Mirador de Ricardo Roca - must-see view point - Majorca.

Viewpoint Mirador de Ricardo Roca is in a convenient location, along most of the tours, along the Ma-10 road between Andratx i Estelences.
There are two car parks right next to the point. One on each side of the road. At one of the parking lots there is a restaurant "Es Grau". The prices in the restaurant can be considered affordable.

View from Mirador de Ricardo Roca. On the road on the left there is a parking lot, on the right there is a car park and restaurant "Es Grau"

In the summer season it can be quite a bit crowded (especially when it comes to restaurants), because probably all bus trips stop here.

The point is located on the edge of the rock, at an altitude of about 400m. To get there, you have to go up the stairs. Of course, we do not climb the whole 400, but only the last few dozen. I immediately say it's worth it. The point has an excellent location and the views are impressive. By the way, there is a chance to stretch your legs and catch some fresh air.
In the place where the viewing platform is currently located, one of the defensive and observation towers was probably located, similar to Torre del Verger.

Stairs to the viewing platform Mirador de Ricardo Roca. Mallorca
Mirador de Ricardo Roca viewing platform. Mallorca
Stairs to Mirador de Ricardo Roca and circumstances. View from the car park by the restaurant.

Mirador de Ricardo Roca is one of the points of my Majorca trip plan that is worth getting acquainted with: Majorca - attractions, sightseeing, car rental, practical information. Guide. - [click]

Useful GPS coordinates

Parking by the viewpoint, GPS: 39 ° 38'42.7 ″ N 2 ° 27'03.7 ″ E or 39.645181, 2.451023

Location of Mirador de Ricardo Roca on the map of Majorca.
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