Majorca - long-term weather: air and water temperature, climate, holiday weather, when on vacation?

February in Majorca is not bleak raczej

Majorca - weather, climate, temperatures

The weather in Majorca is quite kind. Everyone will find something for himself.
Beach lovers may come here in the season when it is the most expensive and the busiest, but also out of season when it gets cheaper and more spacious.
Lovers of movement and sightseeing in moderate temperatures they will be delighted, because when the weather is perfect for them, at the same time prices are the lowest. Majorca is visited the worst in the summer because of high temperatures and crowds.
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We can say that prices in Majorca behave exactly like air temperature. They increase as it increases and decrease when the temperature drops.
I have summarized the average day and night air temperatures, sea water temperatures and the number of rainy days in individual months in the table and chart below. The data was based on average measurements from the last five years (2015 - 2019).

during the day
in the night
Weather in Majorca - a graph of changes in temperatures and rainy days throughout the year.

Majorca - vacation weather, summer (June, July, August, September)

A holiday in Majorca is a guarantee of perfect weather. The air temperature is stable around 30 degrees, and the water temperature far exceeds 20 degrees. Paradise! Gastronomy and the entire tourism industry are in full swing. Attractions are open from morning to evening. On average, there is an average rainy day in 1 a month (which does not mean that it rains all day). Often these are not very abundant and fast transient rainfall. Do you need something more?

Majorca - weather: autumn (October, November, December)

Majorca is warm in autumn and the sea is still warm, but rainy days are coming. Most of them are in October.
The number of rainy days may not be impressive, but it's worth remembering that this is an average value. If you are unlucky, you can include cumulation and, for example, 3 rainy days during your stay. And even more important is the fact that they are precipitation even 10 times more intense than in summer. While in July around 6 mm of rain falls, in October it is well over 60 mm. The rainy day in October is therefore really rainy.

Majorca - weather: winter (January, February, March)

In winter, the amount of precipitation begins to decrease significantly. It falls roughly by half compared to October and November. On average, there are several rainy days, with transient rainfall during the day. Prices in hotels and restaurants reach their minimum. A hotel that costs almost 4 in the summer season 000 PLN can be rented for 1000 PLN. It is similar with air tickets and car rental. Airline ticket is easy to buy for less than PLN 100, and renting a car without having to have a credit card and with full insurance costs around 16 Euro / day (in season prices even reach 50 Euro and more). For people who like active sightseeing, it's a great time. The air temperature at the 12-18 level combined with the sun create ideal conditions for any activity. We checked it out for ourselves, visiting Majorca in February. However, it is worth considering that this is sea level temperature. In the mountains, the temperature can be much lower. For a short moment at the highest point being in the Sierra de Tramuntana on the thermometer showed us + 5 degrees for a moment.

Port de Sa Calobra, Majorca

Majorca - weather: spring (april, may)

Spring is the perfect time of year in Majorca. Temperatures just over 20 degrees and rain less and less. Statistically, these are still 3 rainy days, but the intensity of possible rain is already so low that it practically does not bother you at all. Although sea ​​water temperature does not yet encourage bathing (on average it has 16 degrees), but if you can do without long, sea bathing then definitely consider visiting Majorca in the spring. The prices of hotels, airline tickets, car rentals are definitely encouraging and there is not much crowds anywhere.

Majorca - current weather and a forecast for 7 days

Below are current (updated live) weather data and forecast for 7 days for 3 points in Majorca. Under the weather data I have put a map showing the location of these points on the island map.
By entering this entry you will always receive current weather data along with a forecast.

1. Weather - Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca WEATHER

2. Weather - Cala d'Or


3. Weather - Port de Pollenca

Port de Pollenca WEATHER

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