Sant'Andrea - beaches, white cliffs and sun. How to get, where to park, what to see?

View to the north from the viewpoint of Sant'Andrea


Sant'Andrea is a tiny town near Melendugno, located on the picturesque coast of Apulia (it is one of the points of my a guide to Apulla - [click]). Here is probably the most picturesque part of the Apulian coast.
Steep, and almost whitish faded rock cliffs seem to be. Lonely, high rock columns protruding from turquoise water, romantic rock arches under which sea water splashes, breaking its waves against the stone spurs of the shore. Bays, grottos, hidden beaches ...
The scenery is amazing!

Location of Sant'Adrea on the map of Italy

There is a path along the shore that you can walk for hours. From time to time there is a descent from the path, allowing you to get to a viewpoint located on the edge of the rock, or a beach hidden between the rocks.
The photo below is panoramic and you can zoom in and rotate it around the axis.

Torre Sant'Andrea

Torre Sant'Andrea (stone arch) is the showpiece of this part of the coast. You can get to the arch by a path leading from the parking lot for tourists, along a steep cliff. The walk is not long, because after 150 m it will be there, by the Torre Sant'Andrea arch.
The photo below is panoramic and you can zoom in and rotate it around the axis.

Viewpoint in Sant'Andrea

If you don't fancy walking along the rugged coastline, good news. There is a car park right next to the viewpoint ... although in principle I should write that the parking lot is at the viewpoint. Even if the weather is moderately favorable, it is worth coming here, because you only need to get out of the car, take three steps and you have amazing views at your fingertips. This was our case. It just happened that one and only rainy day during the entire trip was when we were watching the coast. The photos included in this entry (apart from panoramas) were taken in worse weather conditions, in the so-called "weather window". Despite everything, the circumstances were delightful (some even claim - most likely because of innate politeness and not to make me upset - that the photos have become even more atmospheric).

View from the viewpoint towards Torre Sant'Andrea (the arch is hidden behind the rocks).
View to the south from the Sant'Andrea viewpoint
Sant'Andrea coast

Sant'Andrea - parking lot

Below you will find the navigational coordinates pointing directly to the free car park at the Sant'Andrea viewpoint. From the parking lot, you can go for a walk to both sides of the coast. It's hard to say which is better 🙂

Sant'Andrea parking at the viewpoint, GPS coordinates:
40°15’20.9″N 18°26’40.5″E
40.255800, 18.444594 - click and route

Very close to Sant'Andrea (approx. 5 km) is another attraction of this coast: Cave of Poetry - [click], i.e. one of the 10 most beautiful (according to National Geographic) natural pools in the world.

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