Jasne Błonia in Szczecin - the kingdom of plane trees and crocuses

Spring at Jasne Błonia in Szczecin


At the moment, I've been sharpening my teeth ... actually sharpening my teeth every year. Each subsequent spring in Jasne Błonia overwhelms them more and more.
It all started a few or a dozen - I don't remember exactly - years ago. Someone came up with the idea to plant crocuses in Jasne Błonia. In the beginning, it was modest, not much. It was enough, however. When spring came, crocuses stole the hearts of Szczeciners.

In 2016, there were so many crocuses ...
... and in 2021 it looks like this.

In the following years, the city invested in more seedlings. There were more and more of them and they grew denser and denser. Today they make a real carpet. I am waiting for this carpet every year.
This year's view is a real madness. It's really hard to take your eyes off.
Anyway, you can see everything in the pictures.

Crocuses in Jasne Błonia in Szczecin

Plane trees

The unusual carpet of crocuses is accompanied by London plane trees (Platanus x acerifolia). It is the largest and most impressive cluster of plane trees in Poland (there are 212 of them in total). Trees have been growing here since 1926. They have impressive shapes and sizes. They create a unique scenery in the form of regular alleys.

The crowns of plane trees in Jasne Błonia in autumn

Bright Błonia

You will find crocuses and plane trees at Jasne Błonia. Jasne Błonia is nothing more than a rectangular, green square (green), located in the center of Szczecin. One end of the square is closed by the City Hall building (the building is also called the Green Town Hall), and the other end of the square opens onto the beautiful and extensive Kasprowicz Park.

Bright Błonia Park and the Green Town Hall in the background

Bright Borders Arrangement (1), the location of the Green Town Hall (2) and Kasprowicz Park (3) can be seen on the map below.

Map of Jasne Błonia in Szczecin
1 - Bright Błonia
2 - Green Town Hall
3 - Kasprowicz Park
map background: Google Maps

Useful GPS coordinates

Parking at Jasne Błonia, GPS coordinates:
53°26’29.4″N 14°32’20.5″E
53.441510, 14.539027 - click and route

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