Sant Elm - a place of peace in a tourist paradise

One of the restaurants from Sant Elm

Peaceful Sant Elm

At the westernmost tip of the island is Sant Elm. A small town and fishing port. An exceptionally nice place, especially for someone who is looking for peace and relaxation, and additionally from time to time (bored with rest) would like to do something with each other. Sant Elm it is perfect for this.

Sant Elm - Mallorca map location

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the village lived mainly on fishing. Later, several small hotels and villas surrounded by greenery were created here for tourists to rent. However, the main tourist traffic is generated by tourists visiting Sant Elm briefly during the day. They are attracted mainly by the beautiful location, quiet sandy beach and several good restaurants serving seafood.
The traffic generated by day tourists is incomparably smaller than what you come across in the vicinity of Palma de Mallorca. So it does not unduly disturb the peace that usually prevails in Sant Elm.

A nice table in one of the restaurants in Sant Elm
Seafood, wine and a view of everything… what more could you want? Sant Elm, Majorca

The uninhabited island in the immediate vicinity of the holiday resort in Sant Elm is a variation: Sa Dragonera, which is entirely a nature reserve. From Sant Elm you can get to the island by boat (cost 13 EUR), and on the island there are tourist routes of varying degrees of difficulty (the most popular is the trail to the Cap de Lleibeitx lighthouse), thanks to which you can admire nature intact .

Road in Sant Elm, Majorca

Another option is a walking trip from Sant Elm to the 14th-century abandoned Trappist monastery (Sa Trapa). A beautiful trip, conditionally rather demanding but with exceptional views. On the route there are viewpoints from which it is visible that the island of Sa Dragonera actually has the shape of a dragon coming out of the water (hence its name). The approximate time for the round trip is 3 hours, and the level difference is around 350 m.
A bit shorter (around 2,5km in total) is the trip leading to the defensive tower Torre de Cala Basset. Satisfaction with views guaranteed.
Part of the route leading to the monastery of Sa Trapa coincides with the path leading to Torre de Cala Basset, so lovers of long walking can combine it in one walk.

Hotels in Sant Elm

If I would recommend a hotel in Sant Elm (and the selection is small, because the town is really small) that would be it Universal Aquamarin & Aquavill. Bright, clean and simple rooms, and at the same time attractive price and several amenities (location directly on the beach, sunny terrace with a view of the beach) and positive feedback from guests make it would be my first choice.
The current room rates at the hotel can be found at: Universal Aquamarin & Aquavill - [click]

Other currently available hotels in Sant Elm - [click]

Sant Elm, Majorca

Sant Elm is one of the points developed by me Majorca trip planworth reading about: Majorca - attractions, sightseeing, car rental, practical information. Guide. - [click]

Useful GPS coordinates

Public parking by the beach, GPS:
39 ° 34'41.7 ″ N 2 ° 21'14.9 ″ E or 39.578258, 2.354133 - click and get directions

Parking on the street at the other end of town, GPS:
39 ° 34'47.3 ″ N 2 ° 21'02.3 ″ E or 39.579791, 2.350650 - click and get directions

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