Fornalutx - the most beautiful village in Spain?

Fornalutx. A bit uneven and uphill. Mallorca

Fornalutx is beautiful

Is Fornalutx really the prettiest village in Spain? I don't know, but there's a good chance.
The real aesthetic strength of this place is the fact that it exists all the time in virtually unchanged form. Everything that was associated with the natural development of the village during its existence, basically remained in place. Thanks to the efforts of people who had the nature of this place at heart, they managed to stop civilization from interfering with the shape of Fornalutx. Even pavements are preserved in key places of the village. There are no comfortable walkways made especially for tourists. There are crooked stones with which narrow passages are paved and in this form they last for centuries.

How was Fornalutx created?

The history of the village begins over 1000 years ago. The founders were Arabs, who used the adjacent areas for farming. To this day, crops are the main occupation of the inhabitants. The village is surrounded by olive and citrus groves. The 13th century was the time when the Catalans conquered the island and the beginning of the formatting of the village's current architectural layout. Today we can admire him in a preserved condition as well as possible. Thanks to this, we have the chance to stumble more than once on an unevenly laid stone, in a place where everyone has stumbled for hundreds of years.

It's easy to stumble, but people have been stumbling here for several hundred years. Fornalutx, Majorca.

The location of the village undoubtedly helped to preserve the original character of the village. Situated deep in the mountains, it had no convenient connection in any direction. The situation changed significantly in the 1999 year, when the 3 hollow Tunnel de Soller was drilled, which significantly shortened and simplified access. Despite this, the village is still not on the main route and even in the high season the crowds are much smaller here than in Soller and in Port De Soller.

This is Fornalutx.

How to get there

A narrow, winding but safe road leads to Fornalutx from Soller. However, you need to be prepared for repeated stops, reversing to pass another (larger) vehicle, or driving a millimeter with a mirror next to a stone wall. Surgical precision in driving a car can be useful several times. Moderation in gas pressure is highly indicated. Fortunately, the road from Soler is just over 4 km, so you get to your destination quickly.

What to see?

Of course, you have to wander around the village. It is not great, but it is steep, so the walk may take a while. During the walk you will probably come across the town hall and the church. There are always points to visit, but the village is so small that it is difficult to overlook them. You will probably pay attention to the countless number of pot plants that the streets are covered with.

Walking around Fornalutx you have to climb a little.
Fornalutx, Majorca.

Coffee is also obligatory in the cafe on the main square of the village: Plaça d'España. On a sunny day, I can't imagine anything better than sitting down on this square enjoying aromatic coffee.

The main square, in fact the square in Fornalutx. It is worth drinking coffee.
Fornalutx, Majorca.
Fornalutx, Majorca.
Oranges grow everywhere. Fornalutx, Majorca.
Fornalutx, Majorca.

More than a dozen walking and cycling routes start from Fornalutx, leading further into the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains. If someone likes long walks, this is a good base. The route from Fornalutx to Soller, leading through the village of Binibassi, is especially recommended. The return route to Soller takes about 3 hours and is full of unique views. So if there is a driver in the family who does not like mountain walks, then he can go back to Soller by car, allowing the rest of the family to return on foot.

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Useful GPS coordinates

Parking for tourists visiting the town, GPS: 39 ° 46'52.5 ″ N 2 ° 44'25.6 ″ E or 39.781241, 2.740456

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