Cape Formentor, Mallorca - take a deep breath and watch!

View of Cape Formentor

Cape Formentor is the farthest point from Palma de Mallorca in the north of the island. From Palma (the shortest route) to travel is about 80km, but it is worth driving each of these kilometers, because what awaits you on the last 20km will astound you.

Of course, I do not recommend going only to Formentor. It is worth making it part of a longer trip, including other nearby attractions in the trip. It's best to get to Formentor at the end of the day when the sun is low. We did so too.

Even though before we reached Formentor, we had countless unbelievable views behind us, after crossing the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, it hit us in the ground. The clatter of falling jaws echoed between the breakneckly steep cliffs for a long time. If you reach Formentor and hear the echo of a clatter of your jaw, it will probably be the clatter of… your jaw.

On the map of the island, the cape is located by a pin on the map below.

Location of Cape Formentor

From the base of the cape to its end there are about 13km of narrow, winding, steep, demanding and quite difficult, but safe and good road. However, the biggest challenge for the driver is what can be seen through the car's windshield. It is a pity to look at the road, because what is happening around is unique. The driver here is definitely the worst. In addition, alertness is enhanced by goats jumping on the rocks happily, which have no special resistance to jumping up suddenly in front of the hood of the car. They are clearly accustomed to people and can even pose for photos, hoping that there will be a prize for them to consume. Fortunately, there are two viewpoints along the way, thanks to which the driver also has a chance to delight his eyes.

The first of the viewpoints Mirador Es Colomer (GPS: 39.928959, 3.110732 or 39 ° 55'44.3 ″ N 3 ° 06'38.6 ″ E) is already at the very beginning of the cape. It is hard to miss, because there is a large parking lot and a monument to the designer of the point: Antonio Paretti Coll. The viewpoint is an understatement though, because it actually is observation deck several hundred meters long, extending across the top of the 200 rock, one meter high. It is worth reserving a few minutes, because there is something to watch.

The view from the Mirador Es Colomer observation deck, Mallorca, and the shadow in the lower left corner is me
View from the Mirador Es Colomer observation deck, Majorca

The road starting on the other side of the car park will lead you to the fortified tower visible on the high rock: Torre d'Albercutx, from which the approaching pirate ships were sought. Of course, it provides excellent views in every direction.

Welcome to Cape Formentor! In the upper right corner you can see Torre d'Albercutx tower, Majorca

The second viewpoint is small (GPS: 39.954194, 3.189628 or 39 ° 57'15.1 ″ N 3 ° 11'22.7 ″ E). It can accommodate up to 4 or 5 cars. I imagine that it is almost a miracle to stop there in the summer season. From this point, we have a perfect view of the tip of the headland where the Faro de Formentor lighthouse is located.

View from the viewpoint to the lighthouse

The next stop is already below the lighthouse Faro de Formentor, which was established in 1863 (Cape Formentor Parking, GPS coordinates: 39.961306, 3.212017 or 39 ° 57'40.7 ″ N 3 ° 12'43.3 ″ E). The lighthouse tower is 56m high. The road leads to the lighthouse, which now houses a restaurant. While we were there (in winter), the cafe was closed. The lighthouse is most beautifully visible from the steep access road. Taking advantage of the little traffic in winter, we were able to stop for a moment to take a photo (in summer, due to the cars pressing at the back and a high risk of an accident, it is rather impossible).

I can't imagine not visiting this place while on Majorca. Go there, take a deep breath and look!

Lighthouse at Cape Formentor, Majorca
View from Cape Formentor, Majorca
Formentor cape, Majorca
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    Thanks for the description of the Formentor Peninsula! Just made my own trip to this place a few days ago. In my opinion, it is the best sightseeing point in Majorca.

    Thanks for a handful of information about this place.

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