Italy: car rental without deposit and credit card [GUIDE]

Alberobello, Italy

Car rental in Italy

You can go on holiday to Italy throughout your life. There is always something to explore here and there is always something new to see. I can't imagine sitting in one place in Italy. This country has so many beautiful and often untouched places that you can just drive ahead without any plan and you will always find something extraordinary.

You can't always go to Italy by car, and sometimes it's just not profitable. There are a huge number of car rental companies in Italy, and rental prices (especially out of season) are really attractive.
I recommend checking car rental prices in Italy before you decide to travel long distances in your own car. Air + car rental will probably be a much faster, cheaper and more convenient option.

Compare car rental prices

A short instruction for the intemperate

I'll start with a short guide to renting a car without a deposit and without a credit card, a quick guide for the impatient. Just follow the few simple steps below and you're ready to start looking.
If questions and doubts arise during the search, look for answers further in the text. The text is long and contains a lot of useful information. I consciously constructed it this way. You can read it piece by piece, selecting the part that interests you, or read it in its entirety. However, the most important thing is to search quickly.

Car rental without a deposit

step 1 - go to the website offer comparison websites - [click]
step 2 - fill out the form (entering the dates and place of pickup of the car) and press "Search"

1 - car pickup location
2 - date of collection of the car
3 - date of return of the car
4. - button "Search"

step 3 - after a while you will receive the search result. Then in the options and filters panel, search for the section "Refundable deposit” and check the option “A deposit is not required".

step 4 - Finished! The search results only include offers without a deposit!

WARNING! It is possible that the "No deposit required" option will not be available in the filters. This option does not appear when all such offers have already been sold. Sometimes it helps date change rental or car pickup location.

The location of the key search engine elements on your computer and phone screen can be found in the image below.

On your computer screen:
1. Select currency
2. Language selection
3. Search options and filters panel
4. Quick information on the offer: without own participation
5. Quick information on the offer: without credit card
6. Detailed rental conditions (by clicking)

1. Select currency
2. Language selection
3. Search options and filters panel
4. Quick information on the offer: no own contribution
5. Quick information on the offer: no credit card required
6. Detailed rental conditions (by clicking)

Car rental without a credit card

step 1 - go to the website offer comparison websites - [click]
step 2 - fill out the form (entering the dates and place of pickup of the car) and press "Search"
step 3 - in the options and filters panel (3) search for the section “Payment by card on delivery” and check the option “Debit card"
step 4 - Finished! The search results only show rental offers without a credit card

The location of key elements on the search engine page (on your computer and phone) can be found in the images above.

Italy - important information for drivers and travelers

- official: Italian
- popular foreign language: English (poorly)
Currency: EUR (euro)
Area telephone number: +39
Traffic: right-handed
Speed ​​limits:
- in built-up areas 50 km/h (31 mph)
- outside built-up areas 90 km/h (49 mph)
- on expressways 130 km/h (62 mph)
Permissible blood alcohol content: 0,5 per mille
Fuel prices (2023):
- petrol (Euro 95): EUR 1,92/litre
- diesel: EUR 1,90/liter
- LPG gas: EUR 0,73/liter
check out: current fuel prices in Europe

Tourist attractions in Italy

This chapter could actually go on forever, and it does. I have been describing Italy and its attractions for several years, and I will probably never finish. I have already created some interesting (according to readers) and very detailed guides to Italy. They are available for free and for your convenience I have placed them in one place: Italy - tourist guides and maps - [click]
Click on the link and browse available studies. All new content will appear here automatically.
An interesting starting point for developing your own expedition may be mine TOP 40 attractions from a trip around Italy - [click]

Material liability, insurance, own contribution, deposits and deposits

When the rental company hands over the car to you, you are also responsible for its condition for the duration of the rental. It's clear!
What is the scope of this responsibility? It's not so clear anymore!

Financial responsibility is mandatory, but can it be significantly reduced? Or maybe you can throw it away completely?
It's possible, but you have to see how!
You can find more about getting rid of financial responsibility for a rented car in the entry: Car rental insurance and reduction of financial liability - [click]

Additional charges and their reasons

Additional fees incurred when renting a car (especially those charged after the car is returned) are often a source of frustration for many rental customers. They can be prevented, but first you need to know where such fees come from and what may be their cause. I gathered situations I knew together in one text and described them. It's really worth reading this post!
How to avoid additional fees at a car rental company - [click]
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