Enna - Sicily: attractions, sightseeing, map, monuments, guide.

Enna - the Belvedere of Sicily

This is how Enna is often called: the Belvedere of Sicily.
Belvedere is (out of architecture) a garden building located on a hill with extensive views of the garden. Enna is hard to describe better in one word.
The city is located on a high plateau located almost in the middle of the island. Looking at the map of Sicily, you can blindly point to a point that you think is in the middle of the island and on the 100% under your finger will be Enna.
The city is located around 1000 m above sea level. It towers clearly over the whole area. From here, you can see all sides of Sicily. You almost have the impression that the whole island is in sight. We have a wide view of the garden, which is Sicily. Enna is a true Belvedere of Sicily, and the views are mesmerizing.

Enna is the middle point of Sicily.
Such views from Enna are not unusual. The sun is setting in the hills. I stand, stare, and time flies. I love this state.

Enna - map and sightseeing

The city founded before the Greeks can be visited quickly. The key point is ... parking located on the top of the hill at the castle Castle of Lombardy (marked on the map with the symbol P1). Parking is free and we had no problem finding a free space. A very convenient point to start exploring!
Below is the map of Enny with the sightseeing route and main attractions marked. Short descriptions of the attractions are under the map. The numbers on the map correspond to the numbers next to the attractions.
Map in active form on Google Maps you can open here - [click]

Enna is one of the points I developed for visiting Sicily including detailed sightseeing maps, information about attractions on the whole island with GPS coordinates for car navigation. If you want to visit Sicily, make sure to read this entry: Sicily - tourist attractions, sightseeing, monuments, map, car rental, vacation. Guide.

Enna - sightseeing map.
1. Rocca di Cerere

On the rock, which today is the viewpoint until 173 BC was temple of Demeter (Latin Cerere). Cicero described this place of worship as unique, almost divine. The subject of worship was the image of Demeter stored here. In 173 BC, the temple was attacked by the Romans, the picture was stolen and the temple began to fall into ruin. To date, almost nothing has left the sanctuary.
Currently, it is the best vantage point from which extensive panoramic views of the area extend, and in good weather you can see the giant cone of the Etna volcano.
From the vantage point we also have a fantastic view of the neighboring town: Calascibetta.
Lovely place!

At the Rocca di Cerere viewpoint, Enna, Sicily, Italy.
Mount Etna seen from the Rocca di Cerere viewpoint. Mesmerizing view. Clouds and fog have made an extra atmosphere. Enna, Sicily, Italy.
View from Enna on the town of Calascibetta. Sicily, Italy.
2. Castello di Lombardia

This is one of the largest castles in Italy. Currently in a state of permanent ruin has 6 (originally 20) towers. One of them can be climbed to see the panorama of Enna and views similar to those from Rocca di Cerere. Admission to the castle is free.

Castello di Lombardia, Enna, Sicily, Italy.
3. Cathedral

Built in 1307, later rebuilt and embellished. After a fire in the 17th century, it was rebuilt and restored. Its current shape dates from this period. Outside, surrounded by spectacular stairs. The interior of the cathedral makes a great impression. I recommend to see 360 degrees panorama - [click] from the inside of the cathedral (unfortunately by opening this link on the mobile, Google only provides the view from the outside. So you have to click on the computer).
I was able to find the version available on the phone: 360 degree panorama of the cathedral interior - [click] : )
I think that it will be enough encouragement to see its interior live.

4. Piazza Vittorio Emanuelle

The main square of Enna, next to which are the church of San Francesco with a beautiful bell tower and the palace of the Chiaramonti family.
New buildings are adjacent to those definitely older.

Easter in Enna

During Holy Week in Ennie takes place a series of unusual processions organized by pious fraternities whose roots date back to the Middle Ages.
Celebrations take place every day from Palm Sunday to Resurrection and are the most important event of the year for the city and the entire province.
A different brotherhood is responsible for the procession every day, and the culmination takes place on Good Friday. Members of all brotherhoods, about 2500 people, in special robes, with heads covered with long, triangular, white hoods, having cut-outs only for the eyes, with torches in their hands then take part in a silent, silent procession. Only funeral music breaks through the silence of the procession.
Pictures from one of the processions can be see here - [click]

How to get to Enna?

By car

The easiest and most convenient way is by car (GPS coordinates needed for navigation are given a little lower).
It's easy to rent a car in Sicily. The rental offer is wide. It is possible to rent a car without a credit card and a security deposit, although the offer of this type of rental is quite narrow or requires additional insurance for the rented car. I described the details of car rental in Sicily in a separate post: Sicily: Palermo, Catania, Trapani - rent a car without a credit card and a deposit? How do I rent a car in Sicily?

By train

Enna is located in the very center of the island, so getting there by train is very easy in principle from all major cities on the island. The ticket price from Palermo is around 40 PLN, and from Catania around 30 PLN.
Train tickets can be used search and buy online - [click], at a price identical to the cashier window at the station. Simple and convenient search engine in Polish - [click] !!!
The search engine is universal and allows you to buy tickets throughout Europe. You will always find a link to it on my website in a special entry containing Links useful for travelers: cheap flights, hotels, accommodation, car rentals and more.

Enna - accommodation, hotels

If you feel like spending the night in Enna, it will not be a big expense (I advise you to book well in advance for the duration of the Wel Week when the processions are taking place). There are several offers to choose from and you can view them by clicking on the "Search" button in the search engine below.
The search engine shows current offers and generates a live list, so whenever you come back to this entry and run the search engine you will get current results.


When analyzing search results, it is worth following a few simple rules, which I described in detail in a separate post: Cheap hotels on Booking? Of course! Check how to find comfortable and cheap accommodation! Barcelona, ​​Rome, Paris ... wherever you want!.
Thanks to this you will find the best accommodation at the same time and affordable.

Useful GPS coordinates

Enna - Parking lot P1 at the castle of Castello di Lombardia:
37°34’01.2″N 14°17’12.4″E lub
37.567003, 14.286786 - click and route

Enna - Viewpoint and former Demeter temples:
37°34’08.4″N 14°17’19.2″E lub
37.569001, 14.288658 - click and route

Cathedral in Ennie:
37°34’01.2″N 14°16’57.4″E lub
37.567012, 14.282604 - click and route

Enna - Square Piazza Vittorio Emanuelle:
37°34’06.8″N 14°16’34.4″E lub
37.568543, 14.276230 - click and route

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