Seljalandsfoss waterfall - access, parking, sightseeing, interesting facts, accommodation

Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Iceland

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Before I went to see seljalandsfoss I knew him perfectly well. Pictures of this waterfall are everywhere. For some reason, the internet likes him and he is often featured as Iceland's top photo. This is probably due to the fact that it is quite close to Reykjavik (just over 120 km). It is relatively easy to get to, and besides, it is on the way to probably the most beautiful beach in the world: Reynisfjara.

Location of Seljalandsfoss waterfall on the Iceland map

We got to Seljalandsfoss not from Reykjavik, but from the other side, after driving around the whole island. We've already seen a lot along the way and our trip was coming to an end. We've seen a lot of waterfalls so far, so I didn't wait for Seljalandsfoss as impatiently as at the beginning of the tour. Once there, it turned out that no matter how much you have already seen, you can always meet something in Iceland that will surprise you again. Well known to me from the photos of Seljalandsfoss, in nature it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I definitely like such situations.


And it's not about the waterfall itself (but about it too), but rather what you can imagine while staying with it. When you stand in front of the waterfall, you can see a rocky cliff 65 meters high, from which a narrow stream of water falls, forming the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Imagine, however, that there used to be a sea in the place where you are standing. Sea waves crashed against the cliff face, and from the top of the cliff - just like today - the waterfall fell straight into the sea. Fabulous, isn't it? However, the last ice age brought changes and the coastline has moved away from the cliff (now it is over 8 km from it).
As you ride the road towards the waterfall, on one side of the road you will have a flat surface that used to be the bottom of the sea, and on the other side sheer cliffs that used to be a rocky shore. It's really fun to watch.

This waterfall once plunged straight into the sea that stretched all the way to the cliff face

A waterfall from the rear

Another attraction for Seljalandsfoss lovers is that the waterfall, and in fact the stream of falling water, can be walked around. At the base of the cliff, the rocks are shaped in such a way that there is enough space between the water wall and the cliff wall to safely walk and see what the world looks like from behind the falling water.
Many unique photos are made right here.
Lush green moss growing in the immediate vicinity of the waterfall and a rainbow often formed in the sprayed water neatly complement the beauty of this place.

The path under the Seljalandsfoss waterfall
photo: Pavol Svantner
The view from under the waterfall
photo: Joshua Sortino

Parking and visiting Seljalandsfoss

There is a convenient parking lot right next to the waterfall. From the main road No. 1 you need to get about 600 meters on a narrow but comfortable asphalt road (No. 249).
Parking is paid (ISK 700 - year 2021), and the payment is made at the parking machine at the entrance. The parking fee allows you to use the toilet next to the car park free of charge.

P1 car park at Seljalandsfoss, GPS coordinates:
63°36’57.2″N 19°59’34.1″W
63.615897, -19.992797 - click and route

Waterfalls sightseeing map:
1 - Seljalandsfoss waterfall
2 - Gljufrabui waterfall

If you want to go around the waterfall, be sure to wear something waterproof. There is practically no way to go under the waterfall without getting wet. Water falling from a height of 65 meters crashes against the rocks and a dense, thick water mist is formed, which the wind blows towards the path every now and then. One such blow towards you is enough and you do not have a dry thread on you. A foil cape will be perfect here.
The second very important thing is the right shoes. The path leading under the waterfall has a natural clay-mud surface. She is in no way leveled and prepared. It is washed by a fresh water cloud from the waterfall every now and then, so it is constantly very slippery. Take your shoes with a solid tread and walk carefully, because it's easy to fall and injure yourself here.

Walking along the cliff after approximately 500 meters you will reach the Gljufrabui waterfall

After walking under the waterfall, you can immediately turn back from the parking lot or continue your walk along the cliff wall. After about 500 meters you will reach a slightly less known but very peculiar waterfall, almost completely hidden in a rock canyon Gljufrabui. Accessing it is a bit more difficult and will require a little exercise, but it is so unique and atypical that it is worth the effort.
You can also drive to Gljufrabui a bit, because there is a parking lot and a camping site nearby Hamragardar. I have marked the location of the Gljufrabui waterfall, the access path and the location of the car park on the map provided above.

Parking P2 at Gljufrabui, GPS coordinates:
63°37’15.3″N 19°59’25.1″W
63.620926, -19.990306 - click and route

Gljufrabui waterfall, Iceland
photo: Agnieszka Mordaunt

Hotels nearby Seljalandsfoss

The hotel base near the waterfall is not very wide, but some interesting suggestions can be found. To facilitate the search, I have prepared a link that presents only hotels located near the Seljalandsfoss waterfall - [click] and eliminates the remaining, unnecessary offers.
In addition, below are some specific suggestions that I found interesting.

Paradise Cave Hostel & Guesthouse - [click]

Bru Guesthouse - [click]

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