Hvalnes - a vantage point on a rocky promontory

Hvalnes, Iceland

Stop and rest

Hvalnes is a great place to stop, rest and take a short walk. Unfortunately, it is easy to miss it, cross it and go on. For this reason, I decided to post information about him in the form of a separate entry.

Hvalnes cape - location on the map of Iceland

The viewpoint is located on a rocky promontory. It offers a perfect view of the ocean, a black beach in the form of a long, narrow spit and beautifully shaped mountains.
The beach area is also a nature reserve, and the surrounding fjords are an excellent habitat for birds. For this reason, Hvalnes is a place frequently visited by nature photographers. If you are a wildlife lover, an observer of bird life and their habits, then a walk along the black beach can bring you a lot of pleasure.

Black beach and nature reserve on Hvalnes, Iceland

Green and blue oyster

While walking along the black beach, look carefully under your feet so as not to destroy the one that grows here Mertensia Maritina, otherwise known as the Oyster. It is a small perennial with leathery green-blue leaves and blue flowers. She liked, among others Iceland, Canada and Siberia.
The name of the plant is directly related to its… taste. The leaves of Mertensia Maritina have a slightly fishy aroma which is identical to the taste of oysters.
Unfortunately, as it usually happens in life, this peculiar feature made restaurateurs crazy about it and now, due to its intensive exploitation, it is in danger of extinction.

Oyster - a plant with the taste of oysters
photo: Kim Hansen, source: wikimedia.org

The price of the plant quickly reached the astronomical price, even up to several euros for one (!!!) leaf. This paradoxically, instead of stopping its over-harvesting, actually increased it. You know - the greater the price, the greater the profit.

Lighthouse at Hvalnes, Iceland

There is a lighthouse on top of a rocky headland and an old peat farm nearby.
As you can see, the place seems quite typical and inconspicuous at first glance, but when you look closely, it becomes very interesting.

Access and parking

Getting there is very easy, because right next to the main road that winds around Iceland, road number 1. All you need to do is take a few hundred meters of dirt road to the side and you are almost at the end of the headland.
The coordinates of the parking lot near the lighthouse can be found below.

Parking near the lighthouse on Hvalnes, GPS coordinates:
64°24’09.5″N 14°32’24.2″W
64.402639, -14.540061 - click and route

View from the headland of Hvalnes, Iceland

Hotels nearby Hvalnes

The closest larger the hotel base is in Hofn - [click], which is about 50 km from Hvalnes.

However, individual objects can be found a little closer. Some of the closer ones can be found below:

Stafafell Cottages - [click]

Apartment Brekka í Lóni - [click]

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