Warzymice - here a new housing estate will soon be built

The day came, which was known to be one day.

After a well-worked day, I was returning home from my office as usual. The penultimate bend to the left and I am about to turn onto the estate to rest at home. But, but… something suddenly caught my attention! Something that wasn't there when I was driving this morning.

Workers were busy finishing their work, and a gigantic, freshly cemented advertising billboard stood proudly above them. Ooh, f… urde, I thought. Some advertising nightmare again. So, even on the country road, there must be advertisements? The reality turned out to be even more brutal. The billboard was already covered with advertising content and proudly announced: A new housing estate will be built here soon!

Ooh, f ... (this time I already cursed ugly in my mind). And it was so beautiful. Meadow, greenery, space. Everything you need to catch some air and space. This freedom a man needs to live, which is lacking in the city. Several new housing estates had been built around in recent years, and this was the last piece of free land. Not any more!

Every day a charming billboard reminds me of that. So I decided to remember this place as it was for years. Here are some photos that I would not be able to take any more.

Again photos from the phone, with a slight processing in the program, on the phone.

Important to me!

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