Rome - Ciampino Airport: how to get to Rome city center and airport

Rome Ciampino airport

Until the launch of the new airport (Fiumicino), Ciampino was Rome's main airport. Currently I am supporting and serving air traffic related to low cost airlines jak Ryanair or WizzAir. We have cheap connections with Rome: Warsaw Modlin, Kraków, Wrocław, Katowice, Poznań and Gdańsk. So if you are going to Rome with one of the low cost airline carriers, you will most likely land on Ciampino. And good! The airport is located close to the center of Rome (about 15 km in a straight line) and is well connected, and there are many possibilities to get there.
For travel to the center you will pay (depending on the option chosen) from 1,5 to 50 EUR and I will add that the cheapest option is one of the best.

Due to the small size of the airport (it has only one terminal) getting around is quite easy and everything is close.
The airport is open from 4:30 am until 0:00 am.
Airport address: Via Appia Nuova, 1651, 00040 Ciampino RM, Italy

GPS coordinates of Ciampino Airport:
41°47’56.8″N 12°35’25.1″E
41.799114, 12.590294 - click and route

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Best connection from Rome Ciampino airport to Rome city center

Before I describe the detailed connections from the airport to the center of Rome, I would like to draw your attention to the thing that, although obvious, is most often ignored when choosing the best transport.
Rome is a huge and crowded city. Driving through its center is always difficult and full of harassment. Traffic jams, lights, renovations, narrowings, changes in traffic organization are everyday life in every large city. Difficulties often extend far beyond the city center. This is exactly the case in Rome too. Why am I writing about this? Because it has a huge impact on the choice of the best transport. It turns out that direct transport from the airport to the city center is not the best. It is more expensive and the journey takes much longer than with combined transport.
How is this possible? The reason is exactly what I described above: city crowds.
Direct transport has to make its way through the city and pass all the harassment it encounters.
The advantage of direct transport is that you drive with greater comfort. If time is not chasing you and a few euros do not matter much to you, it may still be a good choice for you. However, be aware that the journey will take a little longer.

Well thought-out combined transport allows you to bypass almost all traffic jams. What's the trick? You just have to take the city bus near the airport and get to one of the metro stations farthest from the center (there are no big traffic jams here yet). Then change to the subway and go anywhere to the center, avoiding all traffic jams. Fast and cheap! Definitely the best option!


When, after leaving the plane, the owner, with whom we were renting a room in Rome, called to find out what time we were going to be, I told him that we had just got off. He said, "OK, you will be downtown in 2 hours." We chose a combined transport and we were there in less than an hour.
Some information pages state that the journey from the airport to the city center takes approximately 30 minutes. I suggest that do not trust this informationbecause you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.
A really good and fast connection will take you a little less than an hour. This minimum time should be calculated when planning a trip.

So I will start the detailed descriptions with two connections that I consider by far the best: bus line 520 + metro or bus line 720 + metro.

Bus 520 and metro line A (red)

The bus should be taken at the bus stop directly in front of the airport terminal. For your convenience, below I put a satellite photo from Google Maps with the route from the terminal to the stop marked (I also marked the entrance to the departure terminal).

Access from the terminal to the bus stop

You get on the 520 bus and drive to the very end of the route, which is the stop Cinecittà. There is a metro station of the same name here.
The bus runs in a circle (approximately every 20 minutes) in between Cinecitta a Ciampino.

In the picture below I present the layout of the stop, the entrance to the subway and the Cinecitta station building. It will be easier for you to know when you are there.

Cinecitta stop

Here you change to metro line A (red line) and head towards Battistini. This is the direction towards the center of Rome. The station you need to get off depends on where you want to get to. Check on the map which metro station is closest to your accommodation. If it turns out that the metro station B (blue) is closest to your destination, no problem. You can change from the red line (A) to the blue line (B) at Termini station.
You may need it metro and city rail map - [click], provided by a Roman public transport company.

The ticket for the journey costs EUR 1,5. It is an integrated ticket for Roman public transport, valid for both the bus and the metro. From the moment of validation, it is valid for 100 minutes. To travel from the airport to the center of Rome, it is enough.
The ticket looks like the picture below:

Ticket for metro and bus in Rome. Colorful on the one hand, and a bit uglier on the other.

You can buy a ticket at ticket machines or multi-branch kiosks operating under the name TABACCHI (these are the equivalents of our Ruch kiosks).
At the airport, you can also buy tickets for transport at the tourist information desk, which you will find in the arrivals hall after collecting your luggage.

Rome public transport window in the airport terminal where you can buy a bus + metro ticket.
On the right there is the Terravision bus line (you can read about it a little further.

In the case of slot machines, you can only pay in cash. Vending machines accept coins and banknotes, but spend no more than EUR 6 in change. If you want to buy 2 tickets, you will not be able to pay with a EUR 10 note, because the rest will be EUR 7. The machine will then not accept the banknote.
It is worth getting ready for such a situation, so that it does not turn out that you have money, but you have no way to buy tickets, because your wallet is full of high denominations.

TABACCHI kiosk and ticket machine (right).
You can buy metro tickets in both.

Bus 720 and metro line B (blue)

You get on the line 720 bus at the same stop as the previously described line 520.
The bus runs in a circle (approximately every 20 minutes) between Ciampino Airport and Laurentina.

Buses 520, 720 and AirLink stop outside Ciampino airport terminal.

Getting there is very easy, because you go to the very end of the line and get off at the last stop Laurentina, right next to the building with the entrance to the metro station, with the same name: Laurentina.

Bus 720 final stop at Laurentina Metro Station
Laaurentina metro station entrance

At the same time, it is the final metro station. All trains leave in the direction of Rebibbia / Jonio (this is towards the center of Rome).
You get on and drive to the center, getting off at the station convenient for you. If it turns out that you are closer to your destination from the red line stop (A), then you go to the Termini station where the lines cross and there you can change to the red line.

With metro and bus tickets 720 the situation is the same as described above for line 520, so I will not write it again.

Ciampino Airlink - regional bus and train

In terms of attractiveness, it is the second offer in the queue. A bit more expensive, but it also guarantees quick access to the center of Rome.
The connection is called Ciampino-Airlink and you won't have a hard time finding it as the service is heavily advertised. Ticket desks are very well marked and are already inside the arrivals terminal. Advance booking of tickets is not necessary.

The AirLink bus is leaving… but you can see what it looks like. It's hard to miss.

The connection is organized so that from the Ciampino terminal, passengers are taken by a bus (the line is served by ATRAL buses) and it goes about 10 minutes to the Ciampino - Stazione FS Ciampino train station. Here you change to the train that goes to the main interchange in Rome: Termini. From Termini you can get anywhere conveniently.
A detailed bus timetable can be found on the website ATRAL - [click]

This is most likely the fastest way to get to Termini.
The cost of the call is EUR 2,7. Includes bus and regional train to Termini station. If you want to change to the metro on Termini, you will need to buy a ticket for 1,5 EUR (as described above for the 520 + metro bus).

ATRAL bus + metro

This version of the connection is very similar to the connection by city bus 520 described above. Instead of the city bus, the ATRAL bus goes to the terminus of the metro A (red), called Anagnina. Here you get on the subway and we already know. As this is the final metro stop, all trains depart from here towards the center of Rome (towards Battistini).
The total cost of the trip is EUR 2,7 and it consists of:
- 1,2 EUR - ticket for the ATRAL bus on the route Ciampino Airport - Anagnina metro station
- 1,5 EUR - metro ticket

ATRAL buses start at 5:30 am with last departure at 22:40 pm. You will find a detailed bus timetable on the ATRAL website - [click]

Terravision buses

Terravision is a large carrier that offers airport transfers at several dozen of the largest airports throughout Europe. The ticket for the journey must be purchased directly on Terravision website - [click]. The ticket is bought for a specific time, so you are guaranteed to reserve a seat at the same time.
The Terravision line most frequently departs from the airport terminal from counter 38 and takes passengers directly to Termini Station, from where you can go anywhere.
The theoretical travel time is 40 minutes (as stated by the carrier), but such a time is a rather good wish. In practice, it will be much longer, but in comfortable conditions and without a change.
The cost of the ticket is EUR 6. On page Terravision - [click] additional discounts are often available so the actual cost of the trip may actually be lower. At the time of writing this text (August 2021) there was a promotion going on and tickets were discounted to 5 EUR.
The booking page is in several languages ​​(including Polish).

Other carriers

Other carriers also run from the airport, but their connections have been partially suspended after the outbreak of the pandemic. So it is difficult to clearly indicate when and how they run. If you need a different form of transport, you will have to go through the internet on your own, e.g. SIT - BUS SHUTTLE

Taxis from the airport

If you are planning to come to Rome by taxi, I suggest you choose official taxis with a city license (they have a white color and a clear TAXI inscription on the roof). They have a predetermined price list and you know immediately how much you will pay. Often, such a taxi price list is permanently attached to the side door. Nevertheless, before getting into the taxi, it is worth asking if the cost of traveling to your destination will be as stated in the price list.

The official city taxi travel pricelist (August 2021) is as follows:
Ciampino Airport - Center (Aurelian Wall) - EUR 30
Stazione Tiburtina - EUR 35
Stazione Ostiense - EUR 30
Ciampino Airport - Fiumicino Airport - EUR 50

The area covered by the Aurelian Wall can be checked in detail on the map provided on Rome city website - [click]

The area of ​​Rome beyond the Aurelian Wall
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  • 26 September 2021 about 09: 34

    Thank you for the very useful information. I am going to Rome in November and there is little stress with it. Your detailed explanation took one problem out of my mind. Best wishes.

    • 26 September 2021 about 10: 36

      I have the same, I understand perfectly well! Hence the idea to write about it.
      Have a nice and stress-free trip!

      • 29 September 2021 about 16: 45

        Jacek, I have to arrive at 23.35 on Saturday, if something else besides the taxi will catch at this time

    • 29 September 2021 about 20: 29

      Unfortunately, despite the fact that buses 520 and 720 run at the airport, it is not possible to buy tickets for them. Deliberately closed cash registers and no vending machines. First impression very bad. Pulling people on like in Zakopane.

      • 29 September 2021 about 20: 45

        We had no problems buying a ticket at the airport. Several vending machines for baggage claim and a tourist information window as pictured in the article.
        At every metro station there are vending machines and Tabacchi kiosks here and there.
        There was a vending machine at one subway station (Cavour) that didn't work quite well… well, they sealed it up with plastic wrap and the head. There was nowhere to buy a ticket. But this is Italy.
        If something doesn't work, then… nobody cares about it. When he needs to do something, he closes the window and goes out for half an hour to do the job. Such a charm of Italy.

    • 11 October 2021 about 21: 19

      Do I have to buy a 1.50 Euro ticket if I have a 24 Euro weekly ticket for all lines within Rome?

  • 11 October 2021 about 21: 21

    I would like to get to Champino from the city. I have a weekly ticket for 24 Euro. Do I still have to buy a new ticket, would I like to get to Champino by metro and then line 520?


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