Cave of Poetry - one of the 10 most beautiful natural pools in the world

Cave of Poetry, Italy

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If National Geographic she considers something to be the most beautiful in the world, it must be really pretty. Without a doubt!
Cave of Poetry (Cave of Poetry) is included in the group of 10 most beautiful natural baths in the world. And it doesn't matter where it is located, because the order is subjective. The mere fact of being on this shortlist says something.
I honestly admit that when we added the Cave of Poetry to our sightseeing plan, I had no idea about it. We just found the place interesting and we want to see it. However, after the fact, when we saw the cave, the choice of National Geographic does not surprise me at all.
During the whole trip we had one cloudy and partly rainy day. Exactly on that day, the plan was to visit the cave. This means that there was no beautiful sun and azure sky that day, and yet the cave looked delightful. A gigantic breach in the yellow rocky coast, filled with incredibly colored water. The play of colors is so pleasing to the eyes that it is difficult to take your eyes off this mesmerizing miracle. Nature created the essence of pleasure. You can stand and look endlessly, listening to the splash of lazily pulsating water. It's hard for me to imagine what the cave looks like on an ordinary sunny day. The color saturation must then be unimaginable.

The Cave of the Wierszoklets

Cave of Poetry I decided to translate in a slightly more casual and frivolous way as: The Cave of the Wierszoklets. Why?
In my search for information about the origin of the cave's name, I came across two versions of the explanation. One story is hopeless and the other is even worse. Both therefore correspond perfectly with my translation.
The first story tells about an extremely beautiful princess who liked to swim in the cave waters. The beauty of the princess attracted poets to the cave, who liked to describe it. End of the story. Drama. One of the weakest legends that I have ever known in my life. One could make an effort and come up with a better legend for such an unusual place.
The second story (probably invented by a rogue blogger) refers to the Greek language, where the word "possesses"Supposedly means" water source ". Everything would be fine if I hadn't decided to check it out. It quickly turned out that "possesses"From Greek is:"shut up". My hands dropped.
Fortunately, the Cave of Poetry defends itself and two hopeless legends plus my malicious translation as the Cave of Poetry is not able to harm it.

Cave of Poetry - doesn't have to have any legend ... it's just amazing

The most beautiful pool in the world

In the season, the cave serves as a natural swimming pool. Many people come here just to swim for a while in these extraordinary circumstances. I admit that I would like to have a photo of myself swimming in such a unique place. Unfortunately, in winter (we were here in February) the water has a dozen or so degrees and I couldn't even try it through my head. However, in late spring (from May), summer and autumn, the conditions for swimming are perfect here.
The water in the cave is about 5 meters deep, so in the season many people jump to it from the edge of the cliff, to the joy of a large group of onlookers.
If you plan to swim in the Cave of Poetry and want to do it freely and without too much crowds, come here before 10.00 am. It gets more crowded later on.

In the season, jumping from the slope into the water is normal.

Panorama of the Poets' Cave area

Below is a short, 1-minute video illustrating the circumstances of the cave. The video shows the cave itself, as well as the part of the coast where the cave is located. This is probably the best way to illustrate this place and make it easier to decide whether it is worth coming here.
It is worth adding that the cave is located on one of the most beautiful parts of the coast in the area of ​​Torre dell'Orso, famous for its beautiful, white, sandy beaches, surrounded by picturesque rock formations.

Useful GPS coordinates

A small parking lot in the immediate vicinity of the cave, GPS coordinates:
40°17’05.0″N 18°25’34.5″E
40.284724, 18.426260 - click and route

Cave of Poetry, GPS coordinates:
40°17’09.1″N 18°25’46.5″E
40.285863, 18.429583 - click and route

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    I guess it turned out well, because it is a very popular place, so from the two bad ones, I would definitely prefer not the best aura or even rain, as you can see in the film, than beautiful weather and the Huns invasion!

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      Having a choice, he would also choose worse weather and no crowds.

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    We were at the end of April 2023, the property is temporarily closed. Contrary to many guides in the network, bus 101 does not go there - there is a completely different network of connections and in principle you can get there only by car.

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      Thanks for updating the information!


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