Joan Miro, Majorca and history that began in the 2010 year in the Netherlands.

My first meeting with Jo Miro took place in the year 2010 in Amsterdam. It happened in the Rijksmuseum and was an accidental event. Sometimes important things happen accidentally.

We were returning from vacation and on our way appeared Amsterdam, and in it a fantastic art museum: Rijksmuseum. You couldn't miss it. Oh no! Especially since we have already bought tickets online and had them in our pocket!

The museum and its fantastic collection gave us a lot of fun, but coincidentally, it was then that there was a small temporary exhibition entitled Miró: The Dutch Interiors. It consisted of 5 paintings. Two 17th-century paintings by Dutch painters (Hendrick Sorgh "Lutenist" Jan steen "Children Teach the Cat to Dance"), and the two pictures that were a surreal interpretation of the first two. The fifth painting was a surreal combination of the first two images in one painting (titles: "Dutch Interior I", "Dutch Interior II" and "Dutch Interior III", respectively). The author of the surreal versions was Joan Miro.

A little prank and we would go on, because surrealism was not our favorite direction, but just outside the door something made us stop. Back the turn and we came face to face with this combination: on the left the original from the 17 century, on the right a surreal interpretation. First a smile appeared. Asia and Asia looked at each other and asked each other: can you see it? The brazenly funny distortion with surrealism made sense. The painter's joke became legible and we croaked loudly discovering more. The picture was dripping with irony, and the distance with which the surrealist treated the classic, joking slightly of form and content, made us chained to these paintings for several dozen minutes. It was hard to break away. We still noticed something new. We understood this code! It was great!
These 5 images made Joan Miro stay with us forever. Whenever there is an opportunity to see his work, we are there. Unfortunately, the exhibition, thanks to which our adventure began, went to New York soon after and is no longer available. Detriment.
Although small pictures on the screen cannot replace the viewing of the originals, I found the works that the exhibition consisted of and decided to put them here (it is worth clicking and enlarging). Maybe someone will benefit, maybe they will find their way to feel and play with surrealism.

1 set:
Hendrick Sorgh "Lutnista"
Joan Miro "The Dutch Interior I"

Hendrick Sorgh "The Lute Player" and Joan Miro "The Dutch Interior I"

I suggest starting watching from the lower left corner where the dog lies. It is worth comparing the dog's face on the original and on the interpretation of J. Miro. 😀

2 set:
Jan Steen "Children teach a cat to dance"
Joan Miro "The Dutch Interior II"

Jan Steen "Children Teach a Cat to Dance" and Joan Miro "Dutch Interior II"

Combination of 1 and 2:

Joan Miro Dutch interior III

My adventure with Miro's work has been going on since 2010 and during this time I was able to see a lot (several hundred) of his works. I like them and I can watch them endlessly, but I was most impressed by his studio, where he worked for the last several decades of his life. The studio and house where he died are in Majorca. If you are there, be sure to visit this place. In one place you will have the opportunity to see a gallery of several dozen of his works, a 100% preserved studio and the house in which he lived until his death. Everything looks as if Joan Miro just left for a moment and is about to come back. Paint stains on the floor, tools and brushes put aside for a while, work clothes, hanging on the back of a chair… I don't think you can get closer.

Interior of Joan Miro's studio, Palma de Mallorca
Interior of Joan Miro's studio, Palma de Mallorca
Joan Miro's workshop from outside, Palma de Mallorca

The gallery of Joan Miro's works is well designed. Modern, geometric forms of rooms with sloping walls, in which the architect clearly avoided right angles, correspond perfectly with the surreal content of the paintings. A short movie lasting several minutes, which can be seen in the studio, is worth watching before going deeper. Then, after entering the studio interior goosebumps guaranteed.

Joan Miro Museum, Palma de Mallorca
Joan Miro Museum, Palma de Mallorca
Joan Miro Museum, Palma de Mallorca

When looking at the house, it's hard not to notice the sketches Miro drew on the walls of the rooms, like in a notebook. Even on the walls in the kitchen you can see his "notes".

Dwelling house of Joana Miro, Palma de Mallorca
The interior of one of the rooms in the house of Joan Miro, Palma de Mallorca
Kitchen in the house of Joana Miro, Palma de Mallorca

It would take a long time to write. An unusual place. Don't miss it! … And when you get back, please share your impressions below. In the comments.

Useful links
Parking at the Miro Museum:
- GPS (39.555241, 2.610271) or (39 ° 33'18.9 ″ N 2 ° 36'37.0 ″ E)
- link on google maps: KLIK

Museum website: Fundació Miró Mallorca

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    I fully understand the admiration of Miró's art :), because for me it was love at first sight when in 2010 I came to The Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona for the first time. Since then, visiting the Institute is a "must have" during each stay in Barcelona.
    We are planning to visit Fundació Miró Mallorca in May and I can't wait! 🙂


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