Santa Cesarea Terme - spa, thermal waters and laziness in the SPA

Santa Cesarea Terme, Italy


Santa Cesarea Terme it is quite a young spa town. It is situated on a steep, high cliff with an open view of the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea.
The development of the city is favored by the presence of thermal springs whose waters contain a large amount of iodine, sulfur and sodium chloride. These waters have strong healing properties and baths in them are recommended mainly for people suffering from rheumatic ailments, neuralgia, metabolic disorders and respiratory diseases.
The structure of the surrounding rocks, which are not uniform and have numerous cracks and underground caves, created favorable conditions for the emergence of thermal waters here. Waters are carried out of the deep underground layers through the porous substrate and then flows through the cave system into the cold sea waters.
The main source of healing waters in the city are four natural reservoirs: Feidida, Solfurea, Gattul i Solfatura.
Of course, a huge base of services related to mud baths, regeneration treatments and SPA services has been created around the thermal springs.
In short: the perfect place for a lazy holiday.
Santa Cesarea Terme is one of the points developed by me itinerary and guide for Apulia.


The beginning of a strong development Santa Cesarea Terme it dates back to the XNUMXth century (although the first use of thermal waters was in the XNUMXth century). It was then that local aristocrats and high society began to build their holiday homes here. Thanks to this, they could enjoy the rest and take advantage of the healing waters. The city expanded, more sumptuous houses and villas and elegant alleys connecting them were built.
The buildings in the city center were transformed into hotels over time, new restaurants, bars and clubs were opening up. The most beautiful and sumptuous villas in the center are decorated with prestigious, high-class hotels and apartments for rent.
Today it is a well-organized spa town and tourist center, which, thanks to its mild climate, welcomes patients and tourists all year round.

Walking alley in Santa Cesarea Terme
Santa Cesarea Terme, Italy


The city of course has a legend that explains the origin of the city's name and the way the thermal waters were formed ... but it is terribly weak. So I will shorten it to a few words.
Legend has it that a young and pious girl named Cisiaria she was looking for refuge, running from her cruel father. She escaped into the tangle of caves. The relentless father followed her, but slipped and fell, vanishing into the depths of the caves.
So we have a pious one Cisiaria (most likely a virgin), that is: Santa Cesarea, and the reason for the sulfur-iodine thermal healing water (the villain trapped in the rock abyss), i.e. Spas.
I said weak… but it's hard. The legend is not discussed. I take it on my chest.

Palazzo Stickchi (Villa Stickchi)

It definitely stands out above all the buildings Palazzo Stickchi (it is also used Villa Stickchi). This Moorish-style palace was built in the 1894th century (between 1900 and XNUMX). He built it Giovanni Pasca, the owner of the city's first thermal water concession.
The palace towering over the city is impressive from a distance, but even better up close. Even if Santa Cesarea Terme will not be your destination, and you will only pass through it, it is definitely worth seeing Palazzo Sticchi up close. Unfortunately, the interior cannot be visited (yet).

Palazzo Sticchi (Villa Sticchi), Santa Cesarea Terme

Santa Cesarea Terme Hotels and accommodation

Accommodation in Santa Cesarea Terme has different prices. From the affordable to the most luxurious and sophisticated.
Below are some interesting (in my opinion) suggestions.
If you are looking for accommodation in Santa Cesarea Terme, I recommend two links:
- Santa Cesarea Terme on airbnb - [click]
- Santa Cesarea Terme on - [click]

Antica Villa - [click]
quite nice seat reservation 🙂
offer from airbnb
Casa Vacanza - [click]
much cheaper but a nice proposition
offer from airbnb

Useful GPS coordinates

Parking in the center of Santa Cesarea Terme, GPS coordinates:
40°02’09.0″N 18°27’35.6″E
40.035822, 18.459900 - click and route

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