Blue Lagoon (Iceland) - access, ticket prices, opening hours, practical information

The main pool in the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon - the most important information

- blue Lagoon are thermal pools and spas
- the water in the lagoon has soothing and healing properties for the skin
- the lagoon is open all year round from 9:00 am to 21:00 pm
- the basic admission ticket costs ISK 6 (price in 990), i.e. about PLN 2022 (there are no reduced tickets)
- the time of stay in the lagoon is not limited, most people spend here a little over 2 hours
- the lagoon is not available for children under 2 years of age
- children between 2 and 13 years of age have free admission
- the water has a constant temperature all year round: about 39 degrees Celsius
- the water in the lagoon is in constant motion due to the constant flow from the power plant and is completely replaced within 48 hours
- it is practically impossible to buy an admission ticket at the entrance as all seats sell well in advance
- it is best to buy an admission ticket well in advance, on the site's website or through one of the websites - [click]

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Side product

We can say that blue Lagoon it was created accidentally, as a by-product of the Svartsengi power plant operating in this place since 1976.
Svartsengi Power Station was established to use thermal energy from thermal waters to heat houses through a central heating system.
Boreholes were made to reach areas where the temperature was above 200 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, the water coming directly from the boreholes, due to the very high contamination with minerals, was not suitable to be pumped directly to the radiators. The pipes in the system would clog almost immediately.
The heat from thermal waters was therefore used to heat the system water suitable for the heating installation, which could already be safely circulated in the radiators of Icelanders.

However, the problem remained: what to do with the geothermal water used?
The simple answer was: pour out!
The thermal water, cooled down to several dozen degrees, was poured straight from the pipe onto the rocks outside the power plant area. The assumption was that the water would partially seep into the rocky and heavily fractured ground surrounding the power plant and partially evaporate. And at the beginning it actually happened. Until the minerals in which water is very rich did not clog the rock crevices, settling in them and sealing the ground.
A lake began to form, and geothermal waters spread over an increasing area.

Pool of geothermal discharges from Svartsengi Power Station

And it would be so until today, if it were not for Valur Margeirsson, suffering from psoriasis, who stubbornly sought help and a way to get rid of his troublesome ailment. Strongly determined, he was willing to try different ways in his search, just to find an effective way to fight the disease. In 1981, he obtained a permit from one of the power plant management board members, and the next (which seemed a bit crazy at the time), took a bath in one of the lakes created by the geothermal water flowing from the power plant.
It turned out that the crazy idea hit the spot. The bath brought relief and a visible improvement in the condition of the skin, and subsequent attempts only confirmed it. The news spread quickly and more people started to come to the power plant. Six years later, there were so many people that it was decided to install a few primitive showers on the site and organize a tiny, sandy beach ... right next to the power plant buildings 🙂
The real breakthrough came in 1999. The area has undergone a major reconstruction. The bathing area was moved away from the power plant, modern buildings were built with a sanitary, restaurant, hotel, gastronomic and commercial facility. The popularity of the Blue Lagoon has grown rapidly and continues to grow. Every few years, new facilities and further expansion plans are built here.
Today, the Blue Lagoon is the most visited attraction in Iceland, National Geographic named it one of the 25 Wonders of the World, and Condé Nast Traveler Magazine named it in the top 10 best SPAs in the world.
For the sake of balance, I would like to add that there are also people (although there are not many of them) who, due to the way in which the lagoon was created, consider it an ecological disaster rather than a miracle of the world.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

A visit to the Blue Lagoon

Time in the Blue Lagoon can be spent in several ways, although visitors can be divided into two main groups: those who use the swimming pool and water attractions and those ... who do not use them. Yes Yes! You can come to the Blue Lagoon and not enter the water.

For those who avoid swimming pools

If you belong to a small group of people who do not want to swim in a slightly muddy pool, I have good news. The space organizer at the Blue Lagoon took care of you. You can enter a bar with a garden, separated from the pool only by a waist-low glass and spend time with your loved ones: they are in the water, and you, let's say ... with a beer overlooking the lagoon 🙂

The garden outside the restaurant in the Blue Lagoon is separated from the pool only by a low glass

If you get bored of sitting in a bar, you can go for a walk. Near the lagoon, there are walking paths that lead between the lakes that have arisen spontaneously in this area as a result of the discharge of geothermal water from the power plant. I sincerely recommend. A very interesting walk.
In the further part of the text you will find a map with the course of the walking path.
You don't need any admission ticket to enter the bar and walk the paths around the lagoon.

A walk along the prepared path near the Lagoon allows you to have a good time
While walking near the Blue Lagoon, you will come across some cool places
For those who like swimming in the pool

There are many attractions waiting for lovers of spending time in the water and other pleasures typical of SPAs. But let's start with the basics.

Blue Lagoon - map, access and parking

It is known that nothing can do so well for quick orientation in the field as a glance at a map.
The Blue Lagoon is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula, on the way between Keflavik Airport and Reykjavik. It is around 15 minutes 'drive from the airport and around 30 minutes' drive from Reykjavik.

Map of Iceland and the location of the Blue Lagoon

Many people visit the lagoon right after arrival or just before departure. There is a special self-service car park next to the Blue Lagoon car park luggage storage (resembles a large parcel locker) set up especially for travelers with large luggage.

P1 car park at the Blue Lagoon, GPS coordinates:
63°52’53.3″N 22°27’14.4″W
63.881473, -22.453993 - click and route

Below, on the basis of a Google map, I have created a situational plan for the Blue Lagoon. There you will find information on the location of parking lots and other important objects included in the blue lagoon. I have also marked a walking path on the map, for those who will not use the charms of the swimming pool.

Situation map of the Blue Lagoon and its vicinity

Markings on the map:
1 - the main bass in the blue lagoon
2 - backwaters outside the Blue Lagoon area and a walking path
3 - Svartsengi power plant (you can see the meanders in which the water discharged from the power plant is pre-cooled)
P1 - tourist car park with self-service luggage storage
H1 - Retreat Hotel
H2 - Hotel Silica

Opening hours

The Blue Lagoon is open all year round from 9:00 to 21:00.
It happens that in summer the closing time is moved to 23:00. If you get such an opportunity, it is worth staying in the lagoon until late. Evenings and bright summer nights with the sun that can go down for hours and hang near the horizon are the coolest here.
In winter, the best time to visit the Lagoon is after dusk. Why? Because you can sit in warm water, in the open air and watch the northern lights without freezing.
If such a combination of happy circumstances happens to you and the weather is favorable, you will never forget it.

Admission prices

For starters, the bad news ... it's not cheap. The Blue Lagoon is quite an expense. Fortunately, the basic admission packet is priced so that virtually anyone can use it.
The second bad news ... as a rule, all lagoon spots sell out well in advance. It is practically impossible to buy admission tickets on the spot. This has to be done in advance via the internet.
If you really want to take advantage of the Blue Lagoon, you need to plan your visit in advance. The greater the advance notice, the greater the choice of entry times.
So before you enter the Blue Lagoon into your sightseeing plan, check the availability of tickets for the date you are interested in.

Here are two places where you can do this:
- tickets to Blue Lagoon - GYG - [click]
- BLI website - [click]

At the time of writing (early 2022) there are three packages to choose from and all three have prestigious names (so that everyone can feel comfortable) but only one of them (the third) is luxurious and of course accordingly expensive.
The prices listed below are from September 2022.

Basic package (Comfort: Blue Lagoon)

Price: ISK 8 (approximately PLN 490) includes:
- admission to the pools of the Blue Lagoon without time limits (you can sit as long as you want)
- silica face mask in the mud bar
- a returnable towel
- one free drink at the pool water bar

Basic extended package (Premium: Blue Lagoon)

Price: ISK 11 (approximately PLN 990) includes:
- admission to the pools of the Blue Lagoon without time limits (you can sit as long as you want)
- silica face mask in the mud bar
- a returnable towel
- one free drink at the pool water bar
- two additional face masks
- returnable bathrobe
- a glass of sparkling wine

Blue Lagoon pool bar ... you don't even have to step out of the water
Luxury: Retreat Spa

Price: ISK 79 (approximately PLN 000) includes:
five-hour stay in the luxurious Retreat SPA, with a private changing room, access to eight underground relaxation zones, sauna and unlimited access to Retreat Lagoon and Blue Lagoon. You can choose a drink and treatments (algae, silica, minerals) ... and a few other things about which - to put it bluntly - I have no idea. More information can be found directly on website with the offer - [click]

Shops, shopping, cosmetics

For those who enjoy a bath in the Blue Lagoon, it is also possible to take a "piece" of the lagoon home for themselves. There is a dermatological clinic in the lagoon and based on its experience, cosmetics have been produced since 1993, using the healing properties of ingredients rich in water.
In the shop in the Blue Lagoon, you will find a set of various cosmetics for special purposes ... salts, balms, scrubs, creams, shampoos, oils. Whoever likes it will be delighted. Supposedly, the sales hit are: algae and silica-mud masks, shower gel, shampoo and bath oil (if you want something for a gift from Iceland).

As a complete layman in these matters, I can only say that my wife bought it, tested it and ... nodded her head with satisfaction, saying: really good!

The store is open to everyone, even those who do not have an entrance ticket to the Lagoon.

Cosmetics from the Blue Lagoon

Hotel and accommodation in the Blue Lagoon

At the end, information of a heavy caliber, especially for the wallet. If you would like to stay in a hotel in the Blue Lagoon, prepare yourself a gigantic expense.
However, before I give you the prices that will probably blow most of you, I will share them first link to the offer of hotels near the Blue Lagoon - [click] but at slightly more acceptable prices.

The offer of the Blue Lagoon includes, for example, a 3-day offer including accommodation, swimming pools, SPA and meals at a price of about 650 ISK for two people (approximately PLN 000 in Polish currency). What charmed me the most about this offer is the information that the price does not include drinks 🙂 You know! Champagne or good wine has to cost.

On the website you can find an offer for the same accommodation in the Lagoon, but in one day ... it's a bit cheaper.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland - [click]

Definitely more normal prices start only outside the Blue Lagoon. Below is one example.

Anita´s Guest House - [click]

Iceland sightseeing itinerary

The entry you are reading is an element prepared by me Iceland sightseeing plan. Most likely, everything you need to prepare for your trip to Iceland can be found in this entry. Weather, accommodation, car rentals, tourist attractions and a map of a trip around Iceland ... all in one place: Iceland - map and sightseeing plan, tourist attractions, excursions, the most beautiful places - [click]. Be sure to read!
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