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Pijesak čisti or Peschici

Until today, it is not certain where the name of the city came from. There are several hypotheses, but the most probable is the one that says about ... the Slavic origin of the name.
The history of the city begins at the turn of the 970th and XNUMXth centuries AD. Then (in XNUMX) the warriors from Dalmatia (Dalmatia was then the sphere of Byzantine influence, now it is the territory of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro) expelled the Saracens from the Gargano Peninsula. Of course, for help in taking over the lands, they received a reward in the form of a part of the acquired lands. So they established a few settlements in the taken over area. One of them started in the vicinity of an exceptionally beautiful and sandy beach. The fine and clean sand of the beach is still visible today.
The settlements established at characteristic places were usually named after these places. So the result was "Clean sand", which in the language of Dalmatian Slavs can be written as "Pijesak čisti", and as a cluster of words, phonetically fits well with "Peschici".

Location of Peschica on the map of Italy and Dalmatia, where the founders of the city come from.

Rocky cliff

The town itself, despite the fact that it was established in the vicinity of the beach, is (probably for military reasons) entirely located on a high, hundred-meter high rock growing right next to the beach. So Peschici soars high above the "pure sand", clinging to the rocky cliff and breaking the hearts of visitors who fall in love with this place at first sight. And no one is bothered by the fact that you have to go down a bit from the town to the beach, and then return sharply uphill. This walk is a pleasure, especially when the sun is already low, the shadows become long and the light gives the scenery a warm golden orange color.

Peschici grew up on top of the rock. Photo from the viewpoint marked on the city map.
Peschici clings tightly to rocks. Photo from the viewpoint marked on the city map.

Medieval heart of stone

The regular number of inhabitants of the town is about 4000. Little. It is small, cozy and in the historical part entirely stone. As I walk along the stone streets, I feel a thrill. The emotions that wake up in me every time I put my foot on another stone in a paired street, worn down by hundreds of years of people like me, walking these streets. Here a story unfolded, the trace of which remained in stone. A worn stone. I touch him. It is smooth and shiny, polished by time.
Colors surround me. Two colours. White and shades of blue dominate. I can smell the sea, hear the seagulls.

Peschici, Italy
Peschici, Italy
Peschici, Italy

Despite the fact that I am surrounded by stone, cold stone, and the colors are cool, I still feel cuddled, embraced, cared for… Maybe it was the setting sun, maybe warm, velvety air… maybe. Or maybe a heart? Because this little stone town has a heart. It has been beating here for over a thousand years.
Come here and see. Feel it on your own skin.

The sun is setting over Peschici, Italy

Close to the beach from the hotel

Due to the characteristic mutual location of the town (at the top) and the beach (at the bottom), the tourist and hotel part is mainly concentrated near the beach, i.e. at the bottom. There are many places to sleep in the upper part of the city. For vacationers, Peschici is a good solution. During the day, you do not have to walk far to relax on the beach, and in the evening, when you want a romantic dinner and wine (both are insane here), a walk to the historic center becomes a pleasure.

A glimpse of the beach in Peschici, Italy from above
Way down to the beach. Peschici, Italy

When it comes to restaurants, there is no point in recommending one particularly strongly, because you will get delicious food everywhere. They just cook well here. Do not be afraid and sit where you like the most. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Bottom line: Peschici is a great place for a long break and short visits. Small and not too crowded, with great cuisine and in a natural setting that inspires admiration.

Peschici, Italy
Peschici, Italy

Map of Peschici

Below is a map of the town with the characteristic points marked. It shows the basic walking path leading through the historic part of the town. By following it, you will quickly notice the layout of the town. It is definitely worth visiting the alleys that depart from the main walking trail. I also marked the location of the car park on the map, the GPS coordinates of which for navigation can be found in the further part of the entry. You can also see the location of the beach and hotels that I recommend below.

Map of Peschici marked with the walking path through the historic center and other points of interest.

Peschici Hotels and accommodation

Finding the perfect accommodation in Peschici won't be a problem, as long as you do it in advance. Below are some examples of great accommodation at great prices. The cost of accommodation for two people is just over PLN 200, in a high-quality apartment - you will grant - an excellent opportunity. These prices are only possible if you book several months in advance.
I have marked the location of selected hotels on the above map of Peschici to make it easier to find out about the attractiveness of their location.

Incanto Hotel

The facility is oriented towards amenities for people looking for a comfortable rest close to the beach. It has everything you need to spend a carefree, lazy and heavenly holiday here. Until I dreamed ...

check prices at the Incanto Hotel - [click]

La Locanda della Castellana

The hotel is located some distance from the historic city center (15 minutes walk), less convenient access to the beach due to the distance, but with a great customer, own restaurant and swimming pool. If you want to relax in the comfort of a hotel, have a good restaurant close at hand, and at the same time live close to the center, this is a good choice.

check prices in La Locanda della Castellana - [click]

B&B Peschici 4 Stagioni

If you do not want direct access to the beach, but want to live very close to the historic city center, then you should consider this accommodation. Very high guest ratings and the attractive price are encouraging.

check prices at B&B Peschici 4 Stagioni - [click]

Borgo Antico

A gigantic apartment with an area of ​​120m2, with three bedrooms and a private beach, will provide you with the comfort of rest in the immediate vicinity of the historic center. At the same time, the price that knocked me off my feet when I read this text: PLN 149 for two people 🙂
It's hard to say how long this price will last, but the offer is great.

check prices in Borgo Antico - [click]

Useful GPS coordinates

Parking P1 near the historic center of Peschici, GPS coordinates:
41°56’42.1″N 16°00’50.3″E
41.945034, 16.013961 - click and route

Viewpoint on a rocky cliff GPS coordinates:
41°56’59.0″N 16°00’45.2″E
41.949723, 16.012544 - click and route

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