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Weather description in Malta

Malta has a Mediterranean climate, offering warm and sunny summers and mild, although humid, winters. In summer, from May to September, high air temperatures often exceed 30°C, with a very large number of sunny days. This is perfect for sunbathing and outdoor activities. The sea is warm. Sea water temperatures range from 22°C in June to 26°C in August. In winter, from December to February, temperatures drop, although rarely below 10°C, and rainfall is more frequent. However, even in winter, Malta still offers relatively mild weather, with moderate rainfall and occasional sunny days. In spring and autumn, from March to April and October to November, the climate becomes more stable, with mild temperatures and less rainfall. This time is perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

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Current weather in Malta


Seasons in Malta

Spring (March-May)

Spring in Malta is mild and pleasant. Temperatures begin to rise, averaging from 15°C in March to around 23°C in May. The number of rainy days is decreasing and the sun is shining longer. In March you can expect about 7 rainy days, while in May only 2-3 days. The spring months are ideal for sightseeing because the tourist crowds are smaller than in the summer.

Summer (June-August)

Summer in Malta is hot and dry, with temperatures often exceeding 30°C. June starts with temperatures around 28°C, but in July and August the average values ​​are around 31-35°C. Rain is rare and sunny days are the norm. Sea water temperatures range from 22°C in June to 26°C in August, making this period ideal for water sports and sunbathing. During the summer, Malta is also popular for its numerous festivals and outdoor events.

Autumn (September-November)

Autumn in Malta is warm and wetter than summer. Temperatures in September stay around 28°C, but drop to around 20°C in November. In October and November, rain is more common, with approximately 7-9 rainy days per month. Despite higher humidity, the water temperature remains pleasantly warm, which allows you to continue swimming in the sea until late autumn.

Winter (December-February)

Winter in Malta is mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below 10°C. Average temperatures range from 15°C in December to around 16°C in February. This is the wettest period of the year, with approximately 8-10 rainy days per month. Despite more frequent rainfall, winter in Malta is milder than in most European countries, making it a popular place to escape the cold of the continental winter.

Detailed weather data

The weather in Malta in specific numbers and on charts looks as presented below. The numerical data in the form of a table, on the basis of which the charts were drawn, can be found directly below the charts.

Malta – a graph of day and night air temperature changes, sea water temperature and the number of rainy days
Malta – a graph of day and night air temperature changes, sea water temperature and the number of rainy days
Malta – graph of the number of rainy days and monthly rainfall
Malta – number of rainy days and monthly rainfall
TemperatureAmountNumber of days
during the day
in the night

The best time to travel to Malta

May June
This is the perfect time to visit Malta.
The temperatures are high but not hot (average 20-28°C), and the number of sunny days is large.
The sea is pleasantly warm (21-22°C in June) and encourages swimming.
Rains are rare.
It's also before the peak tourist season, so you'll avoid the crowds.
During these months, the days are long, giving you more time to explore and enjoy outdoor activities.

September October
Just like spring, autumn in Malta is beautiful.
Temperatures are still pleasant and rainfall is relatively low.
The sea is still warm, which makes it still attractive to beach lovers.
This is also the time when crowds of tourists begin to disperse.

The worst time to go to Malta

January may be the worst month to go to Malta.
Air temperatures are the lowest during the year (average 10-16°C in January).
The water in the sea is colder (15-16°C), which makes bathing less attractive.
Rainfall is relatively high (80-100 mm per month), which may limit opportunities for sightseeing and outdoor activities.
The days are short, reducing the amount of time available to explore the island in daylight.

Detailed description of the weather in Malta for 12 months


January in Malta is mild, with moderate daytime temperatures and cool nights. This is one of the wetter months, but you can still enjoy sunny days.

Daytime temperature: 15-16°C
Night temperature: 9-10°C
Water temperature: 15-16°C
Sunny days: 12
Rainy days: 13
Precipitation: 90mm
Sunrise: 07:10
Sunset: 17:10


February is similar to January in terms of temperatures and precipitation, but the days become slightly longer. This month offers pleasant weather, although the nights can be cool.

Daytime temperature: 15-16°C
Night temperature: 9-10°C
Water temperature: 15-16°C
Sunny days: 13
Rainy days: 11
Precipitation: 70mm
Sunrise: 06:50
Sunset: 17:40


In March the weather starts to warm up. Less rainfall and more sunny days make it a good time for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Daytime temperature: 16-17°C
Night temperature: 10-11°C
Water temperature: 15-16°C
Sunny days: 16
Rainy days: 9
Precipitation: 40mm
Sunrise: 06:20
Sunset: 18:10


April brings noticeable warming and longer days. This is the beginning of spring, when the weather becomes more stable and rainfall is less frequent.

Daytime temperature: 18-20°C
Night temperature: 12-13°C
Water temperature: 16-17°C
Sunny days: 19
Rainy days: 7
Precipitation: 30mm
Sunrise: 06:40
Sunset: 19:40


May is the month when Malta starts to warm up. Temperatures are perfect for outdoor activities and rainfall is minimal. This is the perfect time for sunbathing and sightseeing.

Daytime temperature: 22-24°C
Night temperature: 15-16°C
Water temperature: 18-19°C
Sunny days: 24
Rainy days: 3
Precipitation: 10mm
Sunrise: 06:00
Sunset: 20:10


June is the beginning of summer. Temperatures are high, days are long and sunny, and rainfall is rare. Perfect time for a beach holiday.

Daytime temperature: 26-28°C
Night temperature: 19-20°C
Water temperature: 21-22°C
Sunny days: 27
Rainy days: 1
Precipitation: 5mm
Sunrise: 05:50
Sunset: 20:30


July is the warmest and driest month in Malta. A perfect time for a holiday, with hot days and warm nights and no rainfall.

Daytime temperature: 30-32°C
Night temperature: 22-23°C
Water temperature: 24-25°C
Sunny days: 30
Rainy days: 0
Precipitation: 0mm
Sunrise: 05:50
Sunset: 20:30


August is as hot as July, with high temperatures in both the air and water. This is the peak tourist season with minimal rainfall.

Daytime temperature: 30-32°C
Night temperature: 22-23°C
Water temperature: 26-27°C
Sunny days: 30
Rainy days: 1
Precipitation: 5mm
Sunrise: 06:10
Sunset: 20:00


September brings slightly cooler temperatures, but it is still warm and pleasant. This is the perfect time to visit, with fewer crowds and warm seas.

Daytime temperature: 27-29°C
Night temperature: 20-21°C
Water temperature: 25-26°C
Sunny days: 25
Rainy days: 4
Precipitation: 30mm
Sunrise: 06:30
Sunset: 19:30


October is a transition month, with pleasant temperatures and more frequent rainfall. The days are still sunny and the sea remains warm.

Daytime temperature: 24-26°C
Night temperature: 17-18°C
Water temperature: 23-24°C
Sunny days: 22
Rainy days: 7
Precipitation: 80mm
Sunrise: 06:50
Sunset: 19:00


November brings cooler days and nights, but you can still enjoy mild weather. This is the month with more rainfall, but sunny days are still present.

Daytime temperature: 19-21°C
Night temperature: 13-14°C
Water temperature: 20-21°C
Sunny days: 16
Rainy days: 9
Precipitation: 90mm
Sunrise: 06:20
Sunset: 17:30


December is a cooler month with mild daytime temperatures and cool nights. Rainfall is moderate, but sunny days are frequent, making Malta an attractive destination even in winter.

Daytime temperature: 16-18°C
Night temperature: 10-11°C
Water temperature: 17-18°C
Sunny days: 12
Rainy days: 13
Precipitation: 100mm
Sunrise: 07:10
Sunset: 17:00

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