Turkish Steps (Scala dei Turchi) - Sicily: the whitest whiteness and shocking blue of the sea

Are you sure Turkish Stairs?

In my opinion, the less common but more literal translation fits here more: Turks stairs.
And I will stick to this name.

Turks stairs, it's nothing but 90 meters high cliff from a characteristic limestone sedimentary rock (commonly known as marl).
Water and time gave the cliff a characteristic shape of stairs, and the sun made the naturally gray rock acquire a dazzling white color. The impression is impressive.

The stairs of the Turks in full splendor. Sicily, Italy.

Local legend says that Saracen pirates moored their ships in the calm waters of the bay and climbed the natural stairs to the top, then to destroy the neighboring villages. The invaders by the Sicilians were commonly referred to as "Turks". Here the term has a definitely negative color and means all those who indulged in piracy. This is where the name Stairs of Turks comes from.

The Turks Stairs are one of the points of the plan for visiting Sicily that I developed detailed sightseeing maps, information about attractions on the whole island with GPS coordinates for car navigation. If you want to visit Sicily, make sure to read this entry: Sicily - tourist attractions, sightseeing, monuments, map, car rental, vacation. Guide.

Location of the Turks on the map of Sicily.
A bit more part of the limestone cliff. Sicily, Italy.

Explore the Turkish stairs carefully and with your head!

There are a few things to watch out for when visiting.

First: limestone rock in combination with water becomes extremely slippery and easy to fall and injury. Be vigilant!

Secondly: put on clothing that you can safely stain. Limestone rock is almost dirty, so there is basically no way to bleach 🙂

Thirdly: don't try to take a piece of rock as a souvenir or (horror !!!) don't try to split a piece of rock! There is a categorical ban on and high seatsand the Italians are watching over it! Otherwise, tourists would dismantle these unusual stairs long ago.

The sun goes down and the white stairs become colorful. Sicily, Italy.

Useful GPS coordinates:

Turków Stairs - Parking, GPS:
37°17’27.6″N 13°28’27.9″E lub
37.290998, 13.474415 - click and route

Rock formation- Turks Stairs, GPS:
37°17’23.0″N 13°28’21.0″E lub
37.289731, 13.472487 - click and route

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