Lisbon: Tram 28 - tickets, route, timetable, interesting facts, map

Tram 28 in Lisbon

The iconic Lisbon tram

The historic tram 28 (or in fact 28E) is an international symbol of Lisbon. Today it is almost obligatory to ride a yellow tram made of wood. The vehicle cleverly moves through the narrow streets of the city, and in some places I had the impression that it fits centimeters. I even found myself pulling my stomach in some places when I was riding the tram to make it easier for me to pass 🙂
In the old, historic districts of Lisbon, the streets are really narrow, and at the same time tourists are everywhere, cars squeeze here and there, and often someone unfortunates parking, stopping the tram traffic for a moment. On the occasion of the inclines that the tram covers, they are often quite solid and the ride can be exciting. The driver of tram 28 really has something to do.

Once downhill and once uphill.
Tram 28, Lisbon.

Tram route 28

The entire route of tram 28 is just over 7 km. On the map below, I have marked the entire route on the map of Lisbon and marked and described all the stops. Sometimes you need to quickly find out where you are and this is a map that I missed so much on the Internet. Various interactive maps are available, but none of them show all the locations and names of the stops. Therefore, using them is moderately comfortable.
If you want to quickly check where you are, where you are going and how many stops you have left to your destination, this map should be helpful. After clicking on the image, a larger version of the map will open, which you can further zoom in to see more details. You can also download the PDF version of the map to your phone and have it at hand all the time, even without access to the Internet.

download: tram 28 map (Lisbon) PDF Polish version – [click]

download: tram 28 map (Lisbon) PDF English version – [click]

Map of tram 28 route in Lisbon with the names of all stops

The journey may not seem very long, but the tram is rather slow and has frequent stops. In addition, tickets are sold by the driver and at the end it turns out that about 40-50 minutes are needed to travel the entire route from the beginning to the end. After that, you still need to get back to your comfort point to continue exploring the city, and it turns out that the tram ride will take at least 1,5 hours.
Are you sure you want to ride the tram for 1,5 hours? I am convinced that a 30 minute ride should be enough to fill my curiosity and enjoy this journey.

Tram 28 in Lisbon

Tram 28 - the most beautiful part of the route

In my opinion, the most beautiful and interesting part of the route is the one where the tram barely fits into the bends and almost completely fills the narrow street. By the way, he climbs steeply uphill and calls tourists not to wander along the tracks. The driver struggles with all these adversities and slowly, painstakingly, meter by meter, leads his machine along a familiar trail! Yes, I liked these passages the most by far. You wanted to stick your hand out the window and touch the wall of the building that seemed to be within reach. The trams themselves are tiny, and the number of seats is only 28. It is hardly surprising. Their dimensions must take into account the narrowness of the streets on which they will travel.

The interior of tram 28, Lisbon

Mentioned by me the most beautiful part of the route tram 28 is the one that runs through the following districts: Alfama, Grace i Low.
Take a look at the map below. There is one prepared by me the plan is visiting Lisbon - [click], with marked attractions, the walking route (red dots) and most importantly the tram route (blue dots).

Lisbon sightseeing plan with the tram route marked (blue dots)

Completely accidentally and in an absolutely unintentional way, the ride I proposed runs exactly through all the above-mentioned, most attractive parts of the route. Shock, right? 🙂

According to my proposal, the journey starts at the stop gutter (located near the upper station of the Bica elevator) and ends at the stop R. Graca (located on the castle hill, next to the castle of St. George). On the way, you will drive through the districts of Barrio Alto, Baixa, Alfama and Graca.

When you are at the upper station of the Bica lift, look for a stop called Calhariz (Bica), from which the tram leaves in the direction of Martim Moniz. Then have fun driving and get off at the Rua Graça stop near the Castle Hill (NOTE! On the way there is Graça stop first, and then Rua Graça stop, it's easy to get confused). You can continue visiting as part of my itinerary from this point.

If there is a problem with orientation in the field, below you will find the GPS coordinates of key points. I suggest that GPS can be useful while driving the tram to locate the stop where you need to get off.
If you are going to plan your own trip route, I am providing a link to timetable and routes of the tram 28E - [click]

Calhariz (Bica) stop (tram 28E), GPS coordinates:
38°42’39.0″N 9°08’45.6″W
38.710830, -9.145996 - click and route

R. Graca stop (tram 28E), GPS coordinates:
38°43’08.5″N 9°07’47.5″W
38.719035, -9.129866 - click and route

The operating hours of the tram 28

Below I present two example boards with the operating hours of tram 28. The first one concerns the final stop at the terminus at Martim Moniz, and the second one at the other end of the route, at the Campo Ourique terminus (Prazeres). Both tables intentionally refer to Sunday, which is a day off from work. There are more courses on working days.
The plates come from the carrier's website, i.e. Carris - [click]

Tram 28E - Martim Moniz - departures board
Departure board for tram 28 from the Martim Moniz stop
Tram 28E - Campo Ourique (Prazeres) - departures board
Departure board for tram 28 from the Campo Ourique stop (Prazeres)

Knowing the reality, I would not be attached to the departure times included in the above timetables. They should be treated rather indicatively. The most important information that results from them is:
- trams start running with Marti Moniz before 6:00 am (on working days several minutes after 5:00 am)
- the first courses with Campo Ourique start before 7:00 am (on working days several minutes after 6:00 am)
- in hours from 6:00 am to 21:00 pm the tram runs approximately every 10-15 minutes

Tickets for the tram 28

First, if you have a card Lisboa Card - [click] apart from free admission to many museums, incl. You have free ride on tram 28. It is included in the price of the card.

If you do not have such a card, you can:

- buy a single ticket from the driver for EUR 3. You get a paper flower from him and that's it. You can go. The simple option, requires no preparation (apart from preparing the deducted cash) and at the same time the most expensive.

- buy a Viva Viagem card (for 0,5 EUR) and recharge it. You can purchase the Viva Viagem card and top it up with the appropriate tickets at vending machines at metro stations, railway stations, yellow vending machines at major intersections, kiosks and blue MOB points.
You can top up the card with single-use tickets (EUR 1,5 with the ticket), 24-hour ticket (EUR 6,45) or Zpping tickets (EUR 1,35 per ticket) - prices from 2022

A single ticket it is valid for one hour from the moment of validation and you can change on it between different means of transport (trams, buses, metro).

24 hour ticket it works in the same way as the one-off, but is valid for 24 hours.

Zapping ticket it works similar to a single-use ticket, but with limited changeover options. You can change from the tram to the bus, but you will need to validate the metro again.

We get on the tram through the front door, put the card to the reader and wait for the green light to come on. If everything went well, we go deeper into the tram and enjoy the ride.

Here, tram 28 has a little more space

List of all 28E tram stops

Below is a list of all the stops (in the actual order) on the 28E tram route, going from Campo Ourique (Prazeres) to Martim Moniz. Those of them that are on the route developed by me Lisbon sightseeing plan are distinguished by bold letters.

Campo Ourique (Prazeres)
Igreja one hundred. Condestável (C. Ourique)
R. Saraiva Carvalho
R. Domingos Sequeira
Estrela - R. Domingos Sequeira
Estrela (Basilica)
Cç Estrela / R. Dr. Teófilo Braga
Cç Estrela / R. Borges Carneiro
Cç Estrel
RS Bento / Cç. Estrela
R. Poco Negros
Cç Combro
Calhariz (BICA)
PC. Luis Camões (B. Alto)
R. Vitor Cordon
R. Vitor Cordon / R. Serpa Pinto
Lg. Academia Nacional Belas Artes
R. Conceicao
Igreja Sta. Mary Madeleine
lemon Tree
Miradouro Sta. Looseness
Lg. Portas Sol
R. Escolas Gerais
Cç S. Vicente
VOZ Operario
R. Graca

R. Angelina Vidal
R. Forno Tijolo
R. Maria
R. Maria Andrade
Igreja Anjos
R. Palma
Martim Moniz

Accommodation in Lisbon

To facilitate the search for accommodation, I will present here some interesting (in my opinion) proposals from the historic center of Lisbon. Don't consider them "just the best". They are an interesting proposition and can be a good choice or a good starting point for further research. Clicking on any of these hotels will take you to the offer details and (perhaps even more importantly) will display a list of similar offers. Thanks to this, you will immediately gain access to a list of interesting accommodation, which you can then filter and view according to your preferences.

Dream Chiado Apartments - [click]

Lisbon Downtown Inn - [click]

Rodamon Lisboa - [click]

Lisbon sightseeing itinerary

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