Angel's Fort in Świnoujście - interesting facts, sightseeing, tickets

Angel's Fort in Świnoujście

Element of the fortress

The Angel's Fort is basically located in the Spa Park. It has the form of a three-story rotunda, surrounded by an earth embankment, with a large and heavy double entrance gate. It was established at the end of the 1854th century (1858 - XNUMX) and was to protect the town situated not far from it West Fort against land attacks. Angel's Fort i West Fort along with the nearby one Gerhard's Fort and the Warszów Fort constituted the complete defense system of the Świnoujście Fortress.

The location of Fort Angel on the map of Świnoujście

What's with this angel?

The name of the fort was created as an association with the shape of the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, which, like the Angel's Fort, has the form of a cylinder, but the similarities end there. The association of these two objects with each other is exaggerated (just take a look at the satellite photo of the castle in Rome and the fort below). The name, however, quickly stuck to the fort and effectively adds to its charm. Perhaps one day a legend related to an angel will arise, which will make the name even more colorful. For now, however, we must stay with what we have.

St. Angel in Rome.
Angel's Fort in Świnoujście in a similar magnification as the castle from Rome
Angel's Fort in Świnoujście

But don't let the small size of the fort building fool you! I don't want the difference in the scale of objects visible in the photos to discourage you from visiting. The Angel's Fort is a small object, but very interesting and pleasant to visit. The exhibits are interesting, some exhibits are really surprising, and the cafe always has something interesting to offer to thirsty travelers. Children will especially like the Viking Hall, where all the exhibits can be touched, tried on and taken with them in a fun, memorial photo.

Viking Hall - you can touch everything here, take it in your hands, try it on ...
One of the unusual exhibits in the fort. Checkers from the Russians?

Three levels

The fort building consists of three storeys. The lowest level of the building was intended for infantry with small arms. The two upper storeys were intended for light field artillery. The roof of the building is a big surprise. In the central part there is a concrete bunker (unavailable to the public due to poor technical condition) and around it…. there is a lawn, rose bushes and park benches. There is a thick layer of soil (from Prussian times) on which a mini garden was created. The impression when you step out through the door of the building to the roof of the fort is as if you suddenly walked over to the other side of the mirror, like in "Alice in Wonderland".

The lower level of Fort Angel
Spiral staircase between the floors in the Angel's Fort
The view from the fort to the entrance gate
Grass, roses and park benches on the roof of Fort Angel. There is a surprising silence here.

Since its inception, the fort has been regularly modified. Other elements were added: a double moat with water, bunkers for gunners, field guns, telegraph communication, and during World War II a narrow-gauge railway was added, connecting the fort with other fortifications. At that time, the fort was equipped with all the necessary inventions: electricity, central heating, radar, radio stations, telegraph, telephone. At that time, the fort served as a German air observation point.
A long time after the war, until 1992, an air observation point and communication with the ships of the Soviet Fleet operated in the fort.

The door to the telegraph
One of the exhibition rooms in Fort Angel

While visiting the fort, it is worth paying attention to a few curiosities: heavy, armored window fittings and gas-tight doors. They were installed in the interwar period as part of the preparation of a chemical war facility. When climbing the next storeys of the fort, pay attention to the oval openings in the ceiling. Through these openings, on ropes, cannons and ammunition were transported upwards.

Today, the floor on the next storey covers an elliptical transport opening in the ceiling
The last floor in Fort Angel and a transport opening to the bunker on the roof.

Angel's Fort - opening hours

The fort is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00

Angel's Fort - ticket prices

PLN 14 - normal
PLN 10 - reduced (students, retirees, pensioners, the disabled)
PLN 10 - children from 7 to 18 years old

Angel's Fort - contact details

ul. Jachtowa plot 158
72-600 winoujście
tel / fax .: +48913213571 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX
tel.: 601767171

Angel's Fort, GPS coordinates

53°54’52.8″N 14°16’24.3″E
53.914661, 14.273421 - click and route

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