Castell de Bellver - a round castle like no other. Palma de Mallorca.

How many round locks have you seen?

I am still looking in my mind if I saw a round lock before. I saw with a round courtyard (the inner courtyard was round, but from the outside the castle was angular), or octagonal, but that it was round everywhere?
I can not recall.

Castel de Bellver, where everything is round, Majorca

A round, Gothic castle is located on the top 112 meter high a few kilometers from the center of Palma de Mallorca. Castell de Bellver is a castle where the wheel rules everywhere. It is round on the outside, round on the inside, has four round towers, three combined with the body of the castle and one independent connected to the castle with a stone bridge.

Castel de Bellver and bridge to the round tower, Majorca

Arches are ruling everywhere and I hope that you will see it in the pictures below. The castle is quaint, beautiful and perfectly preserved. Raw, stone, heavy walls combined with the delicacy of arches are impressive. We were delighted.

Castel de Bellver, arches, circles, arches, circles… Majorca
Castell de Bellver, Majorca
Castell de Bellver, Majorca

Short story

The building was built in the 1311th century (in XNUMX) during the reign of Jaume II (James II) - king of Mallorca - with the purpose of being the seat of the king and the royal court. In addition to palace functions, it was of course supposed to fulfill defensive functions.
The defensive functions of the castle were tested three times in practice. Twice (in 1343 and 1391) the castle successfully resisted the invaders, and in 1521, during the so-called The revolt of the Brotherhood (anti-monarchist revolution which was a revolt of craft guilds against the rule of Charles V in part of the kingdom of Aragon) passed into the hands of the enemy.
Despite its original purpose, Castell de Bellver did not host the court ladies or royal families most of the time. From the seventeenth to the twentieth century, he served as a military prison, and during the Spanish Civil War was a place of public executions. From 1931, the City History Museum was created in the castle, whose function is Castell de Bellver to this day. The exhibitions of the City History Museum occupy the ground floor of the castle, and on the first floor you will find an exhibition of paintings and sculptures.
From the top of the castle you can admire the panorama of the city and the coast.

View from the top of Castell de Bellver castle on Palma de Mallorca and the coast, Majorca

Angel Sunday

Every year, on Sunday after Easter Sunday, the castle celebrates the family holiday Diumenge de l'Angel (Angel's Sunday), the main event of which is the colorful Paseo del Angel parade and the construction of the so-called Castellers, i.e. castles made of people (acrobatic towers). The custom, which dates back to the 1982th century, was forgotten for several hundred years. It came back in 2018 and has been held regularly ever since. A few photos from 'Niedziela Anioła' from XNUMX can be seen in gallery on Facebook castle profile - [click]

How to get here

A wide, comfortable road leads to the castle, which ends with a car park. If there are no parking spaces, it is possible to park along the road, which is not uncommon in the summer season, but it is not a particular difficulty.
The hill on which the castle is located is covered by a forest through which countless paths lead. You can get to the castle from Palma de Mallorca by walking. Who likes long walks, will be pleased.
Bus lines run from the city to the castle area (stop around 800m from the castle). The connection is easy to find on the site rome2rio - [click], where I pre-clicked the start point on the map and entered the end point simply Castell de Bellver. In the menu on the left, after clicking on the bus icon you will receive information about the line number, travel time and approximate cost.

Castell de Bellver Castle is one of the points I developed Majorca trip planwhich I believe is worth reading: Mallorca - attractions, sightseeing, car rental, practical information. Guide. – [click]

Useful data

Castell de Bellver - Parking at the castle, GPS: 39 ° 33'46.4 ″ N 2 ° 37'11.3 ″ E or 39.562886, 2.619801

Entrance tickets to the castle:
4 EUR (over 18 years old)
2 EUR (from 14 to 18 years of age)
0 EUR (up to and including 14)

Opening hours:
Monday: closed
Tuesday - Saturday: open until 10.00 to 18.00
Sunday: open from 10.00 to 15.00

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    A well-written article encouraging to visit the castle. The attached photos give only a foretaste of the views from the castle and the state of its architecture.
    This castle is a place that you must visit right after the cathedral.

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    I was in this castle but I didn't know much about it, now I know what a beautiful place I visited thanks to Jacek, who professionally described the history of this castle.. Thanks

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    Thank you for the information - it is helpful and encourages you to visit this place - we are going tomorrow


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