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Inside Benagil Cave, Algarve, Portugal

Nature works miracles ...

There are places where writing is pointless. I don't mean they aren't worth writing. Quite the opposite! Their beauty is so amazing that any description in combination with their natural beauty just becomes banal.
Because what should I write that is "breathtaking"? Yeah. Zapres. Some of them take your breath away, and others, apart from your breath, are other things…. My speech apparatus took hold of me, and I stood there for a moment, stunned. Then my camera was clogged, it barely survived when, like a madman, I started taking pictures without restraint. In the end, my brain was seized up as I tried to describe this place somehow.
In the end (as you can see) I gave up, recognizing that everything is visible in the pictures, and I will save the talkative shows for another occasion.

… But it takes time

Exactly! Nature works miracles, but it takes time. Picturesque coast Algarve Portugal, covering the southern shore, was shaped (simplified of course) mainly by water and time. The persistent rippling of the water hitting the limestone rocks over thousands of years has carved one of the most beautiful sea coasts in the world.
The grotto was created in exactly the same way Benagil. First, the water carved a cave, then a bit of the ceiling collapsed to form a grotto that attracts people from all over the world.

Hole in the ceiling of the Benagil Cave, Portugal
Rippling water carves such wonders on the coast of Algarve, Portugal

Where is Benagil?

Cave Benagil took its name from a tiny fishing village of the same name nearby. In the package with the village and the cave is also a beach which has the exact same name.
You can see the location of the cave on the Portugal map below. It is quite close to the most popular holiday resorts:
- from Albufeira approximately 30 km
- from Faro about 60 km

Location of the Benagil Cave on the Portugal map

How to get to the Benagil Cave?

It seems the easiest way to get to Benagil Beach and from there should be some boats, but in practice it is not! There is a ban on taking boats from Benagil Beach to Benagil Grotto. There were so many people willing that in a short time the tiny Benagil Beach would be trampled underfoot.
The Benagil grotto can be reached by boat (regular or motor boat), but from the neighboring, more distant beaches. The transport by boats (of various sizes) is carried out by local carriers, while also showing other corners and rock formations on the coast. Admittedly, the cruises are really interesting and I find this idea very successful. Viewing a larger part of the coast from the water is a great pleasure and a feast for the eye.

A detail of the Algarve coast near the Benagil cave
From this beach we started by motorboat to explore the coast and the Benagil Cave

Of course, you can also get to the grotto directly from Benagil beach, but you have to swim or sit on a rented surfboard. There is a board rental on the beach (must be booked in advance). There is over 200m to swim.
If your swimming skills are not high enough, or you have even a shadow of a doubt about the quality of your condition, then do not go in either of these two ways. Coastal ocean water is not always conducive to swimming and can make the task more difficult, and the proximity to coastal rocks does not make it any easier.

The third option is to sail on your own from Benagil Beach in a rented kayak. The number of kayaks is limited, however, and there are plenty of people willing.

Before you decide on this option, check the availability of kayaks. The ticket distributor gives you this option on-line. Below is a calendar. Select a day and click on the button "Book now”(You can also change the language to Polish). You will be redirected to the booking page, where when selecting tickets you can check which hours of the day are still free (the website is also in Polish, the language changes at the top or bottom of the page).
Checking does not have to end with an order, so it's a great tool to quickly check ticket availability live.


Benagil Cave - cruise tickets

Tickets for the cave cruise can be purchased on site or in advance via the internet.
However, I do not recommend buying on the spot, because the interest in cruises is huge and the number of places is limited. Sometimes you have to wait several hours for the next free seat in the season (I know, because I waited), so buying a ticket online in advance is a much better solution.
Local guides offer tours from different beaches and towns (Faro, Albufeira, Carvoeiro, Lagos, Portimão, Vilamoura, Ferragudo). There are even versions with additional attractions, such as dolphin watching.
The easiest way to find the appropriate cruise is on the page that groups it in one place offers from dozens of carriers and cruise organizers - [click].
The website is available in many languages ​​(including Polish - the language can be changed at the top or at the bottom of the page).

When booking tickets, if any be sure to check what size the boat iswhich tour is taking place. Large boats will not be able to enter the interior of the cave and will not enter most of the interesting caves along the way. Low, fast and small motor boats are (in my opinion) the best choice.

One of the many beaches that you can pass by motorboat on the way to Benagil Cave, Portugal

Accommodation in the vicinity of Benagil

You can find a lot of nice accommodation near the beach and the grotto. Prices are not always attractive due to the huge popularity, but if you look well, you will find something.
Here are some interesting examples. Clicking on the link or image will take you to the page of the selected object. It is worth starting your own search for the most suitable accommodation.

Quinta das Andorinhas - [click]

Placid Village - [click]

Quinta Nova Vale Del Rey - [click]

Portugal sightseeing plan

This entry is part of a complete one Portugal sightseeing plan - [click]. The guide contains plans, maps and descriptions of specific sightseeing routes.
To see all currently available descriptions of attractions in Portugal, click on the link: Continental Portugal - [click].

Safe car rental guide: Portugal - car rental without credit card, no deposit
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    When entering the Benagil Cave by cruise boat, is it possible to go to the beach and admire it from the land?

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      Direct link

      If the boat is small and fits in, then yes. We were given 10-15 minutes inside for viewing, walking inside and taking photos.

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    and from what beach? have you sailed to the agency?

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      We took a speedboat from Benagil Beach and by the way it was a cruise along the coast to other beaches and caves. It was still possible then. I don't remember the name of our carrier.


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