Dendrological garden in Glinna - interesting facts, map, access, opening hours

Dendrological garden in Glinna

Pocket arboretum

The arboretum in Glinna compared to other dendrological gardens (e.g. in Przelewice) can be considered pocket money. It has an area of ​​3,8 ha, what with the garden I mentioned in Przelewice, which has 45 ha, looks modest. Its strength lies elsewhere, in fact, quite the opposite ... its strength lies, among other things, in this small size. From the very entrance it is nice, cozy and intimate. There are carefully routed and marked alleys, there are precise descriptions of plants, placed on engraved plates or on special tags attached directly to the branches. There is a marked trail marked with stone plates, showing the direction of sightseeing, and there is a bench every few steps. You can sit among the beautiful plants and enjoy the unique nature. There is a silence in which the swaying noise of the leaves is intertwined only with the singing of birds. Even the birds seem to be delighted with all this, because they probably sing even more joyfully than usual ... and people almost involuntarily lower their voices so as not to pollute the surroundings with their own noise.
As if that was not enough, wooden shelters and tables were also provided in several places, for those who would like to stay here a little longer and eat a picnic meal that they brought with them. A real idyll!

Everything is described in Glinna
Dendrological garden in Glinna
Dendrological garden in Glinna

By the way, I must mention that, fortunately, there is a strict FORBIDDEN OF GRILLING in the garden. Rest is not disturbed by the suffocating smell of smoke from smoldering briquettes or coal, the aromatic smell of firelighter or the aroma of frying that stimulates the work of the salivary glands. Fortunately.
Maybe this is also the reason for the increased joy of singing birds that are not suffocated by grill smoke? Maybe.
The garden, however, took care of fans of frying in the open air. There is a special recreation area next to the garden, where you can give free rein to your culinary skills. As part of the zone, there is also a large playground for children, so something for everyone.
Dogs are not allowed in the garden. Bicycles can be attached to a specially prepared stand in front of the main entrance.
Summing up: the place is nice, neat, friendly and absolutely worth visiting. We spent a very pleasant 2 hours here.

Bicycle parking in front of the garden entrance
It is pleasant to rest in such surroundings
In early spring, flowers bloom in the trees and the sun is pleasantly warm

A walk in the garden

Although the garden is relatively small, it has a very interesting set of plants. You can admire plants that cannot be grown elsewhere in Poland. And this is due to the specific microclimate prevailing here, which, combined with the Atlantic climate of West Pomerania, makes species sensitive to frost feel great here. The garden is surrounded by hills covered with tall beech forests, which additionally protects the plants growing there from cold winds.
This characteristic calmness of the air can be felt immediately, especially when resting on one of the numerous benches.

There are benches everywhere
One of the many places where you can relax
Even the dandelions are impressive

Visiting the arboretum can be made more pleasant by a specially prepared guide, which can be run on the phone, containing photos and descriptions of plants, in accordance with the numbering used in the garden. You do not need to install any application to use the guide. Just scan the QR code below or enter directly to the guide's website - [click].
On the guide page, clicking on the icon with the number and photo of the plant opens the corresponding descriptive page.

Seeds and fruits found in the garden can be collected and kept for themselves.
However, DO NOT pick any seeds, fruit or flowers from specimens growing in the garden, or damage parts of plants in any way.

Map of the garden in Glinna
1 - garden entrance
2 - recreation area
3 - playground for children
The location of some of the more important specimens is marked on the map. Clicking on the picture will enlarge the map.

Glinna Arboretum - interesting facts

In the garden in Glinna, the largest one in Poland grew for many years giant mammoth. As you can guess, the appearance and size of the tree correspond to the name. It was 40 m high and the trunk diameter was 1,5 m. Unfortunately, during the exceptionally harsh winter of 1986/1987, when the temperature dropped to -30 degrees Celsius, it froze and had to be cut. Currently, there are several young mammoth trees in the garden, which can be said to be in infancy and not yet distinguished by their size from other trees (they are located in quarters 3b, 6a and next to the fence: after entering the garden, turn left page). However, it is worth seeing what the mammoth tree from Glinna looked like in 1981, attached at this photo link - [click], made available by the Gryfino Forest District.

The largest specimen in Poland grows in Glinna giant fir. It is over 120 years old, 42 meters high and has a trunk circumference of 4,5 meters. You will definitely notice it 🙂 It is worth paying attention to the clearly visible scratch running along the trunk. This is the trace of a lightning strike in a 1978 thunderstorm.

The specimen is a unique curiosity Chinese calyx. What's so special about it? This plant grows only in one place in the world: only in China, in the province of Zhejiang, and it was not discovered until 1963. The specimen growing in Glinna is the oldest shrub of this species in Europe and it is not certain how it ended up here 🙂

Dendrological garden in Glinna
Dendrological garden in Glinna
Magnolias bloom beautifully in spring

Where is it and how to get to Glinna?

The dendrological garden in Glinna is located near Szczecin, approximately 20 km south of the city. It is entirely located in the Bukowa Primeval Forest, occupying a tiny fragment of it.
The location of the garden in Glinna in relation to Szczecin and the Bukowa Forest can be seen on the map below, and under the map you will find the GPS coordinates of the car park at the entrance to the garden.
Getting to the arboretum is quite easy. There is only one main asphalt road running through the village of Glinna, from which you have to exit as indicated on the white and brown signpost pointing to the dendrological garden. After exiting the main asphalt road for about 1,5 km, you will walk on a medium-quality dirt road, partly paved with stones. The road will lead you to the garden itself.

Map - location of the dendrological garden in Glinna

Parking at the arboretum in Glinna, GPS coordinates:
53°17’51.7″N 14°43’16.5″E
53.297706, 14.721248 - click and route

Opening hours and tickets

The Dendrological Garden in Glinna is open from March 15 to October 31:
- from Monday to Friday: from 9.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m.
- Saturday and Sunday: from 10.00 to 19.00

Admission to the garden is free.

It's nice to lie here ...
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