Castles - Lower Silesia - map, sightseeing, guide

Książ Castle, Wałbrzych

The strength of attraction of locks

Castles enjoy great interest among tourists in Poland. They work like a magnet. Each year they attract crowds of tourists. The most popular ones are sometimes even crowded, but still, it's hard to resist their charm. Personally, whenever there is an opportunity to see another one, I never pass by indifferently. I often plan a trip by deliberately weaving a palace or castle into it.
I know many people for whom traveling around Poland following subsequent castles is the main topic of the trip. Beautiful photos and nice memories are always created.
And who doesn't want to have nice holiday memories?

Map of castles and palaces - Lower Silesia

When planning a trip, the best tool is always a map. You have to start with the map. So I decided to prepare a map on which I marked the location of all the castles and palaces described below located in Lower Silesia.
Looking at the map, it is easy to see that the choice of castles in Lower Silesia is really large. It is a very grateful area to travel along the castle trail. Thanks to this map you will plan a fantastic vacation, surrounded by castle mysteries and secrets, or if you are somewhere nearby, you will easily find a place that is worth visiting.
Due to the fact that there are many objects listed here, I decided to give up broader descriptions. Over time, a separate entry will be created for each castle with a more detailed description, historical curiosities, etc.
Here, next to each of the facilities, I will present only a set of information most needed when organizing a trip. These will be: very short characteristics, GPS coordinates, information about parking lots, opening hours, visits and ticket prices. Only facts!
The GPS coordinates I have provided are in the form of active links. Clicking on them will start navigation on your phone and automatically find the best route. When traveling, just go to the appropriate part of the entry and click the GPS coordinates of the object (or parking lot) you are interested in. The rest will do itself. I don't think it could be more convenient!

I decided on this form of entry, because I checked myself that when planning a trip, I always miss these particulars in the entries. So I squeezed out all the "water" and it was "just thick".
I hope this post will be more helpful for you and will save you a lot of planning work.

The map of castles and palaces of Lower Silesia looks as below (the numbers on the map obviously correspond to the numbers in the descriptions below). Due to the fact that in the vicinity of Jelenia Góra the density of castles is particularly high, I decided to include this fragment of the map on an additional, enlarged fragment. So you will find two maps below: in the first one a wide area of ​​Lower Silesia with castles and palaces marked and a fragment of the enlargement. A bit below is the map of the fragment marked on the first map.

Castles Lower Silesia - map. Descriptions of all markers on the map can be found in the text below
Map background:
Castles near Jelenia Góra - zoom in on the map fragment marked on the map above
Map background:

Castles and palaces in Lower Silesia

1. Czocha Castle

One of the most famous and media castles in Lower Silesia. For this reason, it is very crowded in high season and you need to reserve some time to queue for tickets. Out of season it is definitely more pleasant and if possible, I recommend this version of the tour. The building is undoubtedly beautiful, fantastically situated and impressive. The interiors are definitely weaker, the more that some of them are not available for sightseeing due to the hotel purpose. It is worth knowing this in advance, so as not to be disappointed with the interior, and decide to buy a ticket with an interior tour.
Hotel guests staying at the Czocha Castle enjoy special favors. Accommodation in the castle you can book here - [click]

You can read more about Czocha Castle in a separate entry: Czocha - a castle full of secrets - [click]

Czocha Castle

Opening hours
The castle is open every day all year round:
between 10.00 a.m. and 18.00 p.m.
between 10.00 a.m. and 20.00 p.m. (July - August)

Visiting the castle also takes place at night on dates provided directly on the castle page - [click]

Price list
Admission ticket:
Normal (courtyards and interiors with a guide) - PLN 22
Reduced (courtyards and interiors with a guide) - PLN 16

Normal (courtyards without a guide) - PLN 8
Reduced (courtyards without a guide) - PLN 6

Night tour - PLN 50

Booking hotel rooms on Czocha Castle - [click]

Coordinates for navigation
Czocha Castle, GPS coordinates:
51°01’49.7″N 15°18’13.0″E
51.030482, 15.303602 - click and route

P1 parking lot at Czocha Castle (free), GPS coordinates:
51°01’44.1″N 15°18’08.6″E
51.028904, 15.302375 - click and route

Parking P2 (paid), GPS coordinates:
51°01’43.3″N 15°18’16.1″E
51.028703, 15.304463 - click and route

2. Bolczów Castle

The castle is located in Rudawy Janowickie and is surrounded by a forest on a rocky ledge. It has been integrated into natural rocks. Currently, it is in ruin and it looks simply beautiful!
You cannot drive to the castle by car. The closest access is from Janowice Wielkie, where you should leave your car. The green trail leads to the castle from here. First, in Janowice Wielkie you should go down Zamkowa Street, and then along the forest path.

Clicking on the photo below will take you to the panoramic version of the photo on Google Maps.

Bolczów Castle
author of the photo: Bartosz Bryniarski - BiGsystem

Opening hours and admission tickets
The castle is a generally accessible ruin. Admission is unlimited and free.

Coordinates for navigation
Ruins of Bolczów Castle, GPS coordinates:
50°51’38.4″N 15°54’44.0″E
50.860670, 15.912219 - click and route

Parking lot at Dino in Janowice Wielkie, GPS coordinates:
50°52’26.1″N 15°55’13.2″E
50.873919, 15.920325 - click and route

Parking at the end of Zamkowa Street (for 2 cars), GPS coordinates:
In practice, this is not a regular parking lot, but rather a piece of wider asphalt at the end of a narrow road. The Zamkowa Street itself is very narrow and it is not possible to park there. However, you can try to drive up and check if the place at the end is free. It will save you about 10 minutes of walking on the asphalt.
50°52’08.3″N 15°55’14.5″E
50.868958, 15.920697 - click and route

3. Grodno Castle

The castle is located on Góra Choina in the village of Zagórze Śląskie. You cannot drive to the castle by car. You should park your car at the foot of the mountain in one of the small parking lots and go for a short walk that will take about 10-15 minutes (the mountain is not very high, as you can see).

Opening hours
The castle is open every day except November 1 and November 24-25:
In the months of October to April:
from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m., last admission at 16:00 p.m.
on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 9:00 to 18:00, last admission at 17:00.

In the months of May to September:
from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m., last admission at 17:00 p.m.
on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 9:00 to 19:00, last admission at 18:00.

On working days, the first guided entrance is at 10:00,
on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at 9:40 am.

The ticket office closes one hour before the castle closes.

Price list
Admission ticket:
Normal - 24 PLN
Discount - 19 PLN

Audioguide (Polish, English, German, Czech):
Rent - PLN 4 + admission ticket

Coordinates for navigation
Grodno Castle, GPS coordinates:
50°44’58.4″N 16°24’37.9″E
50.749546, 16.410514 - click and route

Parking P1, in the center of the village of Zagórze Śląskie, GPS coordinates:
50°45’10.9″N 16°24’14.4″E
50.753022, 16.404012 - click and route

Parking P2, at the entrance to the village of Zagórze Śląskie, GPS coordinates:
50°45’07.1″N 16°24’18.5″E
50.751970, 16.405139 - click and route

P3 car park at the Tourist Service Center, GPS coordinates:
50°45’01.6″N 16°25’14.2″E
50.750444, 16.420600 - click and route

Grodno Castle website - [click]

4. Książ Castle

Książ is the third largest castle in Poland (after Malbork and Wawel). Showcase of Upper Silesia and Wałbrzych. The colorful and rich history of the castle, full of riddles and secrets, and at the same time a beautiful location and a fairytale appearance (both inside and outside) attract crowds of tourists to it. Undoubtedly, this is a place that should not be missed.
There is a separate, comprehensive entry on the blog visiting the Książ Castle - [click], along with attractions located in its vicinity. Be sure to read it! It contains a lot of useful information.

There are two small hotels in the castle area: Hotel Książ i Castle Hotel. It is best to book accommodation online. Below are links to the booking sites for each hotel.

Hotel Książ - check available rooms - [click]

Castle Hotel - check available rooms - [click]

Książ Castle, Wałbrzych

Opening hours
ATTENTION!!! The castle changes visiting hours to adapt them to the current situation. I recommend checking the current hours directly on the castle page - [click]

Before the pandemic, the castle's ticket offices were open
- in the high season from April to October:
Monday - Friday: 9.00 a.m. - 17.00 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday: 9.00 a.m. - 18.00 p.m.

- in the low season from November to March
Monday - Friday: 9.00 a.m. - 15.00 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday: 9.00 a.m. - 16.00 p.m.

During the pandemic, the castle was open every day:
Friday - Saturday: 16.00 - 21.00
Sunday - Thursday: 16.00 - 20.00

Price list
The price list of tickets is very extensive, because there are many facilities and variants available for visiting. You can choose from: Castle, Palm House, Underground, Stallion Herd, Mausoleum in various versions (without a guide, with a guide, and an audio guide) ...
In order not to unnecessarily clutter the page with too much information, it is enough to know that depending on the selected range, ticket prices vary:
- normal tickets - from 39 to 69 PLN / person
- reduced tickets - from 32 to 62 PLN / person
- night tour - 55 PLN / person

It's best to buy tickets online, directly on the castle page - [click]
I recommend buying tickets electronically. Thanks to this, you can also check if the lock is open at the time planned by you. Additionally, you will avoid queues and surprises that the next available date is e.g. in 4 hours.

Coordinates for navigation
Książ Castle, GPS coordinates:
50°50’32.6″N 16°17’32.4″E
50.842381, 16.292322 - click and route

P1 car park, main car park at Książ Castle, GPS coordinates:
50°50’16.8″N 16°18’04.2″E
50.837985, 16.301173 - click and route

Parking P2 for hotel guests at Książ Castle, GPS coordinates:
50°50’34.5″N 16°17’42.2″E
50.842903, 16.295064 - click and route

5. Chojnik Castle

Chojnik is located in the Karkonosze National Park. It is perfectly located, and only 10 km from the center of Jelenia Góra. Two routes lead to the castle: red and black. The red trail is definitely easier, while the black one rewards a little more difficulty with an amazing climate. One way crossing time of any trail is approximately 30 minutes.

Opening hours
The castle is open to visitors in the following months according to the following scheme:
- I, II, III, XI, XII: from 10:00 to 16:00 (last admission 15:30) - closed on Mondays
- IV, V, VI, IX, X: from 10:00 to 17:00 (last admission 16:30)
- VII, VIII: from 10:00 to 18:00 (last admission 17:30)

Price list
When entering the Chojnik Castle, you have to pay two fees. The first is the entrance fee to the Karkonosze National Park, and the second is the entrance ticket to the castle.

Entrance tickets to Chojnik Castle:
- normal: PLN 7
- reduced: PLN 5

Entrance tickets to the Karkonosze National Park:
- normal: PLN 8
- reduced: PLN 4

Coordinates for navigation
Chojnik Castle, GPS coordinates:
50°50’02.2″N 15°38’39.3″E
50.833950, 15.644250 - click and route

Parking P1, next to the trail to Chojnik Castle, GPS coordinates:
50°50’28.3″N 15°38’19.4″E
50.841186, 15.638718 - click and route

Parking P2, next to the trail to Chojnik Castle, GPS coordinates:
50°50’30.0″N 15°38’25.1″E
50.841654, 15.640303 - click and route

Chojnik Castle website - [click]

6. Kliczków Castle

The castle in Kliczków is one of those buildings that have been fully renovated. Today, the building houses a Hotel with a Conference Center, recreational areas and a SPA. The facility is huge and beautiful. Currently, it has a palace rather than a castle character. Fortunately, it is available for sightseeing all the time and you don't need to be a hotel guest to get to know the facility.
Reservations of hotel rooms in the Kliczków Castle can be made via the booking page available at this link - [click]

Right next to the castle, there is the atmospheric Książęcy Folwark, which is part of the castle complex, offering high-quality, but slightly cheaper hotel rooms with prices you can check it here - [click]

Clicking on the photo below will take you to the panoramic version of the photo on Google Maps.

Kliczków Castle
author of the photo: Patrick

Visiting hours
- Tuesday to Friday: from 10:00 to 16:00
- Saturdays and Sundays: 12:30, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30

Due to the fact that it is a functioning hotel facility, it is worth confirming the possibility of visiting by phone in advance (to be sure) by phone: +48 75 734 0 700 or +48 696 418 212

Price list
- adults - PLN 15
- children - PLN 10

Night tour:
- adults - PLN 40
- children - PLN 20
It is necessary to make a telephone reservation using the numbers provided above.

Coordinates for navigation
Kliczków Castle, GPS coordinates:
51°20’11.9″N 15°26’01.6″E
51.336646, 15.433764 - click and route

P1 parking lot at Kliczków Castle, GPS coordinates:
51°20’08.2″N 15°25’59.6″E
51.335623, 15.433211 - click and route

Kliczków Castle website - [click]

7. Bolków Castle

Bolków Castle is visible from a distance. It towers over a small town, situated on a hill, which turns into a steep cliff on one side and gently descends from the town side. The castle has the form of a permanent, picturesque ruin, and the only roofed building on its premises is the museum.

Bolków Castle

Opening hours
9:00 - 15:30 admission free (exhibition halls closed)

Tuesday Friday
May - September 9:00 am - 16:30 pm
October - April 9:00 am - 15:30 pm

Saturday Sunday
May - September 9:00 am - 17:30 pm
April and October 9:00 am - 16:30 pm
November - March 9:00 am - 15:30 pm

closed: Easter, Gothic Rock Festival, Castle Party, All Saints' Day, Christmas, New Years

Price list
- normal - PLN 12
- reduced - PLN 6

Coordinates for navigation
Bolków Castle, GPS coordinates:
50°55’18.0″N 16°05’51.9″E
50.921672, 16.097757 - click and route

P1 parking lot at Bolków Castle, GPS coordinates:
50°55’13.6″N 16°05’52.4″E
50.920440, 16.097885 - click and route

Parking P2, on the market square in Bolków, GPS coordinates:
50°55’17.3″N 16°06’01.2″E
50.921480, 16.100326 - click and route

Bolków Castle website - [click]

8. Karpniki Castle

The castle in Karpniki now serves as a luxury hotel. The interiors of the castle are available only to hotel guests and it is not possible to visit it for non-guests. The building itself and the circumstances in which it is located, however, are worth visiting this place. The whole thing makes a fabulous impression. The body of the building, surrounded by an artificial moat filled with water and a medieval entry bridge ... I imagine that on a sunny autumn morning, when a fresh fog rises over the water in the moat surrounding the castle, the view must be otherworldly.
Rooms (not cheap) in the Karpniki Castle book here - [click]

Clicking on the photo below will take you to the panoramic version of the photo on Google Maps.

Karpniki Castle
author of the photo: Patrick

Only for hotel guests.

Coordinates for navigation
Karpniki Castle, GPS coordinates:
50°50’47.8″N 15°50’59.8″E
50.846603, 15.849939 - click and route

Parking lot at the Karpniki Castle, GPS coordinates:
50°50’50.1″N 15°51’00.5″E
50.847247, 15.850148 - click and route

Karpniki Castle website - [click]

9. Castle of the Dukes of Oleśnica

A huge and very interesting facility, which now houses ... Volunteer Labor Corps. For decades, formal reasons (mainly ownership) made it impossible to visit the facility. The castle boasts unique on a European scale, original, beautiful terraces and cloisters. Fortunately, in recent years the facility has been made (at least in part) available to visitors. I especially recommend it to those who like places that have not yet become popular.

Clicking on the photo below will take you to the panoramic version of the photo on Google Maps.

Castle of the Dukes of Oleśnica
author of the photo: Ryszard Magiera

Opening hours
self-guided tour: daily from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm
guided tours: Saturday - Sunday, from 9:00 to 18:00
ATTENTION!!! When planning a visit, it is necessary to make a phone call in advance (to the contact number +48 71 314 20 12), whether it will be possible at the time you have planned. Everything is changing dynamically and the information I have provided may not reflect the current situation.

Price list
- normal - PLN 12
- reduced - PLN 10

Coordinates for navigation
Castle of the Dukes of Oleśnica, GPS coordinates:
51°12’33.1″N 17°22’36.8″E
51.209187, 17.376889 - click and route

Parking at the Dukes of Oleśnica Castle, GPS coordinates:
51°12’35.0″N 17°22’31.6″E
51.209729, 17.375451 - click and route

Website of the Castle of the Dukes of Oleśnica - [click]

10. Siedlęcin Castle

The name is used interchangeably with Siedlęcin Castle The prince's tower in Siedlęcin and the latter name is more correct. The external appearance and surroundings of the building may not be impressive, but what is hidden inside is worth special attention. On the second floor, in the Great Hall, there are the only original medieval paintings in the world, illustrating the legend of Sir Lancelot of the Lake knight. Tadaaam!

Opening hours
May - October: from 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. (last admission at 17:30 p.m.)
November - April: from 10:00 to 16:00 (last admission at 15:30)

Price list
- normal: PLN 10
- reduced: PLN 6

Coordinates for navigation
The Ducal Tower in Siedlęcin, GPS coordinates:
50°56’05.4″N 15°41’08.3″E
50.934834, 15.685625 - click and route

Parking under the tower in Siedlęcin, GPS coordinates:
50°56’01.6″N 15°41’08.6″E
50.933782, 15.685733 - click and route

The website of the Ducal Tower in Siedlęcin - [click]

11. Grodziec Castle

A charmingly located, atmospheric castle that is a pleasure to visit. It is located on ... the top of an extinct volcano, at an altitude of 389 meters above sea level. The castle has a full gastronomic base and hotel rooms.
The castle complex consists of an extensive outer ward and the upper castle, from which there are wonderful views of the Kaczawskie Foothills.

Opening hours
from November to February 15 from from 10:00 to 16:00;
from February 16 to March 30 from from 10:00 to 16:00 - weekends until 17:00;
from April to October from from 10:00 to 17:00.
at weekends in July and August from from 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m.

Visiting the castle with a guide every Saturday and Sunday (from March to November) at the hours: 11:00, 12:30, 14:15, 15:45

Price list
- normal - PLN 18
- reduced - PLN 12

Coordinates for navigation
Grodziec Castle, GPS coordinates:
51°10’37.2″N 15°45’33.6″E
51.177008, 15.759345 - click and route

Parking at the Grodziec Castle; GPS coordinates:
51°10’34.8″N 15°45’32.3″E
51.176342, 15.758963 - click and route

Grodziec Castle website - [click]

12. Palace in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki

Located on the Zameczno mountain, surrounded by a vast forest area, the palace, often called Marianna Orańska's Palace after its founder, is a building that wins the hearts of travelers by storm. Nothing unusual. It is delightful and from year to year, thanks to the renovation works, it becomes even more beautiful and interesting. Fantastic place, great atmosphere, great experience guaranteed!

Opening hours
Open daily.
Guided tours of the palace - every hour from 10 to 17.
Tickets can be purchased 15 minutes before full hour, at the Tourist Information Point (Red Church) or in the palace cafe.

Price list
- normal - PLN 25
- reduced - PLN 15
The ticket offices are open from 9.30 am to 17.00 pm.

Coordinates for navigation
Marianna Orańska's Palace, GPS coordinates:
50°31’14.8″N 16°52’49.0″E
50.520771, 16.880274 - click and route

Castle parking lot P1, GPS coordinates:
50°31’20.0″N 16°52’43.7″E
50.522216, 16.878818 - click and route

Parking P2, GPS coordinates:
if there is not enough space in the castle car park, you can try it here
50°31’21.6″N 16°52’30.9″E
50.522677, 16.875256 - click and route

Marianna Orańska's Palace website - [click]

13. Palace in Mysłakowice

The palace currently plays an unusual role, as it houses a primary school. It is not open to the public and can only be viewed from the outside.
It kept its external form quite well, but the interiors were completely degraded, so even if it were possible to visit it, there is not much interesting to be seen.

Clicking on the photo below will take you to the panoramic version of the photo on Google Maps.

Palace in Mysłakowice
author of the photo: Tomek Szelestowski

Opening hours and admission tickets
The interiors are not open to the public.

Coordinates for navigation
Palace in Mysłakowice, GPS coordinates:
50°50’40.9″N 15°46’46.5″E
50.844692, 15.779573 - click and route

Parking lot next to the palace, GPS coordinates:
50°50’39.1″N 15°46’46.6″E
50.844193, 15.779606 - click and route

14. Krasków Palace

The palace is now a luxury hotel, which is distinguished by the fact that the rooms do not have a TV or Wi-Fi. The hotel focuses on providing peace and isolation from the noise of civilization.
Visiting the facility is possible to a limited extent. You can admire the building from the outside, the adjacent gardens, and inside the library room.

Krasków Palace

Opening hours
Open daily.

Coordinates for navigation
Krasków Palace, GPS coordinates:
50°54’46.7″N 16°34’59.7″E
50.912973, 16.583243 - click and route

Krasków Palace website - [click]

15. Krzyżowa Palace

The palace and the complex of surrounding buildings have been completely renovated as part of the Krzyżowa Foundation, whose aim is to conduct integration activities for young people from all over the world. Today it houses a Youth Meeting House, a hotel and a restaurant. Permanent and temporary exhibitions are on display.

Clicking on the photo below will take you to the panoramic version of the photo on Google Maps.

The Palace in Krzyżowa
author of the photo: Ryszard Magiera

Opening hours
every day from 8-19

Coordinates for navigation
Krzyżowa Palace, GPS coordinates:
50°47’48.7″N 16°31’57.9″E
50.796868, 16.532743 - click and route

Website of the Palace in Krzyżowa - [click]

16. Wojanów-Bobrów Palace

In short: a beautiful palace in total ruin (currently apparently under renovation). Also known as the Beaver Palace, to distinguish it from the renovated, beautiful palace in Wojanów (1,4 km) located nearby (I described it below, at number 17).
Currently, the owner of the palace is the Polish-German Association for the Promotion, Reconstruction and Maintenance of Historical Values ​​of Monuments, Culture and Tradition of Silesia.

Clicking on the photo below will take you to the panoramic version of the photo on Google Maps.

The Bobrów Palace
author of the photo: Spherical Panoramas

Opening hours
Entry to the facility only after consultation with the owner (tel. 506352550 XNUMX XNUMX

Coordinates for navigation
Wojanów-Bobrów Palace (exactly the access road with the gate to the castle), GPS coordinates:
50°52’13.6″N 15°49’46.4″E
50.870441, 15.829568 - click and route

The website of the Beaver Palace - [click]

17. Wojanów Palace

Beautifully renovated and… intended for the luxurious Pałac Wojanów hotel. It is surrounded by a beautiful park, admission to which is free. A garden restaurant is available for visitors, open from 12.00 to 22.00. Room reservations can be made via booking page - [click]

Visiting selected interiors of the palace is possible only in larger groups (over 20 people), after prior arrangement by telephone (+48 697 082 944).

Coordinates for navigation
Wojanów Palace, GPS coordinates:
50°52’31.3″N 15°48’49.8″E
50.875368, 15.813820 - click and route

Parking at the Wojanów Palace, GPS coordinates:
50°52’35.1″N 15°48’48.5″E
50.876415, 15.813478 - click and route

Wojanów Palace website - [click]

18. The palace in Sobótka-Górka

Currently, the Palace in Sobótka-Górka is called the Górka Castle and I will stick to this name in the following part. Currently there is a hotel in the building, but part of the building can be visited.

Clicking on the photo below will take you to the panoramic version of the photo on Google Maps.

The palace in Sobótka-Górka

Opening hours and price list
There is no specific information about visiting on the Górka Castle website. If you want to visit the facility, the owner asks to contact us in advance by phone: +48 728 475 611.

Coordinates for navigation
Górka Castle and parking, GPS coordinates:
50°53’13.6″N 16°42’30.5″E
50.887109, 16.708470 - click and route

Website of the Górka Castle - [click]

19. Palace in Krobielowice

A beautifully restored, Renaissance-Baroque palace located in the picturesque Barycz Valley. The palace currently has a hotel with 41 beds. Looking at the size of the palace, it is easy to see that even with the hotel fully staffed, you cannot expect crowds 🙂
The palace can be visited from the outside and is partly open to the public also inside (there is even a permanent thematic exhibition illustrating the history of the Battle of Waterloo from 1815).
The palace is located close to Wrocław, and the room prices are encouraging (consider staying overnight). You can check the current prices and available booking dates on the booking page - [click]

Clicking on the photo below will take you to the panoramic version of the photo on Google Maps.

Palace in Korbielowice
author of the photo: Ryszard Magiera

Opening hours
The hotel is open all year round. It is worth confirming the possibility of visiting by phone (+48 71 316 61 14) in advance.

Coordinates for navigation
Parking at the Palace in Krobielowice, GPS coordinates:
51°00’26.5″N 16°47’52.5″E
51.007373, 16.797928 - click and route

Website of the Palace in Krobielowice - [click]

20. Palace in Łomnica

The palace in Łomnica is actually two palaces with accompanying buildings. One of the buildings houses a hotel and a restaurant. In the second one you will find the Łomnica Palace Museum "Three centuries of life in the Łomnica Palace". The remaining buildings include the Linen Department Store, the Farm Store, the Bakery, the Training Earthly Kitchen and the Kitchen Garden.
Rooms at Pałac Łomnica can be booked on the booking page - [click]

A few steps from the Łomnica Palace, literally on the other bank of the Bóbr River there is the Wojanów Palace (No. 17 on this list), and 1,4 km further there is the Wojanów-Bobrów Palace (No. 16).

Clicking on the photo below will take you to the panoramic version of the photo on Google Maps.

Palace in Łomnica
author of the photo: Rudi Rohrbruch

Opening hours
Open daily from 10:00 to 17:00
The park is open without restrictions.

Price list
Entrance tickets to the museum:
- normal - PLN 24
- reduced - PLN 19
- reduced school ticket (up to 18 years of age) - PLN 9

Coordinates for navigation
Parking at the hotel in the Palace in Łomnica, GPS coordinates:
50°52’34.7″N 15°48’34.5″E
50.876303, 15.809577 - click and route

Parking at the Łomnica Palace Museum, GPS coordinates:
50°52’36.8″N 15°48’28.9″E
50.876896, 15.808019 - click and route

Website of the Łomnica Palace - [click]

21. Staniszów Palace

Situated among the hills of Lomnica, the Staniszów Palace is one of the palaces that make up the "Valley of Palaces and Gardens" complex. Surrounded by a park, consisting of two small ornamental gardens, an English garden and a forest park, it looks especially beautiful at a time when the greenery and flowers are in full bloom.
The palace houses the Staniszów Palace Gallery, which presents the works of the most talented artists of the region, classical music concerts and many other cultural events are organized.
There is a high-quality hotel and restaurant in the palace. You can check the prices of hotel rooms and the possibility of booking accommodation on the booking page - [click]

One of the buildings included in the Staniszów Palace complex. Clicking on the photo below will take you to the panoramic version of the photo on Google Maps.

Staniszów Palace
author of the photo: Marcin Roszak

Opening hours
Open all year round, but interiors are not open to the public. You can visit the palace from the outside and the palace gardens.

Coordinates for navigation
Parking in front of the Staniszów Palace, GPS coordinates:
50°50’40.1″N 15°44’27.4″E
50.844463, 15.740953 - click and route

Staniszów Palace website - [click]

22. Schaffgotsch Palace

Located on the promenade and in the vicinity of the spa park in Cieplice, the Schaffgotsch Palace is an interesting facility, with beautiful, renovated interiors that… are not open to the public. Currently, the building is occupied by the Wrocław University of Technology. It was the activities of the University of Technology that led to the renovation of the interior of the building. Fortunately, the lack of accessibility to sightseeing, you can sometimes walk around and see the most beautiful of the palace halls. This is possible during conferences and celebrations that sometimes take place on the premises.

Clicking on the photo below will take you to the panoramic version of the photo on Google Maps.

Schaffgotsch Palace
author of the photo: Szymon Pieńkowski

Opening hours
Open during the working hours of the branch of Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

Coordinates for navigation
Schaffgotsch Palace, GPS coordinates:
50°51’54.0″N 15°40’54.6″E
50.865010, 15.681821 - click and route

Parking near the promenade in Cieplice, GPS coordinates:
50°51’56.1″N 15°41’04.6″E
50.865569, 15.684612 - click and route

23. Paulinum Palace

The palace, erected on the top of the hill, has a characteristic, irregular shape. Numerous towers, bay windows and loggias give it an eye-catching character, and the whole is complemented by numerous architectural details. The interiors are not open to the public.
The building houses a hotel with atmospheric interiors. Hotel room prices and availability can be checked on the hotel booking page - [click]

One of the interiors at the Paulinum Palace. Clicking on the photo below will take you to the panoramic version of the photo on Google Maps.

Paulinum Palace
author of the photo: Leszek Cuper

Opening hours
Open all year round, but interiors are not open to the public. The palace can only be viewed from the outside.

Coordinates for navigation
Paulinum Palace and the parking lot at the palace, GPS coordinates:
50°53’30.8″N 15°45’38.1″E
50.891899, 15.760576 - click and route

Paulinum Palace website - [click]

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