easy to get to. I know that I already denied all the headings that precede this text in the first sentence, but that doesn't mean the headings are false. On the contrary ... but we'll get to it in a moment, because before I describe this undoubtedly one of the easiest i the most pleasant trails in Bieszczady, I would like to draw your attention to something else.
The nearest popular tourist towns from which the boats lead to Bukowe Berdo are:
- Wallachate - blue trail: one-way travel time 3h
- Ustrzyki Gorne - red trail: one-way travel time 4h
Considering the fact that these are only times of going one way and you still have to go back somewhere, it turns into quite a trip.
Therefore, a large number of tourists who are simply not prepared for such an effort or who are focused on much shorter trips are eliminated in a natural way. Beech Berdo belongs to a narrow group of routes that are not crowded even in summer, on Saturday, on a sunny day. In the season of the greatest crowds and accumulation of tourists in the Bieszczady Mountains on Bukowa Berda it is really quiet.
When in Połonina Wetlińska and Caryńska people huddle in layers, and in many sections of the mountain pasture there is even a swinging movement, Bukowe Berdo remains a really loose trail.
I practiced walking on Bukowe Berdem on my own skin, in early August, on Saturday, on a sunny day. The photos in this post are from this walk. You can see the traffic on the trail.
If I add to this that the charm of this mountain pasture is the strict premier league of the Bieszczady Mountains, and many appreciate it much higher than the most famous mountain pastures: Wetlińska and Caryńska, it is rather worth reading further. Because further on will be how to get on it without much effort.

Bukowe Berdo, Bieszczady Mountains

How to go out to the most beautiful mountain pasture in the Bieszczady Mountains

Of course, nothing is for free and there is one catch. Drive. The very simple trail leading to Bukowe Berdo is yellow and starts in the village Musical. If the Bieszczady Mountains lie at the end of the world, Muczne is still at the end of the Bieszczady Mountains. To get here from Cisna (where we lived) you had to drive 50 km !!! One hour by car.
From Wetlina it is a bit better: 37 km (about 40 minutes drive). The closest to Muczne is Ustrzyki Górne (20 km).
I don't know if there are any buses commuting here. Apparently yes, but I've looked for them many times and haven't been able to locate any of them yet. Rather, you have to get here by your own car. There is no special parking lot for tourists, which are usually located in the Bieszczady Mountains at the beginning of the trails. I found one place in a small, grassy square near the church.

Parking at the church, GPS coordinates:
49°07’44.2″N 22°44’46.4″E
49.128943, 22.746224- click and route

Behind the tree there is a church and a small parking lot next to it.

However, this effort is worth making. The yellow trail from Muczne is extremely pleasant, not too steep, and after a few steep fragments the trail definitely gives off and flattens out for a moment, giving you a chance to catch your breath. Even us, not very experienced hikers, did not manage to catch our breaths and were already on the top.

The beginning of the trail to Bukowe Berdo, Bieszczady
Most of the trail ascends pleasantly. From time to time, there are short, sharper passages.

We knew in advance that we were close to the meadow in advance, because we heard voices walking in front of us, who, walking out into the meadow, shouted: oh man! how nice it is here. Some even used less censored, traditional Polish words to express an exceptionally high level of delight. And the word "fucking" was the lightest of them.

It's really beautiful here!

A short, 30-second movie presenting the panorama of the mountain meadows just after leaving the forest thickets, but not yet at the top of the Beech Berda, is below. Asia had to record the video several times, because every now and then someone was loudly expressing the scroll of delight and it would be awkward to post a video with such dubbing.

After going above the tree line, we are greeted by such a view. Bukowe Berdo, Bieszczady.
The view after going above the tree line near Bukowe Berd, Bieszczady.

The Beech Berdo is a mountain range, constituting an elongated range crowned with a mountain pasture with three culminations. Follow the yellow trail to the first culmination: Szołtynia (1201 m above sea level). Here the yellow trail ends at the same time as the blue trail. The hike should be continued by turning left from the yellow trail to the blue trail. The next climax is Połonina Dzwiniacka (1231 m above sea level), and the last (third) climax is Beech Berdo (1311 m above sea level).

The crossing of the yellow and blue trails in Szołtynia (1201 m above sea level).
Bukowe Berdo, Bieszczady Mountains
Bukowe Berdo, Bieszczady Mountains

Map of the trail from Muczne to Bukowe Berdo

Below is a map of the trail with the altitude profile, time of passage and one-way length. If you have enough strength, you can continue your journey towards the Goprowska Pass and Tarnica. However, remember to reserve enough time and energy to return to the car.

Bukowe Berdo, Bieszczady Mountains
Bukowe Berdo, Bieszczady Mountains

Routes from Wołosate and Ustrzyki Górne

If you cannot travel to Muczne, you can always go to Bukowe Berdo from more easily accessible places. The trails are longer and more tiring, but the effort is definitely worth it. Below are maps with basic information about the crossing time, length and height profile.

The trail to Bukowe Berdo from Wołosate
The trail to Bukowe Berdo from Ustrzyki Górne

Accommodation in the vicinity of Bukowy Berda

Here are a few suggestions for accommodation near Muczne or in Muczne itself.
In addition to the accommodation listed below, it is also worth checking the possibility of booking in the area Ustrzyki Górne, Wetlina, Smereka i Cisna.
A link to the list of such accommodation is provided below.

See: accommodation in the Bieszczady Mountains (Bieszczady National Park) - [click]

Forest Promotion Center in Muczne

Bieszczady Corner

Bieszczady Habitat 3

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  • 10 August 2020 about 13: 21
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    I haven't been to those areas for a long time. You will have to go someday to have an "unforgettable experience". Regards 🙂

    • 10 September 2020 about 11: 07
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      Thank you for the route description

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        please kindly!
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        my question is about going back, can you go back the same way you went out?

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          I am currently in Polańczyk. I did a tour of the surrounding area, "cycling" and "walking around" the mountain routes according to tips. They helped me a lot. Your side is insane. Greetings from the sun-lit Polańczyk.

          • 8 July 2021 about 18: 01
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            I am very glad that the tips came in handy!
            Holiday greetings!

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        Super helpful trail description. Thank you for all the information. Tomorrow we are going there with our 6-year-old grandson.

        • 22 October 2022 about 14: 25
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          When I am in the Bieszczady Mountains, I include this trail for me, it is the most beautiful route I recommend, although from Wolosaty it is also very scenic

  • 30 August 2020 about 12: 21
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    Bingo - I'm going in the fall !!!

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      my question is about going back, can you go back the same way you went out?

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    Great article. Beautifully described. Can you walk with your dog?

    • 17 November 2020 about 12: 14
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      In the Bieszczady National Park, you cannot enter the trails with a dog


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